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Nightmarjoo's Random Map Competiton

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 07, 15 (Year, month, day)

Ok for any of you old enough members to remember any of Starparty's "Random Map Competitions", this is the same thing. I make a small theme, and I'm gonna give you guys a week to make them.
Why have this competition? To encourage mapping, after all, it's funner to compete than to do something for fun usually.
What do you win? Well a bwm front page newspost and threads on other sites atleast, and some pride^^ I haven't talked to Nasty about it, but perhaps we can get some news coverage on the winner? If you can't arrange that, Nasty, we'll understand you tried your absolute best and didn't purposely fail bwm^^

Size: largest dimension is 128, the other dimension must be smaller. Basicly, 128x128 is a no, 128x96 is fine, 64x128 is also fine. 192x64 is a no.
Tileset: Ice, Desert, or Twilight.
Players: 2, 3, or 5 players.
Map should include: The best decoration you can do. If you don't spend atleast 2 hours on decoration, it's probably not good enough. I want to see a great tile blend, no need for fancy scmdraft shit though, intelligent doodad placement, including both doodads you can and cannot walk on (if it's twilight you get a pass on ones you can walk on), and a very natural feel to the map. Don't worry about what the jpg will look like, decorate locally. Make it appear as natural as possible; that's not to say there can't be man-made features, as long as they fit in intelligently and rationally. Please use all the map's space. The map is smaller than most of you are acustomed to, there's no excuse for not being able to fill it all in a meaningful manner. Balance is the most important part, but please attempt an interesting concept. I'd rather for a more standard approach for a solid map, but if you can pull off some experimental stuff, then be my guest. Island or semi-island are both fine, as well as ground map. Please try and avoid avoidable pathing issues. Test your maps to make sure the mineral formations aren't buggy at all. Make sure atleast the main/nat formation have atleast one hole for scarabs to pass through. Allow atleast a little room for static defense, ie turrets or cannons or sunks or spores or whatever near formations. Try to make a concept which both doesn't need inverted ramps and doesn't need fucked distances. If you want to use inverts, that's fine, but remember that these tilesets don't all have the greatest inverts in the world. Positional balance is necessary. If it's not perfect, it had better be damned near.
One map per person, if you finish early, that leaves more time for testing/editing before the deadline.
The winning map is the one which both follows all the rules and that I like the best. You can sure bet I'll look at comments and the vote, but I make the final decision. Remember, positional balance, interesting if not unique concept, racial balance, beautiful and natural decoration.
One last thing, maps must include critters. Intelligently placed critters for a natural feel. Look at my map, Pale Horse, or either of the Angband maps. That is critter spam, not what I want here. Rationally placed critters. If they are close enough to get in the way of an expo, that's fine, so long as there is such a positioned critter for every player of the expo.

Good luck guys, and seriously, have fun while making these. This is a competition, map competively, do your absolute best. Consider everything about mapping you've ever had. Use a concept that doesn't make yourself even yawn. Execute it flawlessly so it's elegant and not at all awkward.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)SnowShockflothefreakMelee Obs Picture24
(2)Rush Of DeathRaDiXMelee Picture34
(2)Frozen BattlefieldptarMelee Picture25
(3)Venus IllegitimaNureruMelee Obs Picture14
The competition is closed!

Ask questions here. My aim is The64man, msn is, and email is if you guys need to contact me for anything. If you leave a message for the bot I won't see it unless you get lucky, the bot only holds a limited amount of the text in the channel. I'm most active on sc right now as iM-Nightmarjoo on useast. If you need any form of testing, I can help.
You better mirror your map; Nightmarjoo is pretty picky when it comes to "positional balance" :p
deadline to enter maps: 2007, 07, 15
That's not very much time :/
I'm gonna do it, i'm gonna win this too :)
hm, spine hit a point: what is about perfect symmetry (with or without tool)? it aint this natural then...

it's cool that you recalled this competition. i look forward to another speedmapping competition!
modified by flothefreak
My 1st map with mirror tool... Damn, I don't know any ice doodads (walkable, unwalkable)
well, if you dont know a tileset to its bones, dont use it the first time when making a competition map...
but I know none of those :D
and i want to participate.
Somebody can tell me what is this mirror tool?
"NEVER USE ICE OR DESERT" you remember?
if i have time, i would pick the twilight thing.

i don't clearly understand this competition, and 2005-07-15?? don't think i can do it.
i usually take about 2 moths making a map.
and i have some examsn left.
Sorry testbug :(

lol guys I made an eight player 256x256 map in eight hours, you guys can make a 96x128 or w/e in a whole week.

