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(2)MOTHY 2010

deadline to enter maps: 2010, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)
NOTE:The MOTHY format has changed, this one will be solely for 2-player maps, and a separate one will be for 3+ player maps. This is fair because of how many maps there are and how long a time span the otherwise single competition would be covering.

Well since I\'m sort of getting on top of all the old map of the month competitions, I guess let\'s throw out another competition in the meantime? I know the site is pretty inactive, but I\'m sure there\'ve been some good maps posted since April, which is the last MOTM I bothered making a competition for, and I feel it would be unjust to not give the authors of those maps a chance to show them off.

So here\'s Map of the Whatever, 2010! It\'s not a map of the year competition, though it ends December 31st this year, it\'s a MOTM for May through December. So maybe, a MOTHY, map of the half year competition!

Please try to limit the maps you submit to those actually made in the last half of this year.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Cosmic NaturejamssiMelee Picture0
(2)Polar LightSiaBBoMelee Obs Picture3
(2)2012 v1.2LasTCursE aka. FliSkyObs Picture10
(2)CrazeJungleTerrainMelee Picture2
(2)FantasiaSiaBBoMelee Picture3
(2)Outland ColonyFreaklingMelee Obs Picture11
(2)ChocoJungleTerrainMelee Obs Picture12
(2)FlashTkTkVrooM & sTY_leZerG-eX Melee Obs Picture0
(2)KronosSiaBBoMelee Picture0
(2)ClownsTY_leZerG-eXMelee Obs Picture13
The competition is closed!

Reccomend using to find what maps have been made in this time period.
Many AWESOME MAPS this year :)) would be hard to vote ^^
Lots of good maps, makes me want to finish some maps i got lying around and submit :)
modified by Kinosjourney
This is not a MOTY! Stop posting maps that have already won MOTM, this is just a delayed MOTM!
Marajojo's angry cuz he dosen't have a map in the MOTHY :D
what does the "H" in "MOTHY" stand for? "holy?"
Stands for "half"

i already know what map is getting my vote (Spider Monkey) :)
Submitted my best just for the hell of it ;)
What about MOWWFLI - Map of whenever we feel like it?
can we vote for 5 maps on this ? to be more fair and everybody to get votes
What is so great about every one getting votes?
I prefer a clear winner as much as not really having to think about which half-baked map might actually deserve another fourth place or fifth...

However, I definitely propose we have this split into a 2 player and a 3+ player map competition, there're easily enough submissions to support two competitions.

First of a major cleanup is required, anyway. Seems like some people are too lazy or stupid to understand the submission rules.

- Caminos: Not even a picture - straight drop out.
- Espionage: Please remove this, because I seriously fear some one will actually vote for this imba crap.
- Moonlight: Bad enough that this became some MOTM already. That disqualifies it as MOTHY candidate, anyway.
- Choco: Quite old, already been in two or three MOTMs... Never won, though, which is a shame, considering the actual winners.
- Outland: Same. Might be too experimental, anyway, and rather needs a remake on 128x112
- Oro: Already MOTM.
- Junktion: MOTM...
- Spider: You've got the hang of it by now, right?
- Asarin: Also something in some MOTM... I like the middle, hate the rest...

LastCurse: If you do not fix (4)Tomorrow immediatelly, I shall single-handedly do it myself, even without your permission.
modified by freakling
lol I'll try to remember to clean this up
Espionage removed? No way, and why is it imba ? (lol)
You're joking, right?
You made it for the IMBALANCED map competition...
Caminos: no picture
Moonlight: has won 2nd place in a motm, just hasn't been posted yet
oro: motm
Junktion: motm
Spider: motm
asarin: motm

Notably did not remove choco, outland, tomorrow, windmill, flash, and romantica (all of which are relatively older than the others) because we have accepted maps as motm candidates which were made outside that month, and these maps are not that old so as to be obviously not allowed to be considered.

