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Last update for (2)Dark Apology : 2011, 12, 20 12:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4328 (2)Dark Apology 128*96CrystalDrag0.9finalground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 51 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I see. Some one's copying my Escher blends...

modified by Freakling
Whats up?
Author? my guess crystaldrag, nice I actually like this, love maps that go a bit off in standardness, love the paths, the high ground, the high ground ramps, and Freaklings titles :) map is obviously a bwmn mapper.
Hate the path issue and the deco
Mhmmmm this mine. was it so obvious? Grr.

those \\\"low ground cliffs\\\" are blocked by one power generator and one mineral with something value. i think 10? but it is a bluestorm entrance.
Its buildable, so use imagination for that spot.

Deco. . . I got kinda lazy with the deco. o.o
There is no pathing issue. :) Tested it.

Originally it WASNT suppose to be MCEscher Blends, cause i was trying ramps without the low ground space between the ramp and space, but that didnt work out . . . So i used Freaklings blends. O.o I did not see any copyright sign. hehehe

PS. I also did space/high platform in my other space map, so i didnt copy it outright. :

PSS. I just noticed im starting to edge away from standard maps. Is that why?

modified by Crystaldrag
You were the only one online (besides myself) while this map popped up :D
And this map matches your style, though I think you really improved on this one.
modified by Freakling
That is CHEATING!! >O grr...
You don't need to be logged in to upload maps, you know ;P
It saves my login in -.- grr....
So how did lezerg find out? o.o
"[...]i was trying ramps without the low ground space between the ramp and space[...]"

Er... What?

"[...]and Freaklings titles[...]" (LeZerg)

Er... What?!
Hmm. To explin the first quote.. Why didnt i get a name..

When placing original ramp doodads, platform is needed on the sides of the ramp. I wanted to eliminate that area with space. . I dont feel like drawing a picture.

And im pretty sure your tiles are the escher ramps.
modified by crystaldrag
After spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out my password ( While my keyboard was on Caps -.-) Edited it with some deco and slightly wider middle.
I like it but it feels like it needs some rusty pit or low platform and I'm not liking the pathing issue with that back entrance to nat, making you a picture of what I would recommend.
:O And i dont like rust pit or low platform

The path issue from the intended entrance, then to the .. blocked entrance.
post image plz.

modified by crystaldrag
This post is not displayed due to its content
Plz note that I have a strong bias against siege tanks.
I dont like tanks either..
O.o They make mapping so much harder.

Made Changes, added buildings, removed buildings, editted paths...

Pathing works now as intended! :P
Choke can be walled with a rax and depot

Thx Phobic. :P I would die writing those long paragraphs.

PS. I tried to stay away from low ground/rust pit cause i dont like how they looked and you wanted them underlined.
modified by CrystalDrag
This post is not displayed due to its content
:P You didnt kill me. Im still alive heheh
i shall wait till someone else comments. :P Then i think i will do those changes.. hehe

Why such dark? >:O But im fine with that cause i hate the sunlight. :P
modified by crystaldrag
I am not sure why pictures are dark, seems something happened between scmdraft 2 image export and paint resizing and cropping.
Hmm some ideas for each pic you adress

1.) Most likely will widen by one diamond and block with eggs/arb/mineral or just temple.

2.)Mkay Ill get rid of that, and make it able to have zealot prood 1 rax 2 depot


4.) :P I can add more kewler decoration there. he he

5.) Reason i did not do bluestorm choke is because i dont like the idea of pathing for some units to be screwed up when say trying to go into area infront of the fourth.they would be delayed...
What about a thin bridge instead?.
Just something to make the full route to that back door more practical, could be a thin bridge w/e
You know what don't touch the map until others comment.
modified by Phobic
lol phobic chill out one the enormous essay comments :D
Im actually really liking this map..
My comments:
Love the new back path idea, and love the bridges expos, bla bla bla, good number of cool things, but:
I think there might be to many neutral blocks and neutral buildings, path issue and removing the somewhat useless blocks will be such a pain 4 players, to the point where it becomes really annoying.
I believe the solar deco in the middle actually worsened quite a bit :( Do something with it, use my map (2)Yele for inspiration deco wise.
I also think you should add 2 very small, low mineral expos in th very middle, something like (2chupung reyong or whatever.
I understand you want to make something different and less standard, how about a dark swarm in the middle? Or some (very few) spells in original parts of the map?
Also I think, that in order to make map more visually appealing and cooler, you could switch the high platform at 2 and 7 o'clock, for some elevated catwalk.
Highly consider my propositions!!!
I'm starting to like this map more and more keep up the good work crystal ! :)
Say something... er...
It's definitely an improvement.
Problem with nat backdoor cliff right now is that it has no real advantage for lurks/goons because it's so far from the minerals, but makes a pretty safe spot for tanks.

Using Zerg buildings for blocks feels starange... I would definitely remove the chrysalides. Even if they help T wallin (I guess that's what you intended) they cannot be repaired and only got 250 HP, thus rather weakening then strengthening the wallin. Use someting else (p.e. generators, 0-min stacks) or just tighten the choke to allow rax/dep or single rax wallin.

Replaced cryst with minerals, switched defiler mound with forge, temples everywhere else... i will replace the temple to the 3rd into something weaker. Mayb. . . Cybernetic core? cause they look kewl. :P
Added two minerals to the middle.
did the decoration.

I do not want catwalk or else i can not blend high ground with space ;/

Made a change with backdoor choke, now there is 5x0 minerals and a temple. mining the minerals will not allow big units (half a troy gate) and destroying the temple will let in a much bigger force. Might make the low ground ramps there wider.

Any other suggestions????
There! Replaced with protoss buildings. :P all are ling tight!

deco looks 100% nicer. :P

For those zerg/terran noobs who dont know how much each of the protoss building is ::

Forge : 550/550
Observatory : 250/250
Templar Archives : 500/500
Protoss Temple : 1500

All Blocking minerals values 0, each is stacked 5. (Computer Noobs mine out the choke one :P
There is now an observer version with a special feature...

If you noticed on the picture, in the center map, there is an interesting comsat station...

Now in Obs version, It is a watchtower From SCII to Broodwar :D

It reaches to both ends of the minerals. If you can imagine a pylon feild enlarged to that, That is how big vision is. :DD

You must be within one square of it. :P
If its destroyed vision doesnt work.. cause well theres no tower :D

*Note* Does not work in melee

Comments about this!
modified by crystaldrag
Need testers on US EAST . O.o
What is ur account name? + me, im very rarely there lately, but every now and then i go on a roll, my acc is G_oUSt[aK]
"CrystalDrag" Is my acc. :P

modified by CrystalDrag
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney
hell yeah CRBS in action :D:d
I'd love to play some games on this, too.
So first of all, behind the mineral line is was unfavorable to zerg and protoss who could not attack it, but was to Terran.
I blended the lowground with high ground, and minerals pushed to cliffs so now easily harrassable.

Added some overlord spots.

The watchtower does NOT give vision to only the watchtower, it give vision around the area, as marked by the map revealers...

Comment gogogo
Note: Obs version only updated.
GJ crystal, this is what everyone else should be doing
Should i make the low platform ramps wideR?
Yea make em wider
I declare the Observer version as Final.
Took out hyper triggers. Needs unbugging.
The only thing needing an unbugging is the melee download :>

Good map though.. i obviously like it, as i tried to DL it. Obviously, as i posted that the Dl is broken. Wasnt that obvious?
Looks cool. I like the ramp/bridges, props to Freaklin for that.

A watch tower? That's lame. Keep it to SC2.
Looks great

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