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Mireille vs technics - Introduction09 of December 2005 06:55 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
The first BWMN showmatch on user maps was played by the norwegian terran player eye.Mireille and the bulgarian zerg eSu.Technics. They were invited by staff to play a best of nine match on maps from the BWMN mappack(link). The system to chose the maps was the following:
1) Each player picks three maps from the 17-map mappack
2) Each player can disable one of his opponent choices.
In the end, it is 4 maps that are being played then, they are just rotated.

Mireille's choices:Technic's choices:
(2)Caribbean Dreams(4)Origo Hills
(4)Kingdom of Aragua(2)Ode to the sun

The red maps are those the opponent disabled.

First of, I think it is pretty interesting that three of the four maps played have been made by authors who never had a MOTW-map on BWMN yet, but are still known as quality mappers.
Let's take a closer look at the map that have been played:

(2)Caribbean Dreams by noname.

Caribbean Dreams is a pretty old map actually, that has been changed a lot by noname since it has first been posted at the beginning of the year on Staredit network. It is a two-player semi-island map, where the players have a natural gasexpansion on their own island. The paths in the middle are pretty narrow, making air units very effective on the map.

(4)Origo_Hills by flothefreak.

Origo Hills is one of the newer maps that use so called "custom ramps" to make balanced ramps in every direction. Most important aspect of the map are the tiny mainbases though. Just like on Forte, you are forced to build most of your base on low ground. The natural is very exposed to ground attacks though, unlike on Forte going big macro mode early will not be possible in most games. Well executed attacks at the natural expansion and hidden expansions at the always overlooked islands could be the key here.

(4)Kingdom of Aragua by trcc.

This map is pretty standard, but very good at that. The cliff at the natural is only raised jungle, so much less dangerous than the one on lost temple. Suited for long, macro oriented games.

(2)Ode to the sun by Summersky.

The natural is gasless here, so similar unit choices like on nostalgia should be made by the players. Battles should mostly take place on the long corridor in the middle, on the ruins of some strange smilie-civilisation.:)


Well they have all been close :p
(the mapmakers winin motw title that is)
still I think it is interesting, because there are people out there who think we are only about trcc, Starparty and Travin. Prove them wrong :]
trcc is here too :p
Maybe add those pictures to the BRs also, to "have a clue" what where was going on?
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