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Mutual Dream Suggestion25 of October 2005 06:39 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Since we all are having different thoughts about this, i have a new idea. What if we compile a mappack? with maps which is a bit favored towards all races, a map pack which can be used in tourneys, like the WCG maps for inctance? We pair up and make maps 2 and 2 and then we compile our maps into a little mappack which we advertise togheter? we can use the bases we already created to continue on? comments? Then we work in pairs and we can create perhaps 3-5 maps.

:: Project: Mutual Dream ::


Most important, everyones ideas will fit in. As it is now there are too many ideas to fit in every map.
ah sorry for post in MD-thread
didn't get the idea of pairing up in 2 correctly...

good idea imho. it has much more the feeling of creating together.
Actually, i don't get this ^^ I doubt that any league would take a mappack from us (or atleast more than one map) into it's mappool. The promaps out there are really good, at least some of them, and i doubt that any league, whichever league it is, simply uses our mappack. Maybe one, two maps.

Well, that's what i think. And after i send a list of imo good maps to BWCL or TSL. The BWCL for instance said: "We want to have a poll on the last map for the upcoming season" What sounds great, till you see which maps are in the poll, like 5,6,7,8 maps, everyone played thousand times and one Usermap, which has never been seen before, but is obviously good (It's Arena). The TSL mapmaker also thik about using some of our maps, i'm looking forward to this (even if i never heard of the TSL league before, just accidently stumbled over it).

The first idea to create a map with all mappers here is good. BUT, we already do something like this, don't we? We comment on a mp and "change it" to our taste. I'd say, we should finish our few Mutual Dream maps, and everyone takes these maps, changes them, posts the thumbnail of the changed version into the comment section and then we see if it' better or not. Well, as long as you can't describe what you were thinking of. Or think that your changes are awesome so the author HAS to edit it.
Well aslong as we get a result :P im in for anything
btw, the BWCL vote "result". I call it result because it won't change anymore:

- % - voters - name

6.59% 6 Halls of Valhalla
9.89% 9 Azalea
28.57% 26 Neo Forbidden Zone
8.79% 8 R - Point
16.48% 15 Incubus
10.99% 10 Dire Straits
16.48% 15 Gaema Gowon
2.20% 2 Arena

I was the second voter for Arena... someone said in the comments to the poll, he doesn't even know Arena (well of course). But, smart how the threadcreater was, he didn't even inform anyone on this new map, nor posted pics of all candidates... quite smart.

Who would ever vote a map he hasn't seen or heard of anyway? ...

At least it was worth a try, and someone else voted Arena too ^^
Yea its sad, but wtf :P its not like im loosing anything.
good way to see it. this poll just was not significant because there was no way to compare the standard maps with yours.

back to topic:
how do we create those pairs?
random assignement by lot? :O
Nah pair up with the one you want. forced creation is never good.
im free btw :) Requirements is that you have msn though, because im tired of screwing around with other programs that doesnt work as they should *cough* icq *cough*
it seems that listoric+me go for a team

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