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ThemeCompetition I

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 03, 18 (Year, month, day)

The Last Glacier

As you can see, I hereby start the more or less regular hosting of my own map competition. It works similar to SP's contests:
I will tell you some details your map must fulfill but leave the main part to your creativity. But here comes the difference: My main advice will always be a certain theme you have to integrate in your map. But remember, your map must still be playable and as balanced as possible.
I will judge the winner by myself and I am going to do this by playability, balance, integration of the theme, looks and originality (in no specific order).

So have fun and start submitting your maps to flothefreak's THEME COMPETITION

The current theme is: "The Last Glacier"
This means two things in first place.

  • Your map must be done in ice tileset (if you can make a glacier in space, it is a plus ~~)

  • Your map must contain any form of a glacier (see further down)

Additional settings:

  • Your map must NOT be larger than 128. So 128 is maximum in every direction, smaller ones are no problem.

  • Avoid neutral buildings, it's about a glacier. If you have to do it to be original, go ahead. But be aware it can be a minus to use those.

  • Maximum submittals per mapper: 1

  • Only newly created (sotospeak unpublished) maps

  • All numbers of players are allowed. Only exception: 11player maps. they suck!

Well, now what do I mean by "glacier theme" and how to do that?
Naturally, a glacier goes from top to bottom. So, integrate this, like a descent, into your map. I don't make any restrictions on how to do that, or in which shape, though. I have several possibilities in mind and I will see if you hit one of them. Thus, be creative, try to think different and see if there is more than one way to do it.

Play with the thought and show me what you are able to. I'll all on edge :)
The more you can make it look like a glacier, and the more you manage to put it interesting in your map, the better it is. I think you can make some great setups with it.

Now, what do you get if you win?
Firstly, the deadline will be set to the saturday of next week, which is 18th of march.
Secondly, as gift to the winner, I hereby allow him to choose the tilesets of my next three maps. That means he can name 3 different tilesets which I'll use for my 3 upcoming maps. If you want me to make another ashworld map, here is your chance to force me to do it!
Of course, the winner get's an own newspost with naked girls in it, too. That's clear I hope!
I'll try to think of new awards every time I host this competition.

And now start mapping and show me The Last Glacier!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)White LiesListoricMelee Obs Picture0
(2)DoughnutMillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Ice Sculpture(n)EffectHypnotizeMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Winter DevilsNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)TrancendenceStarpartyMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

I still don't understand what you mean by a Glacier, do you mean the map has to look like a picture of a Glacier when you look at the mini map? or there has to be alot of ice going through the map? elaborate please.

oh yea, and whoever wins, make his tilesets be Instalation, Instaltion, Instalation =P.
no, not on the minimap. the map has to be like you were on a glacier. snow (and ice) will be your most used terrains actually. it doesn't mean you gotta go for ice only^^
you have to recognize a glacier when you know the background of this competition :p

insta doesn't count as tileset 8[
I plan on it!
Thanks flo, I need more inspiration lately, haven't made a map since Kal Ho Naa Ho.
Naked girls? Sweet!
Are you looking for something similar to (2)King of the Abyss?

That kind of looks like a glacier, if there was more snow in the mains
I got this everybody just lay back cuz nasty gots this lol jk! this is gonna be fun! good luck to all
How to craete a ... hmm... well... maybe i have something in mind ^^
I hate Ice terrain with a vengence, but we'll see what I can pull out (if I decide to submit the garbage that I'm sure to produce)
oh I was mixxing up glacier with Ice burg =P, ok this makes ALOT more sence =P. Yea I got an idea in mind and will have a map soon =P.
Holy crap... I'm trying to a certain design and I'm having a REALLY hard time with it. NM's map is looking nice though.
NM = Thats ME! yeah man its lookin pretty sexy!
Crap... I don't understand a shit of all this. First i didn't know what glacier is, then i see it in a dictionary, but still it doesn't making any sence. Can you give me an example of a map that is already made?

