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Last update for (2)Anigavtoh 1.1 : 2007, 09, 06 04:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2452 (2)Anigavtoh 1.1 128*128PsychoTemplar (aka Chef@USWest, Art.less0.3experimental

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Felt like trying this concept. Basically it means contains won't be as effective, and people might try and do some gay cheese :)

PS: The mineral wall is 32 minerals each (53 patches on both sides) and the double gas expo is 2500 each).
modified by PsychoTemplar

(will comment tomorow, doing calculus atm).
i think distances too short
Xeofree's suggestion which would fix distances, and looks very good.

I will almost definitely incorporate it.
modified by PsychoTemplar
very cool but the map is lacking in form
modified by NastyMarine
Update: Major changes to distance >> which resulted in major edits to fix pathing from said changes.

The middle is a lot thinner, which worries me, but I think there are still places to flank.
distance way too long :(
plz move red's gas 1 square to the right (to be same as blue's).
Interesting overall, besides my wish for shorter distances, I think it's ok.
I must say, I've never seen a hotter vagina than this one: quite a beauty ;)
Fixed the gas (I think it's 3 peons either way though) but didn't change the picture.

The distance between SL's is exactly the same as cross positions on Gaia (travelling by ground).
modified by PsychoTemplar
The double path from the gas nat is brilliant but that mineral wall creates pathing problems.
The pathing is fine.
templar, that doesn't make it good lol. If you're ever trying to convince me a map's feature is good, don't ever reference/mention gaia, rofl -_-
This is coming from the same guy who thinks Python is a bad map XD I'm just mentioning proven precedents of maps which have shown to have decently balanced stats. And exactly what the fuck is with all these 2 year old maps being uploaded all of a sudden TT This map is only 3 days old and it's already buried!
The map looks pretty good, but there are only two things I don't like.
I don't like the mineral walls in the mains (never liked mineral walls, except for possibly one on a ramp somewhere.)
And I don't like the expos that have a thin choke connected to the mainland.
Those are my only complaints, but I wouldn't worry about them too much if i were you.
Well, I'm a concept mapper. I try to never make a map without something that will change game play.
Fixed a minor imbalance where Terran could supply depot hop Red, but not Blue.
hot vagina :P /sigh
You mean: hot vagina :P /MMMMMMMM
Vagina? That does not look anything like a vagina What have you guys been...err...nerver mind.
He who laughs last thinks slowest, Lancet.

I played a couple games on this map, and I personally think it's terrible, what with pathing issues, awkward mains, horribly long distances, and random rocks, and things that probably aren't issues but bugged me greatly in game :(
The mains and distances are pretty bad =/
When you call maps like Gaia and Python bad, I lose much respect for your opinion ^^ lol

I dunno what the hell you're talking about with pathing issues. I've played this map over a dozen times and never had a problem.

There's no such thing as an awkward main, only an awkward player ^^ Sin Peaks has very awkward mains, and it's one of the most beloved maps in the pro gaming circuit today.

BUT WHATEVER you're entitled to your opinion I guess :P
Gaia is bad. Beautiful, but poorly balanced.

This map looks cool, but I don't have teh time to play it. ^^
gaia has style, though. and it features dangerous drops, which is very cool in the days of macro and FE openings
Gaia is a real pain in the ass. Those huge distances from main to nat is like wtf you dropped me I'm dead. Not to mention positional balance is.. not present :) Python is horribly racially balanaced map; it's really hard on zerg, because of its expo layout, lack of ovy placement positions, and being incredibly open. Also, short air distances are a pain. Python also has awkward mains, because of the same things I'll mention later about this map. But atleast in python, the mains are big, so you have room to throw down supplies in the middle of them =/

Also, try sending your army from your main in the east to the gas expo at south. Whoop, there's a mineral wall in the way!

