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:: MotW 49 ::

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 12, 02 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)ComettrccMelee Obs Picture0
(4)birdsnonameMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Outlaw_AnthemflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Ode to the sunSummerSkyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Artillery Of SunRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Star GatesRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

I did not add anything yet after our last thread was full of maps ^^
ya...if this keeps going like that, we should think about deleting maps that are clearly not able to win.
it was a hard pick, but out of these i must say that comet looks best...
I think the MOTW Logo wins this week... the look is just unbeatable, the only thing i miss are startlocations and resources... but the look... wow, amazing O_O!
birds has come a long way. let's see if it stands a chance.
u mean they flew a long way?
well so did comet. From outer space actually.
actually they came by ship.. too lazy for flying.
added 2 of my maps, for I haven't submitted anything for the last 3 MOTW, neither was I represented anyhow. so forgive me my selfishness, those are the two maps I spent most time on in the last few days, for doingthedying is not tested yet.
Lol, flothefreak i don't know why, but i have missed this map - (2)Chaos_Factor. It looks very original, and this is the best back door i've ever seen. I am just going to make some test on it, and i will post a comment in the map. Really great job!
lol, thanks a lot ^^
Well i submit 2 maps, because everybody have diffrent taste, and i will try at least to make happy some of them :).
Without havin playing experience on any of the maps, I just write that I like chaos factor from the jpg. can all units walk the small ramps?
No, but all units can do the moonwalk!

ahahaa ^^

i have no idea ^^
i added my map again.. sorry :(
haha ode to the sun. I still like it, zerg probably will not though^^
I played one game on chaos_factor vs chris, who of course said it was an imba map. But he says so for almost every user map I host, he just can't appreciate new gameplay.

Goons _don't_ run the small ramp, at least at top position. I think this is quite cool, but ofc also more stress for the player.

Also the mainbase minerals at bottom base are just ugly. I know you fear tank shots or 4-gas, but that's not the way to go imo.
panschk, you always play terran? I think this map should be test by a protoss player too. I still think that with this Starting positions, every race vs terran will have a problem...
what small ramps
on chaos_factor, the small backdoor ramps. but i think flo already fixed that? did he?
ya, was a wrong placed tile that somehow - although being at the top of teh ramp - made units (here ullis) turn back on the half way

i also hated the gas when playing, and I already decided to kill this formation and re-arrange it, it's just not yet done :D
lis, the correct translation of the following - da and weil - in a sentence would be "since", not "after" :P (no offence, but you do this typo alot)
Your Name
(2)Star Gates was updated.
If we want to reduce the amount of maps added into the motw, we could limit every submitters to 1 map per week.. So every one has equal chance to get the honor and it will also make you work harder on a specific map during a whole week O_+ ?
well i kinda thought that was what we did :P atleast i sticked to 1 map per week i think :o

actually i try not to add my maps at all, it feels really biased that i have had 1 map in every tour so far :/

(but it is fun to win :P)
to: tronicc-y its nice idea, but think a bit about pps who realy wonts to win, so takes some old map from all famos mappers(u dont need to be the autor ro add it to the motw), and then upload theyer own maps? but y its nice idea
(4)Comet -*updated*-
kk, someone else has to write the article this time, i'm quite busy this weekend and haven`t looked at the contestants by now.
well, there's about no vote so far^^
very hard, though

I go for only one map this time, because in this week, it's as hard as never before. I vote for Chaos Factor, because this is the only map where I have a reason to decide its vote clearly.
among the others, there are damn good maps, and I just cannot decide between them...
birds is as great as comet as great as grapes of wrath as great as stargates

and as I cannot make a list which of them is best (they're all on such a high level), well, I don't give top3 as usual, but just a vote for
[x]Chaos Factor.
id say outlaw anthem, because none of th eother maps really stands out to me as appealing. The last update was good and the map looks lika an entity. And its the only map that does that this week so far.
always copypaste before posting if its big stuff ;PPPPP
Sorry, but i wont write all this again, it was longer as SPs competition...

So in a short. This week, i don't have time for user maps, to play, because i had to play, and learn the PGTour map pack, because there will be a 2v2 toruney in headoff, with one of mine maps too :).

So, sorry but i am very pissed, because of this comment, and i will skip the comments.

(4)Comet - 10/10 - GREAT!

(4)birds - 7/10 - Nothing special, but good for 2v2 games.

(2)Outlaw_Anthem - 6/10 - Fix the gas wall, at both expands, it will make bad patchfinding.

(2)Chaos_Factor - 7/10 - Only because i don't like my main to be fired from the outside.

(2)Ode to the sun - 8/10, it was gonna be 10/10 if there was some other ways to the enemy base with same distance.

