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Last update for (4)Cooldown 2.4 : 2007, 05, 31 10:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1947 (4)Cooldown 2.4 128*128vhallee0.1beta

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

a tweaked version: now there are four proxy island expos and the middle and mains are a bit larger. your opinions could help me make the map better thx. gl hf gg.
it's pretty solid but I don't think there's anything particularly interesting about it.
add random dwebs!
the concept here was to use the good old staredit to make a map... however i couldnt help myself and made the main ramps a bit wider :P
i was also thinking about neutral buildings but it seems like a fad now so i dont want to make such a map :)
updated a bit the map. in my opinion it should provide some nice games :)
I like it, but the ramps need fixing if the pic is anything to go by
what ramps are you talking about excalibur? the ones in the main?
I opened it up, and the ramps can be done much better.

This is what i wound up with:

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modified by Excalibur
by removeing the wall between the nat and the minonly you can add some unwalkable terrain(like you did between the 2 bridges usind high ground and low ground) behing the high ground mineral fields (from main mines to bridges)
there is no room for turrets behind natural, minonly and islands! muta harass will rock in this map.
the wall between the natural and the minonly make is tigh and protoss forces won't be able to stop a push (maybe by walkon on indian line, etc)

maybe the min only souldn't face the other eath other, try to make it face the bridge and the wall behind the minonly can go from the cervices to the fragstones (taking red and blue as example; tan and purple doesn't have flagstones)
modified by Testbug
i understand... i will modify as soon as i have some spare time, thx :)
Don't know why exactly but I just llike this one.
Maybe żou should open up the choke leading to the middle though but I'm not sure.
And too many expos for my taste.
In this state the map just needs testing.
ok i worked a bit more on it. the resource clusters in the middle have each 750 minerals, the bases from the bridges and islands have 500 each. the chokes are a bit larger and the minerals from the center have been moved a bit to have some towers placed there in case of aerial attacks.
PvT horizontal position: no way to take natural... t from nat to his cliff to your cliff with only very few effort and much outcome.
Your commentwell, flothefreak, not sustaining your conclusion doesn't help. if you think pvt in horizontal is imba, suggest a way out...
i'm not your nanny?! YOU also need to think a tiny little bit. or do i REALLY have to tell you to remove the two cliffs?
Your commentThe issue with pvt for horiz pos would be how direct and narrow many of the paths are. imo it's not isolated to horiz pos. The path to the nat is narrow, anyone can defend it easily, protoss cannot attack a terran nat. For the western players, an eastern terran can lift a factory to your nat cliff, make a machine shop and make tanks to rape your nat; and because of the position/shape of the cliff it will be hard to stop it unless you're prepared/get lucky imo. Of course this is a positional imbalance -_-
gas issue
The northern mains are awkward, about as fucked as the mains in Galaxy Prime, just really awkwardly positioned with the ramp, an invert would help...
I don't understand why you want the ramps to be larger than normal.
The E/W expos are fairly useless, and the expo and the bridges could hurt vertical pathing.
The map kinda favours turtling, and the middle is pretty useless, especially in horiz pos.
The cliffs can shoot at any protoss army leaving its base =/
I'll mark my suggestions in gmcs.
ok i understand... however i'm not so good with inverting stuff and i was also thinking about placing 2-4 swarms in the center...

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