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Last update for (2)Chaotic Pilgrim : 2008, 02, 15 17:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
814 (2)Chaotic Pilgrim 128*96--v|mOsQ2.1final

The map has been rated 81 times and got a total of 168 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The new version of my old map which have won one year ago at competition Reps.Ru in a nomination "the best duel map" :)
You forgot the Author^^
ohhhh thx :D
Just bad judges :D gl
Mineral placement is bad -_-
"Just bad judges"

Potrax[S2], Notforu[S2], NrT.Chekanog, MiG.Scout - bad judges ? Just stfu CHILD, your yelping makes laugh me.
--v mOsQ
what "lol" ?
Yes, mOsQ, they ARE bad mapjudges, because they are players =) Anyway, I make your life longer if you laugh about the real facts ;]
--v mOsQ
The best judges - skilled players. When I have created this card, you at all did not know, that such "StarCraft". Shut the fuck up n00b
Why do you read my posts and reply to them, if I'm noob and a "pity", as your translator says? however, accepting rules of BWMN community is a perfect trait of character for being a skilled and well-known mapper. I bet 14357823756287346823 dollars that if you've behaved yourself not in bm way, you would have already been a well-known figure in SC-Community. And not for you "Manner Skills" like now, but for your attitude towards BW community and mapping skills. Non-flexibility is the worst trait of your character.
C'mon, relax and enjoy friendly atmosphere here. If no - that's a great mistake.
--v mOsQ

Just stfu. Kk child ? Shut up and suck n00b -.-
Actually spitfire is right.

The Map itself really looks good, i really like it. Nice use of unbuildable terrain and interesting expansion layout.

Only thing which is bad is the mineral placement:

## in mains:
- to close to mapedge, no uits can drive behind it, worker can get stuck
- no space in the mineralline for better unit movement and reaver attacks.
- gas issue on bottom left mainbase (-> articles section -> the gas issue)

## overall:
- natural expansion mineral layout is strange, should be more like a courve ( or ) to be more balanced

If you fix this, this map is really good. Good job.
--v mOsQ
Really? I thought, to me "your maps - dung because you do not have manners" again will tell.
As said, improve this facts and it will be an interesting map.

Still, you should try to copy it to 128x128 after the pathes are bigger and the flanking room is better than. Also the edges will be more playable then.

But again, i really like this one.
--v mOsQ
Version 2.2 uploaded
heh, i know this map very well ^^ Really old map, i want to make it MOTW.
unfortunately, the votes of soome random newbie don't affect MOTW decision
Fix the Gas issue!
units have to walk through workers ://
--v mOsQ
Shut up, gjkmzh. Sry me A-. "Random newbie" - it's you, lame.
if you're korean A- while still having SO FEW knowledge of BW (which is shown by your map judgements), then I am a big black monkey dancing foxtrott with your mother in hotpants.
Sry noob, me RUSSIAN A-
Stfu or 1x1 ? Will suffice to spoil in comments?
no gas issue fixed. YOu dont even know what it means amateur.
i repeat: House)afeetsu You have not posted a single map above average on this site. Do your homework before you call one of the best mapper on the site "noob".
"GAS ISSUE FIXED, IDIOT !" no it isn't dumbass.
Ctrl+v ctrl+c ? Ok n00b !

The concept "homework" for me existed about five years ago. While you will not cease to be stupid children who are not familiar with the term of "manner", I shall not talk to you as with adult people. I vote for that map as which I consider as the best, and I am not going to explain to you why I do not think, that its author is badmanner - I vote not for the author, and for a maps. If you were not such stupid, you would understand it.
--v mOsQ
sp, I know what is the "Gas issue" very well. Gas issue FIXED. Any more questions ?

ScoutWBF, learn to read pls: "GAS ISSUE FIXED".
--v mOsQ

--v mOsQ
Left = 0.0, right = +0.10, i'm right ? So 0.10 is imbalance, "gosu mapmakers" ?
house)afroidiot You never accomplished anything in mapmaking so just shut up T_T Lets compare achievements and then we can see who is the noob.

Free Image Hosting at

gg no re
R T F M.
the comsat is in the way for gas collectors, dont u get it? u said you were good at this? prove it?
you're a russian A-?
damn, I wanna have your aka at PGT. really. that'll be interesting.
He is. 3D.u3. But this is not a reason to flame everybody here and show childish manners. You wish "mannermode" from users while you are NOT manner? Sorry, the same problem like with mOsQ..
erm, what did you do to the naturals, and why are you not able to balance the gas? :/ looks worse than before. never seen a natural setup like that. O_o
--v mOsQ
sp, I do not see a problem in comsat. Do not carp on trifles is does you by the spiteful clown, that's all.

flothefreak, if you don't know, Russia is top3 in country raiting. I know many A-, but you, likely, think, that at us on streets bears with continental rockets on backs go ^^

Spitfire, don't forget that your clan 7x one of the worst in Russia, and you are a brainless puppy who is able to yelp only. Don't climb there, where to you not a place, child.
--v mOsQ
Listoric, what is concrete to you it is not pleasant ?
Units would have to move thorugh the expansion to get out of the base now, which is just wrong. Just imagine a protoss army walking through workers and stuff, so the natural just lies to close to the choke.

and, only remember one thing about the gas: pot it left or on top of the HQ in mainbases. Where the gas is at the expansions is not that important. But the mainbase just have to have balanced gas.

