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:: MOTW 2006.1::

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)
even in a new we go again^^

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Home of the swarmpanschk[FP] & flothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SNitch!--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)go away3.2nonameMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Obsession1.1Starparty & trccMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Dont stop me nowSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)SnakeVine1.5MuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(4)old town1.1nonameMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Your Name
imo it should be MOTW53..... deadline is 2005.12.31 [.]
It will be announced and decided next year though. I think it is ok the way it is.
i wanted to add a recent map, but there's nothing where I see motw straight away. unfortunately 45MoF is not really motw-level, if it was I had added it due to the anonymous pusher...
I just realise that there is one if you go for the 2nd page :D

a worthy start in the new year 2006 with a complete new kind of map!
I absolutely want to see swarm as motw some day. The map has not seen the massive testing it needs yet, though. LGI gogo ~
old map for the win. :]
Like I said I won't add maps anymore^^

How about adding some good maps? XD
Sorry, pan, but i really don't have much time. Till 20th of january there will be HELL OF A LOT OF WORK, and everyday i come home very tired... If i play some games i play only on the MotM candidates, to have a nice database to discuss...

About the MotW, if someone think that there is some maps that are candidates for a MotW of mine, feel free to submit them. I actually don't know wich maps are worthy for the taste of everybody. For now i think that only (4)Azax Syndrome, (4)Fatali and (4)Kin Dza Dza have some potential for a MotW. My latest map (2)Xenomorph is a little strange even for me, and i think that still needs some test. But the map don't have even comments from the mappers here, except from flothefreak, so what am i talking about testing... blah. I NEED COMMENTS GUYS!
Xenomorph is very cool though :)
Well here is (2)Xenomorph :D
i challenge again
um i know it's not good map :(
Might as well try again too. :D
Well i can't understand last week and now this week, someone add (4)Azax Syndrome, and there is no votes for the map. I mean first place in top 3... Then why (the user) add the map? Sure i love this map, and i think it's on second place on my best maps. But the comments are no good for it, so i just don't get it...
I'd say the map just has a cool style. it's not balanced imo (and not only imo I guess), but it's got the "special something" (dunno how to descrobe that D;)
the little thing that makes you have a positive impression when you look on it.
Ride of Valkyries is top in that little special thing imo btw ;D
I still don't know why everybody flames the map with "no balance", "terran map" etc, and noone even try to play it... I wonder if someone watch some repleys on it. I will soon make some more games. Espacially Terran games.
i dont think its a terran map!! waaaagh!
My top3:
- (2)SnakeVine by MuShu
Very interesting card, i would like to play on it 1x1.
- (4)Snitch ! by --v|mOsQ
Map on which it's possible to play, not offending mapmaker. Gj man, don't pay attention to envious persons.
- (4)old town0.2 by noname
Very perspective map, it should become a MOTW!
why not ? ^^
So my gozzu top3 :D:D
1) (4)Snitch ! (omg me bm ! :PP)
2) (2)SnakeVine
3) ... dunno, (2)go away3.2 :)

thx, [the end] x)
Meh, SnakeVine still has a lot of testing and refining after a test game I realized. It should not win this week. XD
best (4) map - snitch
best (2) map - go away & anakevine
Azaz Syndrome for the win!
Yeah Azax Syndrome should win...
etc, etc, etc...

I wonder if those are some gosu gamers that vote for me or it was just me? :)))

Yeah... it was me, so the point is THAT SNITCH IS NOT GOING TO BE A MOTW!
Any problems LGI? You consider I have no right to vote ? At me it is not less right than at you LGI. I have written names of maps which like me. It's forbidden to do it?
i like Night Spite 3 !!!
Daytime Forest, Snitch and Home of the swarm very good maps too !
Either Home of the Swarm or Obsession
@rAfter)FsC(, every week there is a MotW Competition. And every week there is some map makers who give their votes. Since last week --v|mOsQ join in the competition. After he join in the competition, and now this week again with the same map, some hidden users jump from the bushes and vote for his maps?! Sure if Starparty, trcc, Listoric, flothefreak, panschk etc vote for Snitch, it will be diffrent. How can i even know that you are a diffrent user then --v|mOsQ? Can you prove this? I say that you are --v|mOsQ, come with some new acc, and vote for your own map, prove me that i am wrong. The answer is that you can't! Neither can i prove my point. So the point of all the story is that votes from new users are not needed in this competition. The idea is that you are not a map maker (from my view point), so you don't have any skills to judge ich map should got the MotW title. But if you are a map maker then i don't see any of your maps here, this means that you don't care about the community, and you come here only to make votes, who can only make some bad choise for the MotW.

Anyway, i can't stop you from comments in MotW competition, votes, etc... Do whatever you want here, but think before doing and writing something. Think if you are competent on something, then you comment it.

A suggestion. Play some of the maps you like, give us some replays, that way you will prove that the map you have point it is good enought for a MotW, you will prove that we are wrong.
rAfter)FsC( = mOsQ's brother, or it's his another acc -_-
hOuse)Affetuoso = --v.p3-, am I right? That's your clanmate, mOsQ? Or that's your friend u3?
Anyway, these people are inspired with mOsQ's opinion, so votes are some kind of fake.

Old Town, DSMN (gogogo SummerSky), HotS, Snake Vine = favourites imo. One of them shall became motw.
Top 4 player maps:

1) (4)old town0.2
2) (4)Azax Syndrome
3) (4)Obsession

Top 2 player maps:

1) (2)Xenomorph
2) (2)SnakeVine
3) (2)Dont stop me now

Final Top 3:

1) (4)old town0.2
2) (4)Azax Syndrome
3) (2)Xenomorph

(4)Home of the swarm - The best experimental map - OK, but i don't think that this is actually a malee map that should be in a MotW section, and on a newspost in ...
2 Spitfire
rAfter)FsC( = my brother, yes ^^
hOuse)Affetuoso = 3D.u3, so what ? He cant' vote ?
just stfu child - -;
I fair also vote by rules. That my friends vote, nothing means, I them did not force to vote for my map. If it has liked them - why they cannot vote?
be manner kk ?
ONLY MAPMAKERS CAN VOTE!!MAybe we should change the vote system into a "Vote !against! a map" system.^^
"i don't see any of your maps here"
(8)Pretorika - Open your eyes ^^

btw, to vote it's necessary to put forward the card on competition?

I understand, what you do not want, that someone voted for my map, but what for to them it to forbid? Notice to receive MOTW - not the purpose of my life. Bitterns soothing, all right?
I hate your stupid "card"-phrase. Shut up.
And you act like getting (not receiving, sucker :D) a MOTW is your aim for all life.
All is equal to me, that you think, the child. You will mature and will grow wiser, but it will occur not soon.
I dont agree with scoutWBF on "only mapmaker votes count". Actually it would be good if more players joined the discussion. Still a MOTW that get's no respect from the main persons here is not ging to happen, no matter how loopsided the score may be. I call it democracy with a backdoor ;D

My favorite right now would be old town. Someone played it yet?
Yeah, that's great in game. Smooth gameplay, nice look. old town = hottest motw candidate -__- gogo
I vote for Old town too.

Write the news and noname rename the map from 0.2 into 1.0,final,0.9 or beta.
home of the swarm, xenomorph, snitch, and oldtown are my favorites
PS- how do you get those words in the corner of the map pics ? that looks really cool.
like on mosq's map
Well it is edited in with graphic program. there are more than one way to do it, probably c&p of transparent gif.
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