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Last update for (4)Order 227 : 2010, 01, 23 03:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3992 (4)Order 227 128*128Impervious0.1experimentalground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Still needs more work, and better deco. The map was made for the TL contest (although I am quite sure that I will not win).

It gave me an excuse to re-try one of my earlier concepts. I think I did a better job with it.

Criticize please.
You can't even get out a first scout, making very awkward games when players pick "random"
Terran map, because they just take 3 bases ezpz
Okay, I came up with a new way of blocking units, that still follows theme. I've used Ultralisks instead. They have 400 health, 1 armor, and they heal, so it will take a while to get through them initially. There are minerals nearby to allow scouting through however.

I also added some good places to put overlords, I moved the natural gas to a more positionally-balanced spot (and they all mine at very close rates with 3 workers, so that is not an issue either). I made a few other minor cosmetic changes as well.
Also, the Ultralisks are so close together that they even block Ghosts from getting through. From what I can remember, those are the smallest units, so it should block everything but workers from getting through. The mineral chunks allowing a scout through have 5 patches, with 1 each. That way, it takes a while to get rid of it.
First get a better pic, the picture is terrible you cant makeout/understand anything except the big parts.
4 example whats on the ramps and on the mains?

Little tip: give the nats + turret/cannon room mutas will be to strong here.
When I've tried to put a better picture on the site, it gives me an error message saying it hasn't been uploaded.....

As for turret room - there is room on the sides of the mineral patches, and near the geyser, but there is no room directly behind the mineral patches. I feel this is necessary, since it is tough to get a 5th base for Z, considering that T or P can get 4 pretty easily. Or should I give more room for turrets?
modified by lMPERVlOUS
Ok, I modified the nat to allow room for turrets.
About picture did you make it a jpeg and resize it?
You can go to "Articles" getting a picture of your map.
dont think its him...think its the website, your Spider monkey seems kind of blurry too.
I made the jpeg, and resized it multiple times. The best resolution I can get is pretty crappy.....
No man this is much better.
Whats all that on the mains ramps and second entrance ?
The theme for the map is "Zerg invasion". Those things on the ramp are Ultralisks, so close that they block Ghosts or Zerglings from getting through. However, there is a patch of minerals nearby allowing you to pull a scout through.

Since Ultralisks have 400 health, plus 1 armor, it's like it's a building that's blocking the way, so it will take a little while to break through initially, but once the armies get more powerful, it will barely slow them down.

The other stuff at the entrances is some random Zerg units, which are neutral. They'll block building placement, however, they won't block a CC/Hatchery/Nexus from being built at the expansions. They won't take long to kill.
Welcome to bwmn..

wtf is with all thoose creep and zerg units sprites spamed all over the place o.O
and your main ramp blocked by ultralisks o.O
(this an ums map?)

otherwise i like the concept overall.. :)
kinda reminds me of colloseum in some way ^^
modified by LasTCursE
This is not a UMS map.

The creep and Zerg units are there to reinforce the "Zerg Invasion" theme. The Ultralisks are there to make it more difficult to break through, which can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on the situation you put yourself in.

I wanted to make it a difficult choice between the expansions. The mineral only expansion is safer, but, of course, you don't have the gas.....
you cant really call it imbal IMO cause the contest has its rules. but the minerals in middle i think will get in the way of battles.

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