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Last update for (2)Canopy : 2023, 03, 03 22:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2944 (2)Canopy 96*128illisid0.3betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

deco still needs work... i kinda suck with doodads on jungle/badlands...

anyway started planning this out a while ago. decided to take a break from balderdash so i worked on this more. and i uploaded it to make sure the yinyang wasnt taken from another map.

but the big idea here is the base behind the main. you can only access it after the main's mineral line has been mined out. until then it is impossible to build a command center/hatchery/nexus in the base, the main line is in the way. other than that, i think its just a standard map.
grr its those freakin bushes... i cant make them look good and they take forever to place >:(
Some of your minerals are missing from the North base. It's a good idea to at least play the map against the comp before uploading it here.
are missing? oops. but is the yinyang taken? :P
I don't know about the ying/yang, I have not seen it but I wouldn't be surprised if at least some Korean map had it. Hey, the idea of having to mine the mineral to be able to mine the expo, didn't you take that from flo's map "Heroes"? If so you should acknowledge it and credit him with the idea.
SHIT thats taken? i seriously havent seen that...

ok so his is a bit different than mine, but yea he came up with the idea first.
curses, i thought i had an original idea here :'(

oh and when i go to edit my map (to put the fixed resources at the top base) it only gives me a blank screen...
modified by illisid
Your mains look very big and there may be too many resource concentrated on one place. But don't trust what I write now, I am falling asleep, I have to go, will comment tomorrow.

Hey no, if you still came up with it by yourself that still has value, it means you are inventive and will comeup with new ideas in the future. Now I really haveto go, bye.

modified by Lancet
at 1 o clock the mineralwall create a unreachable hole behind, other side doesnt have that.

i think u should rotate the min onlys alittle bit and put walls behind

the main is unnessasary big imo

overall i think this map was pretty slacky created with nothing much special
about the yin and yang:

SPs uber professional spelling example map!

wiki, notice the spelling
pretty nice how expo is too close for you to make a extra cc/hatch/nex until u mine out that part of the mineral line you start off with.

i spy (2)python

P.S. to lancet(i think) did you figure out how to stack the mineral on the gas to work so we can control gas expos?
well at least now i know i can make a standard map :)

ok so there is a yin & yang already... but mine's better (not the map, just the symbol)

i didnt try to copy python. only thing i tried to semi-copy is the idea for the layout of the mineral only, i kinda tried to make it like the base in square (which isnt a mineral only) but it isnt quite like it.

yea ill make the mains smaller... and now ill try to make the rest of the map more unique too. i wont upload a new version for a while i think...
illisid asked me to upload an edited version of this map for him as the password doesn't seem to work (he sent me the map file). Does anybody know if we can change the password of a map for the mapper or even create a new one?
thanks for fixing this.
-changed the nat so it has a bluestorm exit
-smalled up the mains
-stuck some cover-trees on a drop-spot at the mains. as far as i can tell they dont do anything other than obscure vision. when i tested them on a blank map they didnt do anything.

and yea, is it possible for one of you to redo my password? its supposed to be ___________, but it says that doesnt work...

haha im not going to type that pass out here... that was stupid... if you can help me, pm me.

modified by illisid
well thats how we spell it in sweden tbh. And the mine through main to get to minerals has been around like forever? I find it hard to believe that heroes was the first map anyway...

just browse "storm" for instance...

Dont go nuts about asking for cred, because 99,9% of all the "new" ideas you came up with someone else already did. And if it doesnt include weird stuff like permaspells, rest assure that "someone" most likely was me....... o_O
yeah i figured that...

so it seems you guys still think this is boring? yipes.
Bunsen Honeydew
Very nice and interesting map, well done!

4 gas just defending one spot.
The Ying Yang kinda reminds me of another map, can't remember the name of it at the moment though...

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