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MOTM 5.0708 of June 2007 07:49 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

A second successful run at the Map of the Month, and with a conclusion to the school year and a portal into the next summer, I give you our Map of the Month second winner, by old time member and mapper, flothefreak, Dreamcatcher!
So what makes this map a good motm winner? First of all it features the excellent execution only a long time mapper like flo can accomplish in a map. With a 10 mineral main and 8 mineral nat, you'd think the map would be some heavy duty macro through and through, except that the rest of the expos are both not immediately right after the nat, they are on the sides, and they also are all fairly vulnerable. Flo gives players a strong stable start, including 2 neutral protoss temples to tighten the nat some, however there are two side entrances to the nat, one blocked by 2000 hp of a neutral, the other by 16 minerals. The 16 mineral one, the easier of the two arguably to get past, goes into the nat, but the other path leads behind the nat into the main. A 700 hp neutral tightens the choke behind the nat, which leads to a clearing which leads to the neutral block and also to the main's choke. This unique main/nat layout will certainly spice up early game tactics as well as make later in the game more interesting. With four of the map's expos being easily cliffed or harassed, and the other two fairly in the open, the map will certainly not be dull to play. Having survived the gauntlet of Gosugamers' Nasty-hosted Avaton, and recieved many of your votes, Dreamcatcher is surely the best choice for this month. Congratulations flothefreak, may you continue to augment bwm's database with your maps for eternity :)

Spam Dreamcatcher's thread with comments and replays here
Down the map to stare at it, edit and claim as your own, or just to play it here
And if your friends all want to see this gosu map in action, grab the observer version here

Second place for this month's competition goes to a tie between Spiritforge by the old mapper Travin and Arden's pimpage of lnept's map Scopelense.



Apparently observer versions are a thing of the past, currently there exists none for Spiritforge nor for scopelense, perhaps someone wants to ammend this so I can take out this rediculous statement?

Last but not necessarily least, I want to acknowledge as an honourary mention, Nastymarine's Lexington, which actually recieved the most votes, but is still under construction by Nasty, who hopefully will perfect this almost amazing map for a future competition :)
Lexington's under-construction thread
Lexington's under-construction map Perhaps download it and edit it to perfection yourself for LazyMarine ;)

So again, congratulations to flothefreak for his one of numerous competition winning accomplishments here at bwm. Here's hoping you'll remain bwm's one and only nazi forever, as no one could ever take your place.

Damn this took forever to make :D
Anything objectional I said is all in good humour, if you're offended by anything please leave^^

Hope I did your map some honour with my description flo ;)

Nasty perfect Lexington please!
Congratulations flo!!!
I think this MOTM was much better then the last one, with all these fake votes. The admins did a great job and the result is also amazing.

PS: Hope Nasty isn't to lazy. Please pimp Lexington!!!
grats flo, awesome map!
Congratz flo!

Lexington will be worked on soon. just not right now :P
Nasty, that are great infos! ^^

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