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deadline to enter maps: 2005, 08, 12 (Year, month, day)

Just add the maps you think should be seriously considered. Enter the mapid, you don't need to upload any files.

On Friday is the last day to enter maps, afterwards we have two days to chose the best map of the list.


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(6)Mark of the BeastSnookyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Nightlight 1.3boongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Ruined MeadowsSnookyMelee Obs Picture1
(4)Aphrodite 1.0MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture3
(2)Gotterdammerung 1.1Starparty & EmpyreanMelee Obs Picture5
The competition is closed!

It may sound lame, but imo it's snooky's turn ;) ruined meadows and mark of the beast are both very cool, although snooky needs to make a better description;)
I will add Götterdämmerung too tomorrow so you can see it now when the deadline has surpassed
ebullition looks very nice, but it has a long way to go balance wise for me to support it for motw 33.

I already realise that this "mapcontest" option is almost invisible as of now. We probably need another shortcut on the right side^^
ECHO ECHO Echo echo echo
Well, I wanted to go for ruined meadows at the beginning of the week. But there would be 1-2 things snooky would have to care about, it won't make motw if the observer map does not work etc..

Since im not voting for my own, and there is noone else id rather prefer, id say ruined meadows too.. :P But i still have issues witht the long bridges.. It would be beautiful with perhaps highground battle field there instead :P
I don't like Ruined Meadows. Its gameplay is highly dependent on positions. For example: 3 o'clock Terran vs 12 o'clock Protoss. The Terran can push around the bridges; while at other positions, it can't and has to go through the middle.

I'd much rather vote for Gotter or MotB.
I added Aphrodite myself because I luv it so much. I hope you don't mind, MA? :)
why should he? For motw, that should be no problem.

As snooky seemingly does not update ruined meadows anymore (what a pity), my pick would be aphrodite too. It is not perfect, but a pretty cool unsymmetrical map. Secound pick would be Götterdämmerung, although I did not play it yet, so I don't know if it plays good;)
ive had some issues on aphrodite which has not been changed, and therefore that wouldn't be my pick. would actually preher any of the maps in my competition in that case, but those are for the next week :P

If this event is going to be serious at as a 1on1 tour, MotB goes away instantly.
Map of the B.?? explain;P
mark of the beast :P
um... I vote for Aphrodite n stuff.
Then im outnumbered.
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Starparty voted (2)Gotterdammerung 1.1 as 1. choice
Starparty voted (4)Aphrodite 1.0 as 2. choice
Starparty voted (4)Ruined Meadows as 3. choice
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