Also a 4 player map, wouldn't be a plus? It's more harder to create i think.
lgi, Antarktis is like a big glacier :P Iceberg stretching over mountains you know :o

Im actually gonna try something spectacular for this event.
i had to look up this word as well
i hope the google translator didn't fuck it up 8[

gonna verify it.
all your glacier are belong to me.
Terrain work is allowed right?
i have no idea what this glacier thing means and Starparty says hes gonna crank out something so ill sit this one out flo no offense :p
Ayo epidion has some shit commin everyone beware!
Haha we'll see... I'm not very pleased with it so far.
Winter Devils all the way!
It's true, Winter Devils does play nicely. And it could be defined as a glacier because it goes from dirt at the bottom to snow at the top.
This competition sucks.
A huge mass of ice slowly flowing over a land mass, formed from compacted snow in an area where snow accumulation exceeds melting and sublimation.

For the purposes of this competition, I'm sure the huge mass of ice can be represented by any snow covered tile.
so who else is joining in on this competition?
I'm not sure if the map I'm in the middle of making will be good enough.
then work on it till it fits your ideas :)
uhm I will submit my map later.Just wait some minutes.
Relax, there's still eight more days...

I'll try to do mine eventually, but I lost my motivation for it.
mmmm... glaciers :) haha
my i-net is broke until monday (so they say) but i try to get finnished and post if i can...
oh man... that means we lose.
inept's is a bit...mmm...plain.
wasn't really going for the win, just thought id make something interesting
mine is done, but i cant dl any map image programs :P i try upload it tomorrow and then one of you can make an image of it. Be aware, there are neutral buildings in it :) so use a good map-image program
Okay SP if I see it I'll do it in SCMDraft.

But wait... if I dont' do it, maybe I'll win!

4 days to go!
Submitted Antarctica just cause I felt like it :)
Ugh having alot of problems with mine :( what time do they have to be posted by?
saturday, 18th of march
is this saturday 12am CET?, that would suck because it would be friday for me. And im still working on the map.
hm i dunno
i can stretch the deadline if the timezones cause trouble...
i win!
Listoric! Gas issue gas issue gas issue...
I hope you guys know that about half of the maps here don't look anything like glaciers xD
gg... they do look like them... besides u cant get perfect likeness for a glacier.. jus cuz terrain is difficult to manipulate gg no re lol

but ur right some of them dont and some do
Pan, tell us what time they are due GMT.
you should go a bo3 on all the submissions to see if they play o too :)
i intend to do some games on them actually ~~
mine looks like a glacier...yea...sure.,
What time are they due GMT?
white lies is out of competition.
it as been created long time ago :<
I entered Melting Point.
Hey guys I entered my crappy attempt at a map Glacial Terror
I tried to get the natural feel on it.... I prolly failled at that but.. ya...
Anyways I tried to get the ice flowing inbetween some stuff..... well I hope you guys like it....
Awww fuck my Comp fucked up and now my whole map is deleted!FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!

No map by me damn this crappy shit!
didn't you save it while working on it from time to time?
No I only save maps when they are finished or when I go to bed 8[
I went to finish mine up this morning and it wasen't there.... I'm pissed ><.
So this is... over soon?
yeah wen is this gonna be over? if ppl havent got to making their maps then too bad at this point. we already have good maps submitted.. so decorate one of them with a wining medal!! :)
My vote goes to white lies by Listoric just because I think it's the best map of those ones.but I think there isn't a map that is just uber.
the deadline is over, i will look and play at those maps and decide then. might take a while ~~
Starpartys map is going to take a big while to test such concept...

P.S. Sorry that i don't take part of this competition, but i can't make 2 huge ramps as in Shangri-La... I am newb in StarForge :( . And the map concept really cry for those ramps...
epidion had an awesome idea and was in the middle but he jus didnt have enuff time.. he def wulda had the competition for sure if he sumbitted it and decorated it proporly
whens the next competition? we should have to make one with the bases in a straight line lol.
I'll see when to start the next competition
well announce the winner!!! its taking so long dude.... why didnt u start gaming on the earlier maps yet?? they shulda been done
if i have problems, then they're MY problems.
i will judge as soon as i am able to. i am not happy about this taking time so long :<
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