(2)Artillery Of Sun - 6/10 - I really don't like all the center expands placement, somehow they are gonna be always in the way, and do a problem with patchfinding, in big armies.

(2)Star Gates - 6/10 - Sorry all for the low score, but if a map is for 2 players, i like maps that have many ways to the enemy with same distance, or two ways is enought, but with the same distance... Like Farewell to the moon, Makyo etc, etc...

(4)Grapes of Wrath 2.0 - For me it's 10/10, mayby becuse i am the only one, who knows what this map get trought. Like more then 30 hours work on, more then 200 times test some shits, all this doodads, mirrors, even mirrors in doodads... Nevermind... This is just my best map ever.

(4)The Coming Dark Age - A big minus, for the same mains, i hate to lame and repet myself, even if it's mine idea... The look is good, in game, it will be a lot of macro... Anyway this map is more for the people who like more open maps, this is my first very open map... 7/10
Ops and forget to tell top 3:

1) (4)Comet
2) (4)Grapes of Wrath 2.0
3) (2)Ode to the sun
(2)Outlaw_Anthem - 6/10 - Fix the gas wall, at both expands, it will make bad patchfinding.

(2)Chaos_Factor - 7/10 - Only because i don't like my main to be fired from the outside.

I hope you're not serious. the gas wall in that corner doesn't cause any pathfinding problems.

"main fired from outside"
T_T may I laugh? you're dead when a terran gets tanks out there anyway-on almost every map. this is completely irrelevant, sry.

you actually rate too low for my taste, or is it just that my average ratings are too positive? ;)
For (2)Outlaw_Anthem is not only the gas, i said that i will skip the comments, i write very longer comments on your maps, espacially Chaos Factor. The thing is, that on a first palce i don't rate very high maps who are for 2 players, it's just very easy, in the eyes in 4 players map. If there is a MotW only for 2 players map, your score will be higher, do you understand now? And i already said what types of 2 player maps i like See the comment on Ode to the Sun.

"T_T may I laugh? you're dead when a terran gets tanks out there anyway-on almost every map. this is completely irrelevant, sry."

Laught, do whatever you want, but i am don't give up, when i've made a single mistake, like let the terran push me, i can always push him back if i give everything to do that. They are a lot of tactics, who can use vs terran, when he make a push. Mostly to terror him, when he is in front of you with drops or something, and in this time you gather amry and make the push back.
when he is in front of your choke, with tanks firing up your base, turrets and flying dock for vision, you will never push him back from this position.

because when he manages to get there, he was clearly stronger than you- and you cannot win anymore then. it's the same when you got burrowlings in PvZ in your main (early game)- you're not yet dead, you can try to defend, but if the z knows what to do, you don't stand a chance. you lose buildings (gate-pyl), or eco, or both. still, in this scenario you can still hold- when having enough zeals to protect warping cannons and protect buildings and eco- but when a terran is in front of your base, you have already lost your army- or t wouldn't be standing at your choke
and with decreased units, you won't be able to hit T back when trying to go down a choke right into an organzied T.
Whatever you say... this is just my opinion, and i argument it, the gamestyle is diffrent between headoff and, even panschk see this... But if a terran is infront of me its 50-50 in my games. It's not a big deal i can handle this with any race.
ah, and which makes the difference on headoff and when running into tankfire down a choke?
(if it was running, unit AI make it a long march :[)
Well of course you can get pushed back when containing your opponent, happened more than once to me.

Does not mean it's a problem. It's a feature, not a bug :]

[x] Chaos factor
well, i don't speak of normal containement, I speak of the situation when T is containing you the way that he's DIRECTLY in front of your choke, so units already get shot by tanks when approaching the top of the ramp. and when you don't have carriers or stuff, you won't get down there with groundunits only (besides the case that you have 3x his army, but how did he come to contain then?). if you have carriers, it's the same thing that terran would neither do or try this contain
containement would be a french spelling^^
comet easy.
Well i vote outlaw if the gas thing is removed. otherwise i just go with majority :P
ok, 2 votes for removing the gas against 1 (myself) keeping it. and as my opinion is biased anyway, I gonna change it...
"Give me a C!!!"


"No, you should give me a C first, ok?"


"Give me a C!!!"


"GOD DAMN NO, look, we're spelling it, so, we have to start with the C, GOT IT?"

"Ah... yes, now it's clear :)"

"Give me a C!!!"


Anyone tested comet yet? gogo LGI :]
Damn it... well i test it, i play PvsT, but couldn't save the rep, because he use all kinds of hacks... Map hack for sure, and in the end crash hack. Anyway the game was great :)
:o Why do you keep playing with WarNinG if hes cheating o.O
I test my skills :)
MotW 49 is done. Congratilations, trcc! :D
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