If you would have read the "Gas Issue" article, you would have seen that this gas imbalance can result into a difference of like 3 or more mutalisks or tanks or something, which really imbalances the game. So you have to be sure that the workers collect the same amount of gas on every mainbase at least.

Except that, try to port this map to 128x128 and it will be better. this is a bit tight in my eyes.
--v mOsQ
I don't see the big problem for ground units in extracting gas рабочик. To place gas ONLY at the left and ONLY from above I shall not be, excuse. Imho it is idiocy and conducts to greater disbalance and lays down players in unequal conditions. Also I shall not increase the size of this map.
--v mOsQ
2.3 uploaded. Sry final -.-
Gas issue ? Count quantity of gas for a time interval. I approve, that the difference is so small, that it can neglect.
No salvation from probes =) Assim trick could own hard.
"I don't see the big problem for ground units in extracting gas >>>рабочик<<<."
Damn translator :D
--v mOsQ
Yes, damn translator. It is not a secret. So what now, stupid child ? Mb shut your little fucking dirty mouth ?
Ok, but what exactly changes the gameplay if you move the bottom left mainbase gas to the left?

LGI once also was against moving the gas to top or left, because he said, he loves to play with buildings as unit blockades, and so he deletes a very important tactic. If you think the same, think about the following:

Let's say you really have to play with that gas position as an early blocking building to prevent a rush in, lets say, 75% of each games, still on 100% of the games the gas gained is different _every single game_. Don't you think this is more imbalanced then?
mOsQ - it's a difference of about 200 gas in 7 minutes, which equals 2 mutalisks or 2 tanks, which is, as you know as an experienced gamer, enough to totally change the outcome of a battle.
And stop flaming btw.
--v mOsQ
"what exactly changes the gameplay if you move the bottom left mainbase gas to the left?"
The tanks in that case landed from below up to it will not get. A trifle, but the fact. Also the geyser can be used as a handicap for enemy armies. And if the card is conceived symmetric, it should be symmetric and concerning accommodation of resources too. 200 units of gas? The delirium, distinction is NOT ENOUGH.
As said, you want to "balance" a map to a certain taktik that may be played in some games instead of balancing a map with a flaw that appears in every single game played on this map, with gives the enemy an unfair lead of gas?

--v mOsQ
Try to prove, that distinctions by quantity of the extracted gas so are great, as you speak. Comsat now does not stir worker, and I approve -this distinctions can be neglected.
Ok, i try to prove it.

Voila, already proven it, and wrote it into an article in 0,015 seconds.

If you would have read "The Gas Issue" in our articles section, which you obviously didn't, you would alraedy know these numbers, because i just copy and pasted them for you.

Also, the top natural expansion is totally in the way, an army can't move out properly, especially terran army with comsat or nuke next to it. But you could easily prevent that with unbuildable terrain on the natural. that way units always have enough space to move out...
Look. It's nice that you question what i tell you. I would do so to, if i were you.

You must be thinking:" This Listoric guy thinks he knows everything better than i do, what a jerk. I know exactly what i do and what not... dumbass"

And that is ok. But think about one thing. I've been here for months now, and held discussions like that about a dozen of times. Others also did. But is nothing else than a proven fact that it does have impact in the game. Maybe you are good enough to defend an early attack when i got 2 mutalisks more than you, or two upgrades faster than you, or 4 dropships more than you later. That is possible, sure. But it's also possible thy my micro is at last as good as yours and i just stomp your ass because of the simple fact that i get my gas faster than you do.

Or said in an other way: Do you like the fact that your enemy gets more gas in the same time then you?

I don't.
--v mOsQ
tomorrow, tomorrow, now i go to bed x_x
--v mOsQ
May be you right, by i think this distinctions can be neglected. It's very old map, and 2.3 was last version.
"units have to walk through workers ://"
like gaema gowon?
This map sucks.,
I won't repeat myself again, so i just write "i won't repeat myself again".
Don't like map, don't like author. Author handles critizism like a little bitch imho
Author of this map = a little bitch.
Ignoring the gas issue in a position it's easy to fix is not a sign of good map making imo. This map has many basic problems, and I would not really enjoy a game on it. The natural for one is positioned in such a way that anything coming out of the main might pass through the worker line.
i agree with ludamad

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