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♪ 21.2006 ♪

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 05, 20 (Year, month, day)

I am the reincarnation of jimmy hendrix.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)FortitudeArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Desecrated SunArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)OmegaJK)ValkyrionMelee Obs Picture0
(4)RaptorJK)ValkyrionMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Occidental ContinentSynDromeMelee Picture0
(4)Lemuria Devil--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Might add the doodads and obs soon... me = lazy
damn arden, you are something..
Fortitude looks fantastic.
This is the last week for the sun ;)
fortidute looks nice.

Listen guys: Instead of adding two dozen maps to the contest and then discussing on 3-4 maps, well arguing over 3-4 maps, let's just try to _play_ and improve one or two specific ones to have worthy motw in the end. Fortidude looks so great, now we should test if it plays that well...
ye, i guess having 6 good maps and making a decision by jpeg isn't as good as taking 3 maps and play them all. the 3 remaining ones will have a chance the next week then.
Hm... not many maps this week, which is both good and bad. Discussion?
Yeah, make me proud :)

1. (2)Osom - At least i know it's good in game, since it become the most played map on my tournament, too bad that most of the players didn't save the game :( .
2. (4)Fortitude - Nice job, but ToE is still in front of this :P
3. (4)Omega - Keep up the good work :P

See ya in 2-3 days...
There's only 5 maps this week, it shouldn't be hard to test them all. I hope we can start doing this again..
As for my vote:

1. (4)Fortitude - obviously as a result of my noob clown judgement ;) (biased)
2. (4)Raptor - one of Valk's best maps, it has some flare.
3. (2)Osom - I love your maps LGI, but this one just doesn't knock me out. Also, I'm not huge fan of that base layout.
so far... (don't count these in final votes, because not all maps are submitted yet.

1. Raptor
2. Desecrated Sun
--v mOsQ
1. Lemuria Devil
MY votes:

Desecrated Sun
I think Omegas bridges are to small for bigger armys, almost everywhere, especially horizontal.
And i like Raptor a lot, but bottom left base, is "hmm". Imagine a terran coming fromsouth with a flying rax and some tanks. You could push through the natural and even prevent new units rom walking out of the main because you shoot them while moving towards the ramp.
ps, who is in the picture?
too small?, in rush hour there are the same bridges and work corret; for raptor: y but the enmy unit are already out of base when this push come out, and also u can make some gate in the natural area.
i have no idea who's that in the picture. but she appeared when going for "bwmn" in google imagesearch :D
fortitude is pretty badass.
Can't think of a third
I know that I'm very redundant, but we should really have test games on these maps. Maybe some have games on them already, but I know at least 2 have not been tested at all.
i played 2 games on omega against valk
That's a good start.
and we have found some problem :D
So far:

Fortitude - 12
Omega - 6
Raptor - 5

(not counting all those random people who said "This looks good)
the dentist
anything but raptor. so if raptor is even close, consider this a vote for whatever will beat it.

fortitude and omega both good. actually i like them all except raptor and devil. those ones bug me.
1) omega. with the changes, it feels smooth while still having an enormous style.
2) fortitude
3) osom

raptor won't ever get a decent balance with the current natural setup. it is sad, but this setup - as cool as it is - doesn't really work out for balance.
problem with natural, you have play on this map before judge? no cuz, i think raptor is one of maps tha cannot be judge only look it. i have already play on raptor with my friend(TVZ) and natural work perfectly, now test it in tvp and pvz and then u can write: the natural not work bad....
it will be too open in PvZ... that is experience, you _can_ judge this by pic
i don't play pvz so i dunno, but tvp and tvz is ok, but if this is too open, what we have to say about rush hour?...
and however, if toss start with 2 exp, can u close with 1 forge 1 pilon and 1 gate + 1 cannon for defend...
Omega is definitely my favorite of these now, just because Valk refuses to remove the highground in the middle, or even two of them.

But honestly, I think we need much more experimental ideas. Maybe I'll finally get inspired to work with the highground bridge I recently made and make a map with it.

1. Omega
i think you mean Raptor...
Well, I think he meant: "I'm going with Omega because Valk doesn't want to improve on Raptor."
I love these maps so much, they are always taking my attention.

Fortitude-reminds me a bit of dahlia(just the mid)
Osom-well tested and balanced, great innovation
Omega-pretty standard yet looks fun
1) (4) Fortitude
2) (2) Osom
3) (4) Omega
Actually, Cross off # 3, I can't decide between Occidental Continent or Omega for choice 3.
but the question is: why i refused? cuz this map did not be still test , and i have already say: that i do no want remove nothing of raptor until does not tested
I know your reasons, you've said it a lot of times. But I think it's pretty obvious just from the jpg. I'd be completely happy if you would just delete the top and bottom high grounds.
mmm, not erase but i can reduce those temples and erase the ramps, i have already done this, however other people see problem with natural, they say: "in pvz those nat are too open."
fortitude or omega, make it fast.
i think that fortitude have won
Hm... looks that way, although Omega will definetly will in the top spot for next week.
uh..take out one of those *wills*
the dentist
i like omega and fortitude the most even though i think they both could be improved with small changes...

1, omega
2, fortitude
3, occidental continent

but again i think they all could be better. still they are clearly better than many motws and are the best out of the limited nominations
Not to be a MOTW hog, but I think it's clear that fort already has it, we're just waiting for the post.
"we are waiting for the post"

goddamn i wont write itt again... i made the newspost several times recently just because none else cared. i am not your bitch. i wont do it.
I never said YOU have to..But someone needs to do it.
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