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Last update for (4)Persona1.0 : 2007, 12, 21 00:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2566 (4)Persona1.0 128*128Forgotten_0.8league

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is the new EVER OSL 2007 map, and the first of pro maps to use neutral dark swarms.

I don't have much of an idea of what to say about it yet; need to see more games on it first.
modified by pOOwarriOr-
I saw a 2 hour TvT progame on this map XD
This post is not displayed due to its content
You want to cool it a bit LML? Recently all you've been doing is saying everything is "shit" and "fucking ugly" or it "sux". These comments help no one. If you don't like a map, you don't have to say it sucks. You can just say specifically what's wrong with it. Otherwise don't say anything at all, cause it's unpleasant and overtly negative (something, you know, a lot of people are complaining about on BWMN).
This map would have been good if it didnt have those fucking swarms. they are imbalanced.
"prepare for the return of sAviOr!" is what screams out at me when i see this map :)
mapdori hates terran?
THANK YOU for uploading. Wanted this map :)

I like the map, I think it'll be nice strategically. Nice = pain in the ass, of course. But will make for interesting pro games :)
I have seen maps on this site that are far better. OSL and MSL need to stop being retards and have nothing but high quality maps for the pros. They use some good maps but they never even balance test any map or even look at it sometimes to check for basic balance and creativity.

edit: This is not first pro map to use dark swarm. There was a pro map for 2v2 that was taken out after 1 or 2 matches on it. No one bothered too look at the map and they didn't know till players played on it that it was extremely unbalanced.
modified by HypersonicEspo
This map is disgusting...

Just another macro map only with random darkswarms added to make it look slightly interesting.
just primitiv and uninspired... with other words - a true promap.
modified by Grief_Stricken
OSL sucks at picking maps if THIS is on their list...

The average 4 player map here is better than that.
Nah that removed 2v2 map (DMZ) used neutral d-webs (and yes, it was horrible).
Actually hypersonic, I'm pretty sure all maps in proleague were tested by pros before they made it into the map pool.

It's just that they don't practice on test maps like 10 hours a day, so sometimes when they do get into the map pool they end up having imbalances (a lot of people thought Zerg was going to be overpowered on Monty Hall, LOL, awful theorycraft <3).

Honestly, I like all the new pro maps. PvP's on Blue Storm have grown old hilariously quickly, but in general all mirror match-ups are boring to watch anyway. People who are judging this map when like only one TvT has been played on it are ridiculous. Honestly, give it a few more games before you open your big mouths =/

"Just another macro map only with random darkswarms added to make it look slightly interesting."

The intention of those swarms is actually to discourage turtle play, smartass. How successful they are remains to be seen, but it's certainly not supposed to be a macro map.
......there's a difference between and macro map and a turtle map.....

Like it or not, the dswarms ARE random and the middle is very boring.......

Some parts of this post did not need to be censored.
modified by Lancet
Moebius fuck off, quick being such an asshole to templar. That spot is reserved to me.
This post is not displayed due to its content
how about you shut up until you have something to say that anyone actually finds interesting?

Oh boy, guess the reply to this post is going to be really creative.
What happens at SEN stays at SEN. Please don't bring your arguments here, we have enough of those here already.
How will terran ever get out here?
Against Lurkers and by ground - never. Oh, wait, nuke!
Johnny B.Goode
Still cant imagine that these swarm things are able to compensate the large middle.I think everyone able to make a decent map would be annoyed about why this map is played in some league and his map(s)not,when he examine this one.That's for sure - you can't talk about quality as to this map
modified by Johnny B.Goode

-- vs (1on1, 1.15)

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