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MOTW 6.2007

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 03, 01 (Year, month, day)
Sorry kept forgetting to post this ><

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Charm of UndeadnOiaMelee Picture0
(2)CorsairHangarNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture5
(4)ReviemLostTamponMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Lemuria Altar--v|mOsQMelee Obs Picture2
(2)TbmmituStarparty & HeftyMelee Picture1
(2)ShineDaFLooD = ProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture2
(4)OsirisLostTamponMelee Picture0
(4)Glimming CrossScoutWBFMelee Picture1
The competition is closed!

ummm.. who wants to test cosairhangar?
me :)
tbmmitu is surely a great executed piece.maded by starparty,of course.a 10 points map.evry further comment about this map is futile.

nastys map is also a map i like.just the min.lines,in the corner expos are bad placed,in my opinion.they taking to much usefull space.
tbmmitu is no doubt a good map, but hardly a great map imo.
Like most of his maps, I like Lemuria, but I can't see it being motw at all, not having played it- it looks like flanking might be hard.
Shine is nice, but it doesn't look like a motw at all.
Charm of the Undead is a very different map, but I won't even try to think about balance, its execution isn't good enough imo to be motw.
Reviem and Corsair are both good.
Am I hallucinating, or does Grief sing that song on every map he likes?
hey,are you a stalker or what?

the major difference between us is that i am not a destructive nihilist who try to distinguish himself on the costs of other peoples.i possess the ability to admire and give the respective credit to evry creation wich has the necessary quality.all the maps that i commend so far are remarkable,outstanding maps.until now,as you can see,i dont do this for many maps.

if you are not agree with me,try to argue against.against my position if you have the necessary resources,and not against me as person.such personal affronts are just a knee-jerk subconscious expression of uncertainty.ever heard about ego-trips?

@nightmarjoo let me tell you so far as nazca becomes moty i have evry right to say that this map(tbmmitu)is a great a outstanding map.and keep in mind,so far you can made a similar or a better piece,you havent the right impair this work.
Congrats LostTempon, (4)Reviem is quite good.
Neo Requiem 2.0 is one of my favorite maps, i would vote for it, but my vote goes to The Triskalion! (my own map) can i vote for my own map? haven't read the rules hoho :P
i did this map today, wish i could get some feedback. thanks
Grief, in my mother fucking opinion, tbmmitu is not a great map. Why is it so hard to believe that others can have opinions, when you make it so fucking clear you have them?

I don't understand your attack on spines either, it not only made no sense and wasn't based on anything factual, his comment wasn't untrue, you do say a very similar thing about every map you like. Yes it's your right, no one is denying you that, he's just pointing something out, as are you with your declaration of magnificence.
Sorry testbug and radix, I removed your maps from the competition, they were just uploaded, no reason to call them maps of the week yet, not when so many "issues" have been pointed out regarding both of them.
as for voting your own map, that's fine, but bare in mind that if it comes down to a tie, someone's vote for their own map will likely be down-played.
That may have a been a little harsh... There is still time until the deadline, let them fix the issues. I see no reason to remove them. If they aren't worthy MOTW's just yet, then they just won't be voted for.
agreed on ardens post
then repost 'em =/
Nightmarjoo, how does a MOTW look like? Oo'
lol no one knows, it's a mystery! idk I just think Shine is too simple, but let the voters decide that :)
Hah, lol, a mosq map again :)

"tbmmitu is surely a great executed piece.maded by starparty,of course.a 10 points map.evry further comment about this map is futile."

Great reasoning you got there. By the way, I do not only comment negatively. Actually I mostly stick to comments like "nice map" and add one or two issues I spotted so far. I usually don't even comment the worse maps nowadays (forgive me, but recently I have not enough time to write 50-line comments all the time).
When some of the better mappers make imo really bad mistakes (does not necessarily have to be a bad map), I can get a little harsh. *hinthint*

As long as you always say stuff like "Great map, no doubt at all, all your opinions are worthless", I'll keep pointing that out. If you are the only one who claims a certain map to be outstanding, and for quite some time, you should start to realize that you _could_ be in error as well.
Would somebody test Glimming Cross with me? ~_~
Osiris ftw. I've played on it. it's fun
Now All you have to do is play on every other one, and then we can make a decision =).

hmm atm
  • Either Osiris or CorsairHangar
  • Reviem
  • Arden(WoF)
    I'm probably going with Cosair (Corsair). It's got a lot of flavor... and I think it stand out in terms of originality.
    What is wrong with my maps?! They never even have a chance in a MotW competition except Sleeping Sun, which lost 12 to 11votes once.

