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Last update for (0)Resource Testing 0.5 : 2017, 02, 16 00:33
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4883 (0)Resource Testing 0.5 otherCrystalDrag0.5utilityother

The map has been rated 29 times and got a total of 14 points

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Current Version-0.5

How to use
From this file
*Triggers must be saved via StarEdit or another editor, and loaded onto the desired map.
**Using StarEdit could cause errors with other parts of the map such as illegal unit or doodad placements.

On the map file
*Set the following in Map Description
**P1-Computer, P2-Human, both must be a race
LOCATION 0 = 4x3
LOCATION 1 = 18x13
LOCATION 2 = 4x2

*Does not work with worker changing positions

*Place a marine, zealot, or zergling using the editor to indicate which race you want to test at what place. they must be placed in the center of the 4x3 area that the town hall occupies.
**Use the fine grid option to place them with units snap to grid.

*Manual placing of an Academy for Comcast Stations recommended.
modified by CrystalDrag
modified by CrystalDrag
Unrelated: Is it just me or does the website display map pictures different from before?
JungleTerrain I can't give an opinion on that because my map pictures are nearly all crappy so not gonna give an opinion on that, but if you want an opinion, I'd say yeah they look kind of more neat than before dunno.

CrystalDrag the resources are like that? I mean the standard are gas on top or left for consistent gas gathering, minerals patches well they can vary, IMHO
the minerals patches I've used far long in my maps
as you've seen some in them are 3 4 5 6 9 and a variation of number 8 from left to right counting, from top to bottom, maybe I'll test number 2 if possible.
modified by Rickv100491
The site did change the way... it is now centered in the middle with black borders?

the formations in the picture are irrelevant. I initially was trying to make the game count each mineral patch and spawn one worker each one, but it failed so i just spawn 9 for everyone.
In that regard why not use location grid?
For example in triggers, location 1 top left has
7 minerals, if player 1 to 8 spawns there with random units be it terran zerg or protoss then taking into consideration when you start any game you get 4 units by default then you make spawn 3 units of the race the player chooses in that location. and so and so in the other locations.

modified by Rickv100491
It's probably way more straightforward to just use triggers to spawn for each location individually, i mean it's only 9 scenarios
9 scenario's x 3 races. Might do all 27 if i can find out how people get the AI computers to mine.
CrystalDrag, huh trigger to make the pc gather?
-You simply put a main base, besides the minerals and as I said use the location grid, you put the location grid in a base, then choose the trigger.

I don't remember, very well right now, I'm at university posting this answer, but you put the trigger that says.. Set AI z, t, p Insane at location whatever you name the grid, then the pc starts gathering itself, download the version of DeMaKi I have in here, those triggers can help you a lot, because I made it so that when one player has a specific race then a specific hero appears for that race, I.E. Fenix dragoon for protoss, Alan Schezar for Terran, and Hunter Killer for Zerg, and to be quiet honest I kind of made the map seven sins an ums map, because a friend in discord asked me that he wanted to be able to use each race with each player so give 1 worker of each race for each player, if you want when I get back I can pass you that ums modification? obviously the map belongs to it's own respective owner I just added some triggers to make it FFA UMS nothing much.
modified by Rickv100491
Picture looks as it always has been to me...

run ai script any race area town at base location

Race does not even have to match, picking the wrong one only prevents the AI from building workers (which you may actually not want, anyway) but not from mining.

Make a counter (unit death counter), counting all geysers and mineral patches (all three types) per expansion location (just run a series of triggers:

if neutral player brings at least [1...arbitrary max number] mineral patch type x to base location, then increase death counter by 1.

if neutral player brings at least [1...arbitrary max number] geyser patch vespene geyser to base location, then increase death counter by 3.

the arbitrary number should probably be 50 or so for minerals and 12 for geysers (or how-ever-many resources each SL on fastest possible map has...)

Then run another series of triggers to spawm workers:

if death counter>0 then spawn a race-appropriate worker at base location and decrease death counter by one.

If you want to want to keep things flexible, add a preserver trigger to each trigger and run the cycle for a different expansion (by additional trigger if player 1 commands at least one [preplaced base indicator unit] then center base loacation on [preplaced base indicator unit] by player one at anywhere, preserve trigger) at each cycle. To speed things up, use hypertriggers (or a single trigger full of wait(0) commands, as you only need one cycle per expo).
modified by Freakling
Updated .3 - Terran works

Did do the death of machine shops to keep track of workers. however your suggested way to spawn them one by one didn't work. So i simply just did it for 1-9 workers... Not like this would be used to balance a Fastest Map...basically the limits of the current triggers are 9 mineral/1 gas which should be fine unless a big change in the way mapping.

And running AI does not work, as i found out. The computer will automatically send the gas workers to mine minerals when there is more than one CC (Also prevents using the AI to measure the mining rates of geysers). The "wait" function also causes the AI to fail for some reason.


future planning, when the map has no more zerglings, zealots, and marines all the town halls and peons will be given to the player, when they can do the mining. Player will also be given resources to construct comsat stations with the academy.

Might also try to experiment with a trigger (seige tank) that causes all mineral fields to vanish, all townhalls given back to the computer, and see if the AI will mine the geysers for gas testing.
modified by CrystalDrag
Weird. didn't know that it would be that way.. how about you try putting a location grid on the starting base... guh can't show an image here dunno how to post an image to show it... but well you put the location grid there and put trigger.

-If gameplay elapsed time at least 4 seconds kill units for player at location1.
Then the workers in front of the cc hatc or nex, will be killed.

Then you put 9 different location grids, separately, each in front of each mineral patch and say,
-If gameplay elapsed time at least 6 seconds, spawn 1 worker for player at location 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 respectively.

You put a location grid where the workers will spawn and name it working1.
Then after that if you go and put:

-If elpased time at least 10 seconds set the script: Run Ai Script at location and you choose:
Execute AI script protoss,terran,zerg campaign insane at working1 then the workers should start mining by themselves.
this is supposed to be exported to other maps, so having too many locations is too much. three is fine.

0.4, all three races work. may try to readjust the spawning of geysers so computers auto mine minerals but leave gas ready to mine.?.... probably not.
0.5, workers are given at the end, so need to manually set to mine. if i have time i need to go back and make the mineral workers be invincible, because the idle gas workers attack them.

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