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MOTM 11 200815 2009f February 2009 10:50 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Alright, a bit belated, but here's our Map of the Month for November!
Of course, it's by none other than the embodiment of Jaedong in a mapper, Testbug!

(2)Lobotomy is a ptarish (2)map. The map is quite large, being 128x128. A complicated complex of ramps and chokes all over the map attempt to balance out the spacial issues making a (2)128x112 map create. Of course this is all done with the brilliant execution Testbug always delivers.

To start, the map has lowground mains and highground nats, with a neutral tightening the choke at the nat to ensure FEing is possible, and comfortable. The nat has an interesting layout, with two large chokes leading from it to two very seperate paths.

Along the main route we get the mineral only expansion, and just past that lies a temple complex which functions as a forward overlord spot. That's where to go if you want to buy some drugs from the local overlord. Past here we have the central choke, which is tight like in Loki II, forcing players to use the whole map, ensuring at worst a bilinear layout (as opposed to just being linear, like most (2)maps).

Through the other route we get to a lowground area with the most beautiful rocks Testbug ever made, which also leads to the 3rd gas expo on a plateau.
Taking the subdivision of the main route takes you to the other side of the map, where a cliffable and vulnerable gas expo lies. Beyond this back towards the corner by your main lies another gas expo, one that would be entirely too safe if not for the closest path to it being a 815 ramp, making reinforcing this expansion potentially difficult.

Large mains keep the harassability potential up high throughout the game, even as you secure all expansions. The map's sheer size and room for mobility make back and forth fighting quite possible. The map appears to be largely quadrilinear. A solid variety of tight and open sections of the map not only ensures quite a bit of room for pure strategy and positioning/maneauvering, but allows for the players to choose their battles carefully and creatively.
While having nothing particularly unique or experimental about the map, its unique layout keeps its exact balance an enigma, but what is sure is that the map should play well given Testbug's eye for detail.

Map Download

In second place we have another familiar face, Morrow and his (2)Treant!
Here we get a 112x128 stab at a large (2)map.

What starts out standard with a normal main/nat quickly diverges from the norm with a very close 3rd gas expo which actually cliffs the nat. Past here lies the 4th gas expo which is quite large, and cliffable. The long, large ramp makes it easy for your opponent to attack what otherwise might be an extraordinarily safe expansion.

From the nat towards the center lies a chupung-ryeung ramped-plateau, and an offshoot of this path reinforces a tight path to a 5th gas expo, which is quite vulnerable despite being on a small plateau due to it being hard to reinforce and relatively easy to attack from the center or sides.
Around the side of the 5th gas expo between it and your main lies a safe mineral only expansion.

A large clearing in the center gives players a solid battlefield, and ensures the map is not tight.

Overall the map is original in its layout, and is really well made. Somewhat inferior execution and more experimental features landed it below Testbug's map, but the map definitely lives up to the name "almost map of the month" for bwm. The map will definitely play well if you give it a try, and I do encourage you to do so.

Map Download
Obs map

Third place for this MOTM is korean FAMAT mapper Twos' (4)Wind Breaker.

Like any good 3rd place map, it's a well-made but not particularly daring concept. It reminds me somewhat of Wuthing Heights on the outside edge of the map, with a pretty bland center containing the 3rd gas expansions. The neatest thing about the map in my opinion would be its use of bridges leading to the center, tightening what otherwise be too open of a map. The map seems to have a nice balance between emphasizing the center and the sides and edges of the map.

Map Download
Obs map

Congratulation to the winners!

"(2)Lobotomy is a ptarish (2)map."
Yeah, i'm a trendsetter ;)
"Around the side of the 5th gas expo between it and your main likes a safe mineral only expansion."

likes or lies?

oh and lobotomy is not 128x128 ;)
lol, you are so funny!!!
"where to go if you want to buy some drugs from the local overlord"

hi ptar, long time no see
hi testbug =)
lol hey ptar

yeah I'll fix the typo testbug, how big is your map? tt
128 wide and 112 tall
(2)Lobotomy is really creative, I am going to play it to test its balance~~~~
all hail mighty test bug!

hi 1030xxx, could you plase uploade your test replays? thank you very much
i like morrows map more... such nice ideas in it
Hello I'm Rush-

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