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Last update for (2)Icarus1.4 : 2006, 09, 18 14:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1625 (2)Icarus1.4 128*128nOia0.1final

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 8 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

okay, so its my second map here

I wanted to create a tricky and unique map, but not the expense at the ballance. I'd like to ask you to share with me every ideas about the map you have.
some style, but several gameplay problems.

-pathing between bases is fucked up (stairs, mineral blocks)
-terran can easily set up an unstoppable push to behind the natural
-4h and 8h expos have mineral lines right in the travel route
-bottom expos seem queer, moving units down there should be annoying
the pathing is "fucked up" yes as you said, but its not the only map. Its just like the new starleague map, Blitz. You have to control your units, thats all.

the 4h and 8h expos are willful, but i am thinking about to make narrower the ramp.
Remember that you are not making pro-maps - fucked up pathing will disturb many of the potential players of your map.

This map is intended to be mirrored, right? Check the inverted wide ramp @ 8. It's bugged at the left end, and not mirrored at the right end.
yeah thats right most of the players are too lazy or got adopted to easy paths

i halfly agree with flo, moving your units down would take too much time perhaps widen the ramps would help

the upper expo with double gas is a very big advantage, especially if you look at that tight point next to the end of the wing.. i dont know how it affects the game, but i dont like it (also its just me)
i did some changes on the map
-you cant longer walk through 4&8h mineral onlys
-i left bigger place to the bottom exps
It's a nice map only thing is the center island expo would get pwnd by probably all races
interesting layout, it rocks! but as flo pointed, there are pathfinding issues.. if the path wasnt the most direct route, it would be fine, but its not advisable, thats what it should be changed. Besides its too easy for a terran to just pusht thru that area. its ez gg :/

other than that, the map looks great.. i look foward to seeing more maps from u
ur nat's mineral lines should be shaped differently; particularly the space inbetween each mineral, there is too much space
Just delete those stairs between the players and your map is finished. Oh, and delete the second gas at 12 o'clock.
modified by LGI

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