I also did not remove espionage as the decision to make a map motm lies in the subjectivity of the voters, not in myself (I don't remove poorly made maps, so I don't remove imbalanced maps either).

If you feel a map was unjustly removed, feel free to say so and I will consider it whenever I next read this thread.
Furthermore, if you feel a map deserves to be added to this competition list please say so very soon and I will consider it. If you ask for a map to be added after most of the votes have been cast, I will laugh at you and say no.
Really tough decision on what to vote for, there's a lot of good maps here.
Moonlight's still in there.

I still think this should be split into a (2) and (3+) competition as MOTY was. Would be 10 maps each, so perfect distribution.
modified by freakling
Some thoughts and comments:

- Cosmic: I do not like boring supersafe backdoor nats and the pathing issue caused by the generators is annoying. If only he did something - anything - to help zerg early game...
- Polar: Solid map, but not spectacular. Middle is a bid plain and boring and considering it's a SiaBBo map I should check it for technical inconveniences (no offense, SiaBBo).
- 2012: Quite nice, I am puzzled by the nat though, especially by that strange backdoor which seems really overcomplicated given that it seems to fulfil no apparent function...
- Craze: Lots of ice map around this year... Another solid two player map... I really don't know what else to say right now...
- Fantasia: The worst thing about this map are the picture colors... The backdoor ramps are ugly as hell, I would have kept normal ramps there. Other than that I really like it.
- Choco: Resembles Destination a lot. I like it. Should have been MOTM long ago, but maybe this time...
- Flash: StyLeZergX's irrefutable proof that he has no idea how to make proper assimilator gates... I also have a subliminal feeling that this map - rather old anyway - had something to do with some MOTM in the past, though I couldn't find it via a quick skim through the frontpage...
- Kronos: Another SiaBBo map, another eye hurting picture... Rather pointless middle, lots of rather wasted space and a rather weird nat make this rather unfavorable... Rather sorry...
- Espionage: I really hope every one has the wisdom not to vote for this prime example of imbalance. Also full of technical shortcomings... And the ramps in the SE quadrant are really stupendously ugly...
modified by freakling
there was like 50 maps why only 10 now ?
Voted ! :)
Because there are two competitions now...
modified by freakling
Voted, common people vote?
modified by RaZt
My vote may seem weird and out of character, but I couldn't justify giving 5 points to any other map for some executional flaw, gameplay annoyance, or blatant racial imbalance (at some point in the game for some matchup). Assuming the power generators are stacked in Flash, the balance and gameplay seems most sound here, and the execution is alright. I wanted to vote for siabbo's map, but I think it's too t>p, so I gave it 1 point. Lastcurse's map seems balanced, but I don't like the expo layout, the nat, and the lack of harass potential.
Flash is already MOTM 10...
And IMO not particularly well executed.
What's wrong with Choko? The psidisruptors are also stacked there.
killer maps!
lol did flash win? I thought it was 2nd or something. I'll change my vote.
I don't think t can beat a 10/15 gate on choco. The nat looks really vulnerable to muta. Midgame looks very p>z t>z t>p because of the expo layout: the gas is so easy. There's not a lot of room for flanking in the middle, which further supports that kind of balance. The map is well-made, I just don't think it's balanced.
Is this thing over?
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freakling voted (2)Choco as 1. choice
freakling voted (2)Fantasia as 2. choice
freakling voted (2)Craze as 3. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Choco as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Clown as 2. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Craze as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)2012 v1.2 as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Polar Light as 2. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Choco as 3. choice
RaZt voted (2)Clown as 1. choice
RaZt voted (2)Outland Colony as 2. choice
RaZt voted (2)2012 v1.2 as 3. choice
SkyHigh voted (2)Clown as 1. choice
SkyHigh voted (2)Outland Colony as 2. choice
SkyHigh voted (2)2012 v1.2 as 3. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (2)Outland Colony as 1. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (2)2012 v1.2 as 2. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (2)Choco as 3. choice
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