    I just don't know what's wrong. I try to make a design that does not kill the gameplay and have something new. (GC was the first map to ever have Creep Colonies, 3/4 year later Arkanoid was released)

    This seriously sucks. Even if I use Pro Concecpts, there is just no way for me to win one of these competitions.

    At the moment the MotWs are all with Dark Swar/Web or random Bridges all over the map like Corsair.

    I just don't understand this Website?! This is like somebody chooses one random map and this map wins cause everybody else just votes the same map. I'm seriously pissed now ~_~
    maybe you should start looking for the issue with YOU, not with everyone else...just a hint :)

    and GC wasnt like, the invention of creep colonies in maps.
    lol scout your use of the creep colony was pointless in that map, they can take a safer expo with gas just to the side and easily kill the creep colony with their first unit or so oO
    E/W really isn't that special; using special things in maps is nice, but centering the whole map on those ideas usually doesn't work (obviously excpeptions). Aside from those neutrals, the map features a gigantic middle with two ramps going up to it. Oh boy!
    i like glimming cross.


    to be honest i dont really like any of the maps this week sory
    lol do you ever like any of the maps lnept? :)
    im also going with cosairhangar - this map has at least some new style :)
    lol please make 3 votes in a comment or something, as far as I know we're trying my idea of getting 3 motws over with now: if you would want to add more maps please tell me so I can add them.

    Also remember to do stuff for bwm's first MOTF! No way to see if it works or not if no one uses it :)
    2pts Corsair Hangar
    1pt Glimming Cross
    Shine is quite good, i thing it's an exelent map.
    Reviem is also good (neo requiem 2.0 is one of my favorite maps)
    my vote goes for Shine
    and the 2nd map can be Reviem

    (i don't see what's the special thingy about corsair hangar, can't wall in; min only nat, cervices don't allow creep to protect the choke and the gass expo in the center has too tight paths and the 4 briges are innecesary, the 2 main routes are really bad.)

    feel free to edit this post if you find it offensive, i don't have any problem with NastyMarine is only that i thing that 6 people has voted for a map that is not that good in my opinion.

    people vote for shit maps for motw all the time, it happens
    "the 2 main routes are really bad" nasty is a noob with his even paths, he has them in all his (2)maps...
    It's not too tight, it's pretty open only it has chokes too.
    I don't believe the crevices are a problem, bare in mind they effect all three races anyway.
    lol why need to wall the main with such a tight choke? Can't wall in on luna, and I think that has shorter distances...
    a vulnerable gas issue makes all the other bases with gas so much more important, ie making usefull islands.

    Shine is just too simple for me =/

    Can't edit posts in this part of the site. Hate the map not the mapper :)
    "Can't wall in on luna, and I think that has shorter distances..."

    Have in mind that Luna has a ramp, CorsairHangar does not. Some marines on the ramp can scare a zerg away because of the "Unknown area" effect.

    Being able to wall in would be awesome. I mean you could make it like Tau Cross, so you can block the path and the openent is caught in his main base.

    But yeah the map is alright. You can macro war pretty well. Just push with some tanks and take 3 expansions. I love those maps, just like Rush Hour ^^

    First votes for my map!! :D <3
    Reviem, Osiris and Corsair Hangar look good
    The winner is clear... and I'm pretty content with the decision =). Go Nasty!
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    Arden(WoF) voted (2)CorsairHangar
    Grief_Stricken voted (2)Tbmmitu
    Lancet voted (2)Lemuria Altar
    LostTampon voted (2)CorsairHangar
    RaNDoMiZe voted (2)Lemuria Altar
    SalazarSlytherin voted (2)CorsairHangar
    ScoutWBF voted (4)Glimming Cross
    Testbug voted (2)Shine
    th0t voted (2)CorsairHangar
    tktkvroom voted (2)Shine
    winpark voted (2)CorsairHangar
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