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Feeling Skaldic...31 2008f October 2008 05:09 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Show Your Skill Cup started! Round 1: Map Contest

The time has come, a new, great tournament is just about to start.
But before some nice matches can be fought, its up to the community to be creative.

The difference between normal tournaments and the SYS-Cup, is caused by a completely new mappack which will be designed by the community!
From 2.11.2008, you have 4 weeks to create and send us your self-made maps (deadline 30.11.2008, 23:59 CET).
So feel free to design one ore more maps which afterwards will be tested and voted by a jury.

To give you a little help, here are some points you should mind, when you design a map.

- The map should be balanced. If not, the jury may change some details in the map (but ONLY details, not the whole map)..
- It should be fun to play the map.
- The map has to be sent to us until 30.11.2008, 23:59 CET.
- The map should not be encrypted, so that we can change details or create observer-versions.
- Your map should not be known to somebody else. Why? The sense of this tournament is to play some completely new, unknown maps.

So if you now are motivated, send us your map (or some more) and we will choose the best maps which will be played in a great tournament, including a live cast and perhaps some well known european gamers which will play on your self-designed masterpiece!

Please upload your map with an hoster like Rapidshare, Megaupload, or sth and give us the link.
But please do not(!) post your map in a community board, you remember, it should be unknown, until the tournament starts.
The link to this file has to be sent in a PM to Chickenlord or CHTopGun on or on

We wish good luck to everybody and have fun watching the tournament (all further dates will be published).

Editor's Note: This sounds really great guys, and I strongly encourage all of you to to submit atleast one solid map, maybe make a more experimental, risky map, and a safer, more standard map, to encourage your chances of winning. It's not TSL2 perhaps, but it still is an honour, and perhaps through the attention and testing of this event we can maybe come up with a TSL2 map.

Now for our much post-poned Map of the Month Competition for the month of September. Ok this post will suck, but it's better than nothing. Not quite as epic as I had hoped it to be, but atleast it's... different =/

MOTM 09.2008

The Autumn is fully upon us now, and we,
Exclaimedly present to you with much glee,
Surprisingly or not, a new Map of the Month,
To last past Ragnarok as doth the Amaranth,
Before the Death of Night takes, let troubadour sing,
Under the fire of sky or light of night bring,
Gustated by Protoss4ever, that grand map,
Bards tell of for September so let us unwrap,
Every concept, aspect, and feature this map boasts,
A spread of doodads numbers more than he has posts,
Texcoco is the map's name which none can pronounce,
Satiating our thirst let me this map announce,
Players of four in clear corners had rest and sat,
Rotational symmetry with a normal nat,
Odd not the map per the first glance doth seem though bore,
The map shies with thirds of egg o'er which you must soar,
Overseeing an abyss of the Midgard rock,
Stays the solely ore-rich camp for which you will flock,
Since ere thou go'est farther, will all else being knownst,
4 camps for the four comrades of the land you berth,
Each egged camp doth sport a gasconade of the earth,
Verily also the egged camp wields a spi're,
Earthworms dug tunnels 'round ore camps which perspire,
Railing ease and yet not ease to thy brave squi're..

(4)Texcoco by Protoss4ever is our heralded MOTM 9 for 2008 winner. A really nice and essentially basic map, with a unique layout, and using the newly developed egg wall concept. At worst it's a solid map whose play and layout should be familiar, and at best it's a unique map which tries out a multitude of concepts without over-doing it, giving it a very fresh but still comfortable feel. Either way the map should play nicely, as it has a good balance of fresh and familiar.

For second place we have the mapper everyone and their mother knows, NastyMarine, with his map (4)Dayun Si.

Dayun Si is on the surface a typical standard macro map, with a really nice layout. It's certainly more than that, and it gives me a feel of King of the Hill. The map is split by rivers into four sectors if you would. Each sector has four paths leading to the other sectors. The map isn't super wide, nor is it too tight, and its path diversity and variety certainly helps counter any kind of issues its relative tightness might offer. You have a normal safe main and nat, with a relatively vulnerable backdoor min only. It's pretty open to drop harass regardless of where your opponent spawns, but the positions will make a little safer or more vulnerable depending on what they are. Your 3rd gas expo is both out in the open, a little ways away from your nat, and overseen by an easily accessible but small cliff path. The min only which normally might encourage turtly gameplay is more accurately a stepping stone helping players get through the game with normal timing. Players have so many options for movement and pathing that turtling probably isn't the best solution anyway, players have a lot of options here. The map gives a real unique form of gameplay through its layout, without at all being radical or experimental. That being said the map perhaps lack some real colour which might help it stand out more on its own, probably hence it recieving second place, but it is nice nonetheless. Nasty is becoming the Stork and Yellow of the motm it seems.

Admittedly Jamssi's Thin Skin v3.0 claimed 3rd place by obtaining the third highest amount of votes, less than half of 1st place and barely over half of 2nd place lulz. I usually lie and make the 3rd place map seem a lot better than it usually is, but this map/author in my humble opinion doesn't deserve that. It's kind of a terrible map compared to most motm 3rd places, and is just an average map among bad and average maps at this site. Also, my input on the map was ignored, so fuck him and fuck this shitty map.

Look at Korean M#'s (2)Secret World instead,, it's a lot more interesting with better execution, as well as being quite bold in its concept.

Also note-worthy, we've opened the competition for 2008's Map of the Year! If you can find a great map made this year, feel free to submit them! I promise to talk trash about every bad map though, so be forewarned! Of course maps created in the future but before the deadline I set, whatever it is, are allowed too. So the MOTY could potentially be a map made way back in the beginning of the year, or a day before the comp closes. Tips for checking the year: download the first replay uploaded and check its creation date through the file properties. If the map has no replays, it's probably not worth being MOTY, but you can also look at maps near it in ID and using the replay method to check their dates. Maybe someone should go find the first map of 2008 so we can set an official ID each map should be at or above to be allowed. I spose you could cheat the system by modifying an older map and uploading it now, which'd make it a 2008 map, but the edit had better be good in that case rofl.

Was originally gonna do the whole post poetically, but it was taking waaaay too long so I just finished with texsomething and wrote short things for everything else =/
"Texcoco is the map's name which none can pronounce,"
I lol'ed, come on it's not teotihuacan.
Imagin a tex mex chicken with coconut milk, then you have texcoco! (nobody will try a such awful food mix)
Why hasn't XeLvious targetted your horrifically bad-mannered post here yet, Nightmarjoo?

Because of heavy spam on the map comments, it is needed to be logged in to post. We are sorry that this has to be done because nothing else stops spam bots
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