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Testbug StarLeague

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 05, 15 (Year, month, day)

Read the rules here

the players:
seed #1: ptar (MOTM 1st place)
seed #2: LostTampon (MOTM 2nd place)
seed #3: Lancet (current KotH)
seed #4: P4Ever (by guessing the maps at TSL banner)


NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)For toMorroWRaDiXMelee Picture19
(2)ChemistryCracklingMelee Picture14
(4)Tempo TantrumlneptMelee Picture0
(2)KatharinaScoutWBFMelee Picture1
(4)StrangeloveNightmarjooMelee Obs Picture12
The competition is closed!

:::::::::::STAGE ONE:::::::::::::


the 3 winners will advance to quarter finals.
and the 3 losers will make a new map, this will be a ffa stage were only the best ot the 3 will advance to the quarterfinals.

modified by Testbug
Morrow vs RaDiX:
you'll have to make a 2 players map where big units (such as ultralisk and archons) have to take a big route, but zerglings, marines or zealots can walk through a small rush route (see Blue Storm)
this rush route will let units to pass as long as its 'Troy assimilators' are not destroyed! otherwise, any single unit (no matter it's size) will have to use the long route.

islands: NO
neutral buildings: YES
you can add islands that are blocked with neutral buildings like in HitchHicker, but make sure they don't cause path issue.
Number of players: 2
size: 128x96 or 96x128
Tileset: Jungle, Space, Twilight
(depens of neutral buildings. for example, you can't use temple sprites + space tileset)
Blue Storm

ScoutWBF vs Crackling:
simple: no TOO MANY islands and prevent turtling.
each player can have part of the continent that can tank other player's expos (still remember Dream of Balhae Bunker rush at oponent's nat cliff)
Do something about island racial balance!
neutral buildings to open new areas is ok, but avoid Arkanoid gameplay
Number of players: 2
size: 128x128, 128 x 96 or 96 x 128
Tileset: surprise us!
Valley of wind
Sound Barrier

queasy vs Lnept:
the map theme is to make something that will make nighmarjoo "this maps is more racial imbalanced than your mum" and say he was wrong (for example, we may think HitchHicker tightness was good for terran, and it is a P>T map! this will help Quessay understand the +/- this of each race (you can ask any1 via pm or open a new thread for it) you can use a wide ramp like katrina's that didn't end in a "zealot rush >>> terran"

Tileset: jungle, space, twilight, badlands, dessert.
Number of players: FOUR!
Neutral buildings: NO! just imbalance the map using the terrain! not creep colonies or so!

modified by Testbug
Very nicely done testbug :O
eeeeeeeeh, why isn't any opponent for me at quarter finals? xDD
OK, much better and much clearer, a picture does speak a thousand words, good work.

p.s. rov is 128x128, and it has a problem with the right of center stair tiles that you have not fixed yet.

: ^ )
everyone understood what i meant with rov size :P
hah, GJ testbug, can't wait to "play" my match :)
hah i'd get reamed anyway :P
this will be fun to watch :)

: ^ )
it's a png file, i can fix the jpg inmediatly ;)
ok fixed
feels like ive made a difference today ^^
Ora Ora! Ikuze!
who is Lnept?
that would be me. my name is Lnept in all honesty, not inept
ScoutWBF you are so out :>
yeahh starparty! i tried to pm "inept" but user didn't exist! so i copied his id to power point and used "shift + F3" and guess what i got!

is deadline allright? March 15th?
inept would make sense though :)
yup, wait until you see my map and you'll think even more so that im inept
Who is Starparty?
Who's Soulja Boy?
Who am I?

Your god.
Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.
-Pablo Picasso
modified by LostTampon
wtf tampon?
modified by ProTosS4EveR
10 days left

Testbyg: what dare you trying to say? :S
modified by Testbug

come on
modified by Testbug
those are some really shitty paint skillzz!

btw, great initiative guys. I hope you can make it all the competition through. How much time is it for each stage? You don't want to finish this after SC2 comes out
modified by Yakkul
lol they have like a week left for the first round. Just 10 days per round I think... though you're right that even that might take a while, but you wouldn't want to rush this =/
10 days is alittle long i think :l 1 week would be easiest

congrats marjoo :)
yeah, but you don't want to resent map quality neither.
well a map can be made under 1 day easily ;)
5 days left
time for me to win by default

modified by Starparty
i agree with starparty
what did Starparty say? And lnept won't win by default.
I'll post my map tomorrow (15th) before 23:59CET. Sorry but I had some troubles with a friend of mine, so I totaly forgot to make the map today.
sooo default win lookin pretty good rite now
I'll make my map more pretty tomorrow but you can already judge the concept.
Queasy didn't upload a map so I added Strangelove in his place.
lol LML, you can't vote for both "For tomorrow" and "toradix" at the same time.

