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:: MotW 47 ::

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 11, 19 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again :) (this time, deadline is saturday, because we were late)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Farewell to the MoonDiminateMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SattarchasmStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Innocence FadedSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)Warrior of IceSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)Sleeping Sun FinalScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture0
(2)UphillPanschk[FP]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)UnderWorldShaManTMelee Picture0
(4)Rising RealmSpitfireMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Go DS :)
Summersky groupie :]

I still think one of his awesome looking maps should make motw, he was close so often already :/
wel i want ode to the sun then
warriors of ice is anyway the best so far of those ;D
farewell to the moon of these
Warrior of ice so far imo.
I just played warrior of ice..terran can't wallin T_T :[

um.. yeah T can't wallin :)

I modified warrrior of ice. add ice-snow ramps and widened the paths.
Ok, weekend begins, we should start discussing about who will get MOTW. STill saturday is a day to submit, but i don't think there will be any surprises really.

So, my favourites are the quite basic but well done jungle maps. Sattchasm offers more tatical value i'd say, so it's my clear favourite this week.
well, I stick to warriors of ice in the first, and uphill in second place.

I'd like to have one original this week :D
and well, junglemaps with center made of jungle/tree/ruins/temple formation start to bore me :/
well, it looked good on lots of maps, but one should find something else some time :O
Dunno, why, but this week, the maps don't get me, so much... Anyway (2)Farewell to the Moon or (4)Innocence Faded .
um.. i modified innocence faded, and 'not saved'.
I will send in a map tomorrow.
Oh, SummerSky, could you save it in the end of the week?
My vote still goes to Warriors of Ice.
release new version of IF
Upphill. period.
Rhapsody, Satterchasm, Innocence Faded and Uphill are my favs... gosh, guys. I don't want to decide... on any of them... we have to think about a better system maybe :P The maps are just soooo good, what to do?! ^^
The best system is to diside wich map is going to be MotW after we read comments from Travin, trcc, noname, Listoric, Starparty, Summersky, flothefreak, panschk, boongee, Djin)XuuL( and [7x]SpitFire (Don't know if i miss someone). For me, you guys are the skillest in this site, and you know best, the things that a map need, and tactical elements in map making. Sorry, about others, but resently i see what they(the people above) mean by "you are not still that high level of map making". And they got a point. So i suggest the choice to be made by them. Sorry, Listoric, but every time when you pick the map to be MotW, it goes little for one of you fav, but this is not that much true, because i see the result after that :) . You are doing this very nice, but it would be nicer, if all pro map makers, give their vote.
Well not everyone visit this site and this thread so often. Can't force anyone to vote.

I played uphill against chojja and nal_ra (well my brother who smurfed on LAN^^) and it played quite well. So uphill as motw would be appreciated^^
uphill ftw
Wahh, I want my map for the win =P
Anyway, I had a very good time playing it.
RoE ftw ^____________^
well LGI, then we're again at the point to decide who is allowed to vote, and what a new one has to do if he wants to be part of the comittee.
and in addition, if everyone is allowed to vote, you feel much more connected and integrated to this contest, which makes it personal and probably teases you to make maps for it

there are enough contest or competitions or just decisions where you are excluded, and the power lies in the hand of a few "chosen". and I actually dislike this very much
this way i dont win every week :)
Everyone has the right to vote, and the article writer has the right to decide. Still the decision is VERY hard. When the article is written and online, there is no way back. So, the author has to know what he is doing and has to know what's important in mapmaking and has also to know how the game is played. By now, i don't think i made any mistakes in choosing MotW.

The biggest problem is, that the quality has risen so much in the past weeks, that there are more great maps than weeks! For me, there are 4 MotWs - this week. All of them offer great looks, graet concepts, great possibilities and are very well executed.

Well, i got off-topic i think. Anyway. LGI, you're right if you say my taste is involved in choosing MotW. Sure it is. Starpartys taste i.e. is more "extraordinary". We all differ a lot. And for that, it's even harder to decide if we had a "real committe". But we haven't, and the final decision lies in the hand of the author who writes the article, most of the time me or panschk. And it's just hard to decide, that's for sure.

Best map is well balanced, great looks, new features, lots of tactical possibilities, and also high re-playability. And there are only 3 maps where i see this really.

Uphill is great, and i would love to see it as MotW. Still the gameplay might be to unusual, which is good in one hand, and bad in the other. I'd like to see lots of games on it before making it MotW actually.

RoE, Satterchasm and IF are the ones i see as "tourneymaps". They are more common and for that, more likely to play. And i would like to have a map MotW which is actually played on, or should be after it's great.

Well... imo the junglemaps are the best ones. RoE and Satterchasm. RoE has the sweeter center, Satterchasm looks better balanced... if that's possible.

Well... as said, i'd see this maps as MotW really. All 4, but RoE and Satterchasm are just awesome imo. :/ Btw, i just don't come to write the article... you guys have to decide, who writes and which map. Sorry bout that. Just to busy.
I would do one, but i am afraid that my english is very bad, and someone should fix my grammer mistakes, after i write it... And this is silly...
If a map that comes close to being motw one week gets a serious chance next week it would be easier. Most of the time a map that failed closely isn't even considered next week.

Imo (4)Sattarchasm is not suited this week, because there is already shangri-la for motw tournament.

Um, I still like uphill, but it's true that it has not been tested that much yet...LGI please!^^
uphill ftw -.-
Haha, nice. I am on it :P
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