Protoss4ever, there's a feature in scmdraft's newest beta version which allows you to, when placing terrain isometrically, you can check boxes for horizontal mirror, vertical, and diagonal. Basicly, if you place something with horizontal symmetry on, and you make the left side of a map, it makes the right side as you click on the left. With both horizontal and vertical on, if you make a main base for SW corner, it'll make it for NW and SE. Diagonal mirrors it like kumba symmetry. Coastal Battery would be vertical symmetry, Space in Hell would be horizontal symmetry.

Perfect positional balance does not require perfect symmetry. The thing is, imo, it will appear natural in game if you design in naturally, but if you look at the jpg, it might look less natural since symmetry is not a naturally occuring thing; I already told you not to make the map for the picture ;)
Oh and map should be newly made ;D
Really? I still learn something on SCMDraft x)
I think you are wrong for Kumba's symetry, the symetry is the center of the map. (don't know what is the correct name)
it's -f(x) = f(-x) symmetry, diagonal symmetry, just like my map Pale Horse.
Put on your sun glasses because my Ice map will bring you eye cancer!
Nightmarjoo forgot to mention the rule that the map MUST be made blindfolded while hoping on one leg with one of your hands tied behind your back while a buxomed young lady dressed as a french maid tickles you, but you have to forgive him as he has grown forgetful.

Anyway no need to fear me and my weird maps as I am going soon on vacation.

See you all and good luck to the winner (or shall I say "the survivor") of Nightmarjoo's map tournament.
lol you wound me, Lancet :(
hm, i already started 2 different approaches for this, but i stopped after a short while.
i'll have to wait for my muse and seredipity :>
one of those starts turned out to be a decent map, but no natural look at all...
modified by flothefreak
"natural look"?
"no natural look at all"
A lot of straight lines?
Nope, it turned out to be on space terrain, surprisingly.
it had no straight lines at all, but there was no natural feel to the map from its structure
flo I know you're talented enough to have an unnatural structured map and make it natural looking aside from its structure. I have faith in you. Or just wait for your muse, that always helps^^

Amen, Scout!
I've got a good concept, wich i can't execute well :/ I hate those tilesets. Also the time is limited for me cuz i'm going on vaication. Maybe i will add a map.
this natura-thing limits you a lot on those tilesets :<
lol how so flo?

ptar a deadline push is not out of the question, however I would rather I didn't have to. I remember my last competition, I had to push the deadline for atleast a month, and eventually more maps came in, but it was a painfully slow process =/

And don't you guys say my rules for the competition are too hard, Starparty's concepts were actually harder, but mappers back then were for a challenge :(
i havent seen much maps that dont have a natural feeling in those tilesets :| Except for some retards that like symmetrical straight foward maps ;|
Ive been trying and trying to make a map for this competition. However im having alot of trouble making any melee these days.

I hope to have something done, but i probobly wont.

However if i do finish something, expect awesomeness. Ive been working alot harder on my maps lately, nothing worth submitting just yet.

