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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

All right, now i tought you in Velocity map threat that it's going to be a blood bath for the next MotW, so i am going with two maps: (4)Darinas Feelings and (2)Osom.

So kids, i am going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was an anciant protoss indian buda that was meditating in the middle of a desert to his way to Russia to change his name to Osom!

Free Image Hosting at


Ok, enought crap. About the map...

- 30 ramps!

- Terran can't land his CC behind his main expand.

- The mineral wall wich opens a path to the 3 semi-air expands is a minerald expand with 8 mineral blocks 750 each.

- The doodads on the High Sunken Pit wich are taking 2x1 room are all walkable, but not buildable. And right now i am watching the picture and i see that only 1/2 of them are shown. The others you will see in game.

- Yeee...

P.S. I will make obs version for the MotW in the end of the week and after your comments.
modified by LGI
modified by LGI
modified by LGI
wow, that map looks hell innovative!
the bottom part seems very confusing, though. but for the semi-air-half (on top), that's just fucking cool! still, you won't be able to deny hidden expos in your back due to "worker-hop" over the minonly.

imo, for playability (gameflow), i would remake the bottom part of the map. I'd suggest to change everything below the naturals (just imagine a horizontal line fixed by the natural minerals). that bottom part somehow damages the map, imo.
To be honest, i had the same feeling when i see the result of the bottom. You are totaly right. Ofcourse i want it do something else at the bottom but those diffrent levels of terrain are very difficult to make exatcly the thing that i want it to do. Anyway i will re-make the bottom part of the map for sure.

The hidden expos... YEAH :D . At least people won't forget to scout more often on this map :P
modified by LGI
--v mOsQ
heh LGI :)
+1 clone symmetric map
looks nice, but very simple and this map not interesting for me
And dirt are buildable ^_^
mOsQ the map is not simple at all... Your view point is very low, try to learn from the better map makers around here, and stop ignore them.

You are just not funny anymore don't you get it?
modified by LGI
Very innovative yes. I dont know, but moving large armies looks like it could be pretty painful, as their is no big area to fight in, but many smaller strategical points.

But with LGI I know he will test the map enough to make a judgement on it:)
modified by panschk[FP]
Well, if you see once more the map you will notice sever battle areas, and every area had a choke for enter and exit... And where the choke is a ramp, i've put more ramps to improve the movement of the units. Custum ramps could also work on this map, but i prefer to work with the original StarEdit.
Brilliance =P, not much more I can say about this.
Pnashck, this game is for you LGI vs mindcontrol(1on1, 1.13)!!!

16 minutes ZvP, and the start is crazy! I will play more games with this guy when i have time, i add him to my friend list.

P.S. You will see great use of the main cliffs by protoss!
modified by LGI

- Fixed some doodads on the semi-air expands.
- Bottom part of the map is re-build.
Im srry but im really not feelin this map at all. u integrated a good idea into the map but its O.D. wit how many ramps there are... its a bit too complicated. I do however, like how u set up the expos and some of the ground around it. Not my type of map tho.. and it looks like there is no battle ground. even tho the mid is cleary sufficient. it jus doesnt look fun. its a tuff idea to do in a map.. honestly its pushin' a 7/10
modified by NastyMarine
It's complicated - yes.
They are many ramps - yes.
There IS room for battles - yes! Just try it in game, really! Just be sure that the opponent knows the map, to be more intresting. I had sever games today, the map really rox, they are just so many ideas that you can put while you play. Every game on this map could be diffrent, depends on what the players focus most.
Well i didn't here any comments after the update. Is there anything last to comment, because if it's not good i will re-make it again...

- Backdoor removed.
- Center is larger.
- One more center ramp added.

Now if you see the new bottom center ramp that i've add. You will also notice that in front of the ramp there is a bone yard. It's put because i don't want terran to use this area for bunkering and turrets and staff like this... And since there is no unbuildable terran in Sunk Pit, i use doodads. They are all walkable, but none is builadble.

The pathfinding is throug the old 3 ramps.