just look at the brackets and pick one for each theme (nightmarjo's strangelove may repleace quesay's map)
But we are not voting here, are we? I though you had some "judges" that will select the winners.
yeah, i'm still waiting for the other admin's answers (i won't say that the other judge is flothefreak or then you'll probably talk to him via pm and "buy" your win, and i won't tell that if flo and me have diferent opinions, then we'll ask spines because of the same reason)

but please, pick one map for each theme (members that made those maps are not allowed to vote)
Gonna lose to mass Doodad abuse, GG :3
Uhm, I just wanted to say that Crackling and my map should be played before voting as the task was to rebalance (Semi)air maps.

So the vote should be based on the better rebalance and not the look.
Sworn. you can't vote for both toradix and for tomorrow. chose just 1 map for each theme.
LML and Sworn. votes will be ignored.

scout the theme was to make an island map but do something about island racial balance. Crackling helped zerg with that alucinated mineral fields.
zerg will have 300 mienrals even before overlord has hatched.
also the minonly has a creep colony on it, so protoss will have to go to the minonly.

Also each player was supose to be able to Tank the other's player part of the continent, as an example i linked to "Valley of Wind" both YOUR map and cracklings are not finished, you sayd you were going to finish it.

test games showed several flows that are going to be fixed as soon as posible, and probably we'll se a (2)Chimestry II soon.

remember the king of the hill competition where lancet's map won over 0marjoo's unfinished map, wich become a iccup map in the end.

we have to wait to flothefreak, he's also judging the maps.
But your example maps are not even Island maps! Sleeping Sun is an island map. The task was (following the examples) to make a semi-island map that CAN HAVE A PLAYER CONTROL A PART but it is not needed.
All that was asked was to rebalance semi island maps.

Just fuckin replace my map with sleeping sun. It has the best balance anyway.

Talk to me on MSN or ICQ or Skype, thx.

ICQ: 151161511
Skype: ScoutWBF
modified by ScoutWBF
sleeping sun final doesn't follow the theme, you don't have control over your oponent's expos (like you can tank you oponent expo from your part of your continent)
the example was Valley of Wind (it's my favorite island map, you had probably win with an reverse vally ow wind)

it says "do something about island racial balance" because zerg is supose to be weaker vs protoss.
there also says not to add too much islands, there are 5 islands at sleeping sun (well, 4 islands an a big continent).

i also sayd you can use some neutral buildings TO OPEN NEW AREAS (like hitchhicket) but do avoid arkanoid gameplay that was terran-auto-win.

fell free to edit your map until flothefreak's new post. i'm choosing For TomorroW, Strange Love and Chemistry.
MorroW, lnept and scout are going to the purple brackets unless flo has other oppinion.
modified by Testbug
well I already played on Chemistry and I thought it was complete crap, but Crackling's working on an edit.

I pointed things out on your map, and you could fix those things among others. Your map looks very incomplete imo, you'd best work on it more if you want to win.
I'm out of this competition ~_~

I'll edit Katharina but it does not deserve to be in such a crappy competition as this one.
nice we have another 12 years old member, you think its nice to act like that? "such a crappy competition as this one"

i hope you are just being funny, i though you were a serious person. i don't know where is flothefreak, so you can edit your map before he writes up his oppinion.

of course chimestry has problems, we are not juging map decorations, i dislike mass doodads. but he followed the theme very well (a player can tank the other players expos from his own side of the continent, and do something about island racial balance)

but it has too much free expos, he should make the players fight for expos to prevent turtling game.

i'm sorry. maybe Katharina is the best map you have ever made, but chimestry II is probably the next motm!

if flothefreak also picks chimestry, you hadn't ben eliminated from competition, you go to the purple brackets with morrow and lnept.

i'm choosing RaDix, Nightmarjoo and Crackling to advance, while lnept, morroW and you are going to the purple brackets.

