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MotW 44

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 10, 28 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Blue BloodSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(4)Path of DarknessTravinMelee Picture0
(4)Origo_HillsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Dawn of Epsilon 1.3Djin)Xuul(Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Shangri-La 1.22StarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)birdsnonameMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

submitted 616.
a bit selfish, but hey, it's wednesday and there are only 2 maps :o

and I like origio hills very much :)
From the jpgs, I prefer blue blood! Anyone played some of the maps?
I only played origo hills one time.
but this was mostly for seeing over the design, especially the tileset-indexed-parts.
Submitted 608 - (4)Shangri-La

I still haven't played... YET, but i will! My vote goes for (4)Shangri-La
ah there is one good thing about it this week:
lots of 4-player-maps which will surely help the MOTW-tour mappack to be more interesting and satisfy in general because it's more versatile :)
shangri-la for the win~!
im updating shangrila to have more space on the sides btw
good idea starparty. did not want to sugguest that because its hell lot of work... normally.. you have C&P now... i remembre... shit ^^
Didn't we say we don't want more than 1 map per maper in a motwtour-mappack? Then SP can't win this month.
I think it really is blue blood this time, but I never played it yet, just as most other maps :(
Its a new month now so i can win :P
the tourney is this weekend. Can someone remind about it because i feel that im on them all the time and that im starting to get anoying...
Well, Starparty sugguested that a mapper should not be twice in a mappack, but, i think this is just plain stupid ^^ It's about the map, not the mapper, and if someone releases two good maps in a month, he should be honoured.
okay...Let's see

blue blood and origo hills both do have potential, but showed to be far from final.
Shangri-la proved to be very playable, so I will vote for it. I also love dawn of epsilon, but I don't want to have a motw I never played if I can have one that proved to be great. If XuuL can show some replays where everything goes right or I find time to play it myself it will get motw honor one day ;)
I just want to apolagice to Starparty that i pick his map for the MOTW. I didn't know that every mapmaker can chose only one map for the MOTW. So i have made his chose :( . It won't happen again, sorry :( . Every mapmaker make his chose for his map, wich is the best right? Are there any rules here that i can read?
You did nothing wrong LGI. You can have more than one map in the competition per week, the only thing we at least want to limit, is the number of MOTW-winning maps by an author in one month. Anyway, Shangri-la is great ;)
Yeah, you can enter as much maps to the competition as you want to, you can vote for as much maps as you want to, it's up to you, because it's only a way to show (me) what map you like to see as MOTW and why.

Also, as sid, i don't like the idea of limiting the author to "one MOTW every 4 weeks". As long a MOTW mappack doesn't consist of 3 or 4 maps from the same Author (what will never happen imo) it's fine. It's just too pissible that you create a great map, and within the next 4 weeks, another great one too.

Anyway, i like shangri la, and think it has the best chances this week, even if the expansion layout is still not my thing, but i think about what to sugguest for a possible change. Except that, it sure is a fres and interesting map. :)
so, moved origo hills a big step towards being an absolute final that does not need to be reviewed.

So if there aren't any new entries to this MOTW-contest, I vote like this:

origo hills (I put very much time in it, and I really like it. It has the right amount of originality in it imo and still is cool playable. And I fell in love with the design :) )

shangri-la (it's a cool map without real experiments...but as the center is designed in a great look, I vote for it this week)
In next motw can i add my old map? Because now i can't stop playing it, and it become very populer in Bulgaria, they are many people who play it, so i tough if the map is so liked i can try put it here. Anyway is (4)Graham Wood :)
Well, by now shangri la is my favourite here, still it needs some tweaking i think, well. Origo hils is also interesting...

Sure you can LGI :)
origo da best imo...
2nd mokyo
well i will keep on perfercting shangrila wether u chose to have it this week or not. If not it will probably just be added to the voting next week again :P
No competetion here, Origo is still NOT finished, so it has do be shangri-la, we don't really have a choice imo
ok, i write the article tonight
You had a choise... Makyo :P
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