Templar, usually the best place to build depots is on the edge of your main so they're not in the way, or atleast, an edge. However, you can't safely do that because it would be so easy for the enemy to shoot your supplies across the small cliff that is your main wall. You could put them at the mineral wall, but if you ever needed to use that entrance, then you'd have issues. There probably is a perfectly easy place to place supplies and buildings at the same time, but it's not easy to find, = awkward and an inconvenience. The mains seem kinda small to me anyway =/

Actually, baekdu's mains aren't that bad, because you have the edge of the map to place supplies against and whatnot =/

I dunno, this map just seems like it's too easy to harass, solid gameplay is hard because of that imo.

Seems kind of a z map, harass made easy for muta, or lurk drop, or whatever really. Long distances = z can safely FE almost every single time (I spose some serious proxy action could stop that though, but that's still a risky play). Once things get going zerg gets a pretty easy 3rd gas. Now, I know you already gave your argument of "players shouldn't play the way they play on other maps on my map when that doesn't work", but honestly, valkyrie is not a good way to stop z harass I think lol. Scourge + muta distraction > valks, and single valks don't kill ovys that fast.
I spose I'll say, it is hard to judge gameplay on a map which is so different than what I'm used to, but I still think atleast a few of my points are still valid =/
"Also, try sending your army from your main in the east to the gas expo at south. Whoop, there's a mineral wall in the way!"

That's like complaining you can't send units directly to your 2nd natural on RoV. The main paths are fine, and what you're going to be using most. If you're so retarded you can't shift click a bit, or just rally units to your natural, then I'm sorry my map just isn't for you. That's not a map issue, that's a user issue (and I deal with that every time I make a map because I always try new things).

I'm pretty sure Valks are the single fastest unit for killing overlords without support. The reason you were able to defend that so well was because A: I wasn't thinking about drop for some reason (more about how hungry I was) and B: I thought you were going to go muta's no matter what (you sorta said you were), so I just rush teched to valks. Normally I'd wait till I saw the spire to decide whether I was going to get a valk for quick defence to save my one rax marines, or if I'd just go to vessel or dropship with the large number of tanks that build allows me to get early. If I had even thought you were going to do some massive risky drop on my main, I would have build a supply depot or turret in random parts of the map, scouted a little better, and had a much better chance of just tearing you a new asshole by catching your mass hydra filled ovies with my valks and obliterating them in about 5 seconds.

Zerg don't gain as much of an advantage as they used to with FE, IMO, because everyone knows how to FE with all races now.
In fact, I just watched the replay now, and the only thing that saved you was your inability to do an optimal muta build. You ended up starting your spire like a minute and a half after your lair popped. Which is why it makes sense when I thought the timing was really weird (I considered it okay to attack your ovie and let you see my valk because you SHOULD have been halfway done your muta's by that time.

I started that game with the understanding you were going to show me how imbalanced and unfair mutalisks are on that map, and you weren't even able to build one. But I guess when you lose to my crappy mutalisk harass, it's the maps fault. When you're so newb with Terran it's the maps fault you don't know where to build your supply depots (I found a place, it was easy >out of the way of my unit producing buildings<.
modified by PsychoTemplar
mutas will kill you before you even get a valk (which is torn apart by scourges then anyway).
"vagina?" lol you guys are a bit slow.

Why bother testing if you're going to ignore what the tester saw from playing the map?

Also, I never said I was going muta. You raped me the first time I ever played the map, and then ignored what I said about the nat being impossible to defend with turrets properly and the main lines being hard to get behind and wanted to retry the map with me as z and you as t. I tried going muta, but my spire didn't build, it happens =/

Oh, and thanks for insulting my offrace, because I really care.

Can you imagine a vagina with:

"pathing issues, awkward mains, horribly long distances, and random rocks, and things that probably aren't issues but bugged me greatly in game"

If it is not good for the organ it can't be good for the map!
protip guys: look at the map name. Or better yet, look at the map name of every single map templar makes.
OK, I get the joke, ha, ha, ha.


--Art.less vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Art.less vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Chef vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Chef vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Chef vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Art.less vs, 1.15)
--Art.less vs, 1.15)
--Art.less vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--GTR-2-Go vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--Art.less vs, 1.15)

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