you think i'm not serious when judging?
i'm still waiting flothefreak, and if he doesn't appear, or he has another oppinion i'll have to buder spines :(
Just do whatever you want. You don't even know what an Island map is.
your mom's an island
And you are a jew! Did you know that? DID YOU KNOW THAT?! :D
what's a jew?
is there any reason why chameleon Jr. (aka strangelove) has a glaring imbalance? we already saw from chameleon that there isnt much of a problem in this setup
lnept are you looking at the same map I am? Chameleon and Strangelove are completely different maps, only the tileset and number of players is similar oO
hmm if you have down syndrome maybe. The only thing out of the ordinary is the Mainbase to nat setup which is the exact same as chameleon sans hill. if this wasnt the imbalance, hen...
What are you talking about?
my guess is that he says that strangelove doesn't have any glaring imbalance as was required for the competition. The same thing Testbug is saying about ScoutWBF map (the map doesn't adjust to the theme).

I don't see any imbalance at first sight on Strangelove, maybe just the not big nat/main? It looks pretty standard.
And it looks a lot more like The Bringer 1.1 than Chamaleon.
if anyone agrees that this looks more like the bringer then chameleon, i officially quit mapping. any takers?
You can tank main/nat/3rd-base min lines, most of the middle is buildable, pushing is easy, turlting is easy.
Chamaleon wtf?
marjoo did pretty much a less interesting ver of the bringer and chamaleon doesnt look like anything
RaDiX voted (2)For toMorroW as 1. choice
why people vote did i miss something? ^^

this competition is going really slow...
Don't worry, the vote doesn't count. Testbug is just waiting apparently on flo to make his decision oO

Strangelove is more interesting than The Bringer, and is structurally more sound imo -.-
where is flothefreak????????
if he deson't appear i'll have to pm spines, or just take my own decision here :(
how is the bringer is even remotely close?? it doesnt even have a high ground nat for god sakes or a wide ramp. you guys are pullin my leg i know it. its just some big scheme you got going
"You can tank main/nat/3rd-base min lines, most of the middle is buildable, pushing is easy, turlting is easy." Oh, at first sight i didn't notice the tank distance. Are there drop spots near the nats?

"how is the bringer is even remotely close??" Chamaleon has similar main/nat while the bringer has similar 4 corner expansions. So you could say that it's a mix between both. I guess it depends in what are you looking at to see it more similar to one or another.
except chameleon introduced the concept, hence why I compare it to chameleon. blizzard maps have expos in the 4 corners. why the bringer of all the maps on the planet?
why the bringer of all the maps on the planet?
if u seriously cant find strangelove alittle similar to the bringer i suggest u to stop mapmaking..
they are in no ways similar...have you ever gotten past D ranking in your life?
yes, but never C+
aka GE-MorroW, Terran.Marine, MorroW[MB] at iccup feel free to watch my stats ^^
shoo, shoo! don't spoil my TSL thread :)
go and open a new topic at the offtopic.

okay, Testbug and Spines agree that 9marjoo, Crackling and RaDiX should advance to meet the seeds, while Lnept, Scout and MorroW are going to the purple brackets!

Lnept, Scout and MorroW theme will be something about a LAAAARGO main to main distance like Neo Blaze, Legacy of Char, Jungle Story, etc.

it can be tight like neo blaze and hitchicker but will have to do something about racial balance.
i'll write the theme this week.
"why the bringer of all the maps on the planet?"
Itīs just the map that was mentioned. I havenīt played/looked many blizzard maps (by the time i came to bnet it was all about UMS or LT). You can also guess that i'm not familiar with which map introduced which concept in the non-korean scene.

IMO here guys should take comments less personal.
yeah well you're gay
everybody is fuckin gay on this website!
watch the language. there are children afoot!
i believe you mean fuckin dumb.
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LML voted (2)For toMorroW as 1. choice
LML voted (4)Strangelove as 3. choice
neobowman voted (2)Chemistry as 1. choice
neobowman voted (4)Strangelove as 2. choice
neobowman voted (2)Katharina as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)For toMorroW as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Chemistry as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Strangelove as 3. choice
Sworn. voted (2)For toMorroW as 2. choice
Sworn. voted (4)Strangelove as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Strangelove as 1. choice
Testbug voted (2)Chemistry as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)For toMorroW as 3. choice
Yakkul voted (2)For toMorroW as 1. choice
Yakkul voted (2)Chemistry as 2. choice
Yakkul voted (4)Strangelove as 3. choice
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