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Last update for (2)elduo(l)amage : 2008, 01, 26 17:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2751 (2)elduo(l)amage 128*96FateD0.5betaground

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 32 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

hey all, heres another map ive been working on, so far, the deco is only on right side :O (or pretty much)

so ill have to work on that...

But what was more preocupating to me was weither this nat cliff would destroy my map... I aint sure myself :(
The cliff is fine, it's a feature, not an accidental tank spot, BUT!
Only small units can pass after the pylon is down, goons for example, or tanks can't.
The 5 and 7 expos are muta paradise, add some space for turrets/cannons behind them.

lovely idea with the 11 and 1, not sure how this will work out, but I like it.

Maybe the trees covered middle path can be made a bit wider.
Don't worry, there isn't much to destroy.

Wayyy too tight, needs more room and less gas.
well i have to say, 11 and 1 have 2500 in each gas :O

and, for the tight thingy, i dont think this map is really macro based.. few expos, pretty open nat, small distance, i didnt really expect any huge armies to go around :o

and, for the middle path, ill have to c about it, i made it sorta just for early game, but its maybe true it should be more open bc itll still affect gameplay alot lategame
modified by FateD
and what's with gas being at bottom everywhere?

You can have it at top at least in the mains.
"The 5 and 7 expos are muta paradise, add some space for turrets/cannons behind them."

u dont really muta harass that late game anyway

u should wide our 6 o clocks way to balance up tvp late game.

this map is very nice ^^
errr not really alter, bc with the structures, u can drop tanks in every gap there is, and u cant really do anything (that i know of) to disable that :(

so having gas at top in main would make it tankable, so id have to widen a already pretty big main :o

btw ill c what i can do about the tightness, and prolly update today
add highground expansion with one ramp each where i marked red xD

move those tight path higher like the black arrow shows, and finally make the yellow are walkable and remove those water.

great map!! :D

Free Image Hosting at
lol i tried what u said, but idk yet if its worth replacing since its such a big change, ill have to test, n get opinions about it :D
you the place right and left down in the water and create there some little island and spam doodads there :D

you also need a better name for this map --v
Hello all, biggy changes have been brought to the map :D

- all what carkling said
- more deco (even if its still not done yet)
- changed couple details here n there
- trees that somehow decide to FULLY apear ingame now :D :D
- n much more!!!!! (not rly, that was all :( lol)

anyway, whatd u guys think? btw if u wanna compare to the older v., 2 posts ago, cark posted a pic of it
make the main-main path so only small units can pass there :D
changed middle, but didnt update pic, now mid only allows smaller units :P lol

any other comments? :O
modified by FateD
finish deco > amazing map :)
aight aight, ima finish deco today :P
hmm i should be done with deco now... if something changes, itll prolly be for balance now :O

any comments? :O
uploaded a replay btw, pvz, nothing gosu or anything lol, just me Xd
Lovely changes, but that pylon blocked passage is still passable only by the smallest units, no?
well, im gonna have to test it for medium sized units (bc it turns out goons can pass mid)
but i think no goons,vults,tanks, lurkers,ultras, n maybe goliaths can get up there :O
Well, doesn't it make sense for them to be able to?

On the other hand, If your intention is to have only small units - then it's fine, it's not a bug, it's a feature.
Well, a weird one, but a feature.
testing will tell if it makes sence or not :D lol
lol omg.. I hadnt updated v. on site and a start loc was missing XD
Well i have to say, you have improved!

Many picture lovers here, btw... Or should i say "deco lovers" :D
ty :D lol
u should get rid of some of the clutter doodads in the center. itll free up some flanking for the bigger pvt and zvt battles.

--voSEir vs Cant remember(1on1, 1.15)

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