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Last update for (3)Vårens Tövä : 2019, 10, 20 09:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4728 (3)Vårens Tövä 128*128Freakling2.2finalground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 139 points


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Vårens Töväder = Swedish for Thawing of the Spring (or more litterally: The Spring's Thawing Weather).

Just realized I never uploaded this here...

There have been some bugfixes since the last version.
modified by Freakling
Fantastic stuff.
1496. Hallucinated ursadons. Gas mining doodads.
Its all rather good.
I rated it 0 when I meant to rate it 9 oops
1496? Mineral counts? Cannot remember how I set them.
The halucinated Ursas Pandabearguys are just for the worker spawn optimization at top position.
The other Ursas have reduced HP, though, so they can be easily killed with a worker if they happen to block an expo.
modified by Freakling
Waited till the end. And wow! New maps! You guys are awesome. Great work.
Added observer version (compressed & fog free)
Wow GREAT map! Deserves some attention
genius way to solve the worker spawn positional imbalance. was this your idea freakling or has it been done before on another map?
I have done this on other maps, for example on (5)Quintessence and earlier on (2)Blood & Iron.

First one to actually ever openly address this method in some sort of guide was Crystal on, however, but he suggested some less refined method using neutral buildings, I think, which had some stack bug issues (the bug where you can build on top of your main building in-gmae where pre-placed neutral building units [including resources] were removed).
There have been many earlier attempts of doing this, by Crystal and others (there is some korean map in the database, I think, that uses installation turret unit sprites for the same effeft, but, obviously, those have the problem of not disappearing on free spawns; One of Testbug's(?) old maps has spawns blocked by neutral temples, however, just to block quick expos; plus: it causes really bad stack bug...), which all did only partially work because of stack bug issues.
modified by Freakling
Why nowadays since 2007 there is no challenge MOTW? Because no one except Freakling, CrystalDrag and other foremans are working and doing it without real mapmakers is null and void?
modified by outscar
im not really map making...
Pretty much. Also, even the maps amde usually miss all deadlines because making a map nowadays is a much more sophisticated process than it used to be.
Fixed an issue with the bottom low ground expo being less cliffable than the other ones...
Love it! Shame the title set does not help, but great job!

1. You can use some flags(unit sprite) to make same effect with 12s halucinated minerals and Ursadons.

See my map as example.

2. I think 8's building space is slightly bigger than others....

never mind.
Thank you.

"1. You can use some flags(unit sprite) to make same effect with 12s halucinated minerals and Ursadons.

See my map as example."
How can I download from there?

You can use any unit,
but the advantage of using hallucinated units is that they disappear shortly after game start, so they cannot get in the way of standard gameplay.

"2. I think 8's building space is slightly bigger than others....

never mind."
I don't think it matters much, I mostly tried to balance out other things, such as boundaries exposed to drops, width of paths etc.
I always try to shift as much of the asymmetry on (3)/odd player maps to the mains and other open spaces, because that is where they matter the least.
modified by Freakling
I haven't commented on this map before, I'm guessing it was uploaded when I was really inactive.

I like the expo layout, and generally the use of space, nothing too out of the norm from a Freakling map.

I really hope at least one of your maps gets in for ASL, I think it's really all about what they are looking for, whether it's experimental or not. Probably a good call to submit 10 maps so they can have a wide array of options lol, even though you probably fucked your sleep schedule.

If they don't select even one of your maps, they are fools XD

Anyways, cheers

Have you submitted anything btw?

Turns out I actually got about 7h of sleep after all :P Next day ended up a lot shorter than I would have liked though…
Nah I don't really have anything worth submitting at the moment. Power Bond is being played enough as it is and all my other stuff is outdated/incomplete.
You could have sent in Uzi Sara again.
I had forgotten I have commented on this one, I thought this was the First time I saw it.

This looks super super cool, sexy as fuck, on my favorite titleset.

High ground little bit confusing but that’s the way this titleset works, you have done a good job to make it clear to players

Definitely should be submitted to Map contest but hurry!
I think I would have made the normal ground just pure snow with that other snowy thing terrain for some deco just to be extra clear on high low ground, mud can be a bit confusing.
Might be too late for this, all the deco is already there and works well enough
You are aware that the submission period for the contest ended 10/17?
Pretty sure stylezerg just goes around commenting things are sexy on a every day basis IRL

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