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motw 39

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 09, 23 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again;)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Space RiverStarpartyMelee Picture0
(4)Citadel Of Adun2.0TravinMelee Picture0
(4)KingdomofOdin[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

I like Citadel of Adun a lot. Let's see what maps will also be recommended here.
not crowded this week :/
true :(
CoA looks so cool, but I just played it and realized, it is possibly the most imbalanced low-money map ever. Zerg just owns so much, mostly because they are the only one who can mine correctly with an eco of more than 12 workers without making huge investments, and because the choke is sooo wide, zerg can just run into a protoss main without problem.
today we must decide, and we must do so quick so zoxxer can post the news about next tour.
then i vote space river :)
Hmm... i have to say i dislike every sugguiestion this week somehow. space river might be the best in balancing. :/
how do you vote?
You just tell your opinion i think so :| I don't know what map to choose =( Ill go for citadel of adun :O
true, just state your opinion. It's better that way, bceause you can argument why you like it, or why not. Welkl, i like citadel of adun a lot too, but panschk seemed to dislike it a lot, and id say it looks awesome, but i dont know if the concept of 2 mineral bases in the mainbase is any good or any balanced. So i'd say Space River.

Kingdom of Odin looks really good to, but might need more tweaking.
oh didnt see the ramps to the cliff before on KoD,
and i think panchk said he liked citadel :o
well i read up there "it is possibly the most imbalanced low-money map ever", doesn't sound like a MOTW to me then.
id like to see him elaborate on this, beacause having no natrual is usually good for protoss and bad for zerg...
Ok I'll state why I think it's imbalanced:

First, let me say I LOVE the looks of the map, and really my critique only came to my mind when I played a 2on2 with some clanmates.

First of, it's only 6 mineral stones that can be mined normally, without huge distances or a secound nexus/cc/hatch. Here comes problem number one, a secound nexus/cc is a huge investment in early game, zerg needs it anyway, so he has almost twice the ressources without having to fight for it. It is less the fact that zerg gets the expo, but the fact that other races are very low on ressources that make me think zerg has a big advantage.
Secound, the choke is HUGE, a P can not defend against zergling on it. He will be forced to get cannons or be completely immobile. In 2on2 it's not even worth discussing, and imo in 1on1 too, PvZ is highly imbalanced. So even though the map is very beautiful I don't want it as motw, because in a tournament ppl would complain about PvZ, and rightfully so imo.
Oh my vote for motw would go to Space River, it is the most balanced out of the 3 imo. For next week we should have more nominated maps again^^
then it is space river this time. I'll write the article tomorrow evening if noone else writes it before.
make Zip ASAP so we can hotlink to gg
done :)
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