I hope you enjoy the update. Because personally when i play the map there was enought space for battles for me and i didn't need this update for more battle space... So i liked the previews version more.
modified by LGI
My other option is this:

Free Image Hosting at
hmmm that wouldnt be so bad. That version definately opens things up..

When I first saw this, yes it looks really good, but I have a feeling that moving toss around is a gonna be a bitch.. But you said to try it in game, I think I will..
both version are much better than before.
the current version is more original than the imageshack-version, which - on the other hand - seems to play smoother. and it will be more crowd-pleasing imo

but those two new versions rock both

- A mix between last two versions, with more open center.


For today... :)
Very interesting, complicated, but interesting. I'd love to see more games on here.
Ok, i made an "update" which is actually totally changing the map, but i was just in the mood of changing this map into something different, which this map actually is already. Anyway, just for fun, and not that serious change.

Free Image Hosting at

It's not like i wish you to change it to that really, but i think it's quite nice. Also, the "naturla" marine problem i told you is almost the same here. You can still attack the natural with early rines, it is still a pain in the ass, but with one canon at the right spot, it's quite ok against the earliest units i'd say. May be wrong so. Don't realy like that solution either.
modified by Listoric
Sorry, Listoric, but somehow i didn't like your version, thanks anyway for your work!


- Agreed with Listoric about the main base cliff. So they are 3 ramps now, and there is more room to move, i delete some of the doodads.

- Made a skull from the crags in the bottom center :)
the current version is best ever btw
Thx, i am happy that someone finally notice the final version :)
i checked for my MOTW vote. and osom looks very good now actually
yea, it is the second best map in this week in my opinion
I just add obs version.
try to get some zvt on it. the small area seems very overwhelming for rines in early game, not to mention the 1st tank.
just judging from the pic btw
hm, how about some space for cannons behind the natural mineralline? lurks or vult screw you this way :(
Yes i know. I like cliffs from where you can attack whit most of the range units in game, not only tanks, because i want to balance the attack from the cliff whit every race (i hope you understand me, i don't know the right words). But the cannons, sunks, etc, etc are still working here. If you build them properly between the minerals and workers you will see that their range is still good to shoot at the high ground. I've already do this at other maps like Sattarchasm or older versions of Lost Temple.
lurkers with rangegrade will easily take out all workers without being in cannonrange. and you cannot build the cannons next to the minerals anyway (or you block your workers off).
Doesnt look like fun for zvt
Hi man!

Congrats! Nice map, it's a shame that you stopped making your maps. I'm happy that i got known to you and I'm sorry that we didn't meet after returning to Sofia T_T, maybe we misunderstand each other and I'm also sorry that i wasn't able to help with the goodies. But we can fix that if u come to Ozora;) Do you plan to come?

Anyways the map is cool, I had some nice zvp on it.
:D Thx!

Well i am also sorry for not calling that i won't be able to come. I was over my limit whit my cell phone and at 22:00 i was still at work. Then i return to my girlfriend (i told you on phone that we have something to celebrate :) ) . So i wasn't able to come to the Art Hostel. I hope you liked your stay in Bulgaria :) . Anyway about Ozora, i don't think i will have the money to come. Atm i think i will be able to go to Romania on a party that Atma invite me. And i think that this will be my only party outside Bulgaria this year :( .
Og I see I'm sorry to hear that:(
I enjoyed my holiday in Bulgaria very much, since we returned i advise everyone going on a holiday to go to Bulgaria to the mountains or to the coast, it was soo nice.
Than see you next year on Transylvania Calling:) (?)
steam, do you come to RTS? (anyways its today :D)
Yeah I was there, I messaged you on RSHU.

--LGI vs SonOfAGun(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs mindcontrol(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs TsL(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs TSL(1on1, 1.13)
--GIDOK vs Queen_(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs BuLdoZerG(1on1, 1.13)
--TechnicS vs PAIN(1on1, 1.13)
--PAIN vs TechnicS(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-Fear- vs EddyIsReady(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs PreSSure(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-Fear- vs PreSSure(1on1, 1.13)
--PreSSure vs eS-Fear-(1on1, 1.13)

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