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Last update for (4)Polypoid 1.05v : 2019, 11, 09 10:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5143 (4)Polypoid 1.05v 128*128KM-3.0betaground

The map has been rated 5 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

still keeping working on this map, but it won't be finished until the deadline of ASL map contest ...

It is very plain map for 4 players, T>Z>P>T balance I guess, and yes very featureless
I like this map a lot. Symmetry looks good, spacing is good, pathing looks interesting, and it's in Jungle my favorite tileset XD

My only 2 points of feedback is MAYBE decreasing some of the temple areas in the middle of the map to open it up a little more.

And I hate the new remastered ramps but thats just my gripes.

Looks great
is this your map, zladldduzld?

Fixed the Tileset
modified by JungleTerrain
thanks for your kindness sir
I thought I've selected jungle tileset category yesterday, but maybe my mistake :S

KM-, my author name is from zlald(in Korean keyboard, Ű. pronounciation may be key-me-ing, thus KM)

= better image source

the temple areas are intended for overloads, but considering the pathway, it is somewhat inappropriate.. I'll try to expand water terrain of water-bridge-ruins areas and reduce the temple areas.

I also dislike remastered ramps :l
but WSH used them in (3)Tripod so I adopted too
WSH = Str18-02?

Some remastered ramps are okay, not all of them. I think the jungles ones are bad, but that's just me.

Were you going to make this in Twilight?
WSH = Str18-02. Yes. WSH is initials of his name.
I could try mixing remastered and older ramps but... not enough time GG

twilight? nope. did I choose twilight tileset category?
Nevermind, I misunderstood what you said.

This site is old, you have to put in Tileset 2 times for it to work. Don't worry about the ramps, it's more just my opinion. And yes, the ASL deadlines are too short.
As for the ramps: You need to manually fix terrain level bugs either way, so it's best to compose completely custom ones (using new tiles if you chose to).

Looking at it a bit closer I think you should move the ridges and particularly the high ground ovi spots around a bit so they do not hinder access to the centre that much, close position gameplay would be very linear right now. A good general design principle for 4 player maps is that there should be direct pathways from the nats to the centre.

I would also like to see more and better use of proper High-Temple-to-Cliff blends. You can find examples in such maps as Atlantis, Uzi Sara or the newest Kiseyras iteration.

modified by Freakling

If I had enough time, I could rework on what youguys advised.
But because of my school.. and deadline of ASL map contest..

Just minor updated version :P
Best of luck in the contest :D

Deadlines should be at least twice as long
Freakling / I saw your comment in TL that saying you've submitted 10 maps finally lol
I am looking forward to seeing many brilliant brand-new maps in ASL XD
Good luck in the contest!
Really like this one, sexy copy paste titles
Lol freaking you submitted 10 maps!!!??

Do you have a link for that comment?
stylezergex/ team liquid - broodwar forum - ASL map contest thread, you've visited that page already :S

Jungleterrain/ thanks a lot haha

As I wished, this map passed round 1.
It was my goal in this map contest (because there will be a small gift for whom winned round 1)

and as I expected, the judges pointed out several problems this map containing(some bad looking square tiles, mining issue, ovy spots, not sufficient space for battle, ...)
.... but no bug fixing period they said :(

what if?
omg you passed too??
I passed round 1 same like you.
Maybe you saw this map (name : Karma_TF) on EDAC. yeah.
Also I had been suggested some issue ... (its hard to saying. :( english is too hard for me)

아니 잠깐만 이분도 한국인이신데 괜히 영어로 말하고 있었네 축하드려요!!

Since you'll have to remodel the high ground ridges and Ovis spots anyways, I'd suggest the following:
Start by drawing straight lines from antural to natural and then reposition the high temple spots so they are on those lines, giving you two separate, but about equal length, paths between close position naturals, which works much better for 4p maps (take care that shortest scout paths on auto-pathfinding are symmetrical between all positions!).
modified by Freakling
Thanks for congratulations :)
and congratulation you guys too!

Freakling/ yes, actually I usually try to keep in mind that pathing method; separated, about equal length, symmetrical pathfinding.

so in this design, I first thought moving high temple areas(as shown above) would work well.
but then pathing through mineral only expo become problematic; pacing water terrain.

I have no good idea :S

0.92v to 1.05v updated
: main's entrance (returned to non-remastered)
: mining issue
: pure sprites adapted
: decreased unbuildable tiles (from nat to geyser expo, middle)

modified by zladldduzld

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