Fingers crossed that i make the deadline. =/
you cant place water near snow highground. with the unnatural compund, you can place doodads to block because between compound and water is only dirt. the more natural high snow doesnt allow this.
some1 pick the twilight tileset!!!!!
no you!
I am working on a special;p
I'm not changing the deadline for sure now. I want this comp to end quickly so I can start another one. Then you'll get more time for the next competition, while I'm playing the maps for this competition. I already have ideas for two more competitions like this one. I'm hoping to slowly grab more people into these competitions as time goes on by hosting them fairly often. If they don't drag on forever it creates better vibes and encourages more people to participate.
yeah, i think it also pushes the community closer to each other, competing all for one map setup and watching how others think and approach these things.
for instance, I hadnt expected that much bridges on the entrys to the contest. i skipped to concepts because they were partly based on bridges.
i did not understand the thing about the bridge.
but i'm uploading my map because i will have no time, i have exams today and an other1 tomorrow.
then deadline will end.
good luck
i avoided bridges as the contest description read that it should look as natural ingame as possible, and that manmade features should not/hardly be used.

bridges however, are kinda man-made ;D
If anyone was making a map for this competition and couldn't or didn't finish before the deadline and wishes to still have their map added here, hurry up and finish the map, comment here to add it, and I'll add it to the competition.

Give me a couple days to look over the maps, I plan on getting atleast one game on every map, probably a couple on each however.
oh and radix, I will look at these maps in order of appearance on the comp's list, ie your map is third. Pathing had better be excellent before I get to it.
also, you should make winners in order of appearance on the comp's list :D
i like rush of death most :/
lol flo, it might just happen that way.
the deco is awesome, radix has done so much better than on his other maps. the nearer expos seem very open and hard to defend, and you seem to be forced to fast expand. dunno if this will work out
the 9h expo however is ridiculous hard to defend.
what are the votes for, if only nightmarjoooooo is choosing the winner
I don't think I deserve this sort of embarrassment. I didn't even enter myself in here, someone else did.

lol I can remove it if you want.
u happy now Nureru? :)
Hahaha. Thanks Testbug :D
oh what's this? some more control, herb and TSL!
phew, they don't know votes doesn't counts in this competition ^^ you just have to be nice with nightmarjoo to win. are my best friend nightmarjoooO. did you know? :D
wft just happened, now things went off the other end of the scale :/

I didn't deserve the embarrassment, but I don't need your pity, either. >.>

And on an unrelated note, Nightmarjoo, have I ever told you how deeply I care for you?


I think I need one more emoticon for this post to be complete. :D
oh no, no! Control, herb and TSL are some spam software, yeah a kind of virus, they are not trying to offend you, this stupid guys don't know votes doens't mater here.
Testbug shut up please! I like map (3)Venus Illegitima. This is my choice.
oh no, the virus thing was a joke!
Hey Testbug, have you ever considered bottling some of your gosu mapping skills and selling it as a soft drink guaranteed to improve ability for a small premium?
honestly, i think flo's map should win.
modified by Testbug
welcome to corrupt practices paradise.
nightmarjoo, i transferred the money you demanded with reference to "contestcorruption" :O
Ah very well, then we can finally conclude this competition.
lol I've been doing nothing on this competition hoping radix would fix his fucking pathing, I really ought to get on this ><
testbug won, even koreans want his map ^^
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Alter.Ego voted (2)SnowShock as 2. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Rush Of Death as 3. choice
Alumni voted (2)SnowShock as 1. choice
Alumni voted (2)Rush Of Death as 3. choice
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Control voted (3)Venus Illegitima as 2. choice
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For2Motion voted (2)Rush Of Death as 1. choice
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For2Motion voted (2)SnowShock as 3. choice
herb voted (3)Venus Illegitima as 1. choice
herb voted (2)Rush Of Death as 2. choice
herb voted (2)Frozen Battlefield as 3. choice
LML voted (2)Frozen Battlefield as 2. choice
LML voted (2)Rush Of Death as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)SnowShock as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (3)Venus Illegitima as 3. choice
ptar voted (2)Frozen Battlefield as 1. choice
ptar voted (3)Venus Illegitima as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Rush Of Death as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)SnowShock as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Frozen Battlefield as 3. choice
Testbug voted (2)SnowShock as 1. choice
Testbug voted (2)Frozen Battlefield as 2. choice
TSL voted (2)Rush Of Death as 1. choice
TSL voted (3)Venus Illegitima as 2. choice
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