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MotW 36

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 09, 02 (Year, month, day)

motw 36. Deadline on friday. post your suggestions

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Solar Disarray 1.99yenkuMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Kingdom of AraguatrccMelee Picture0
(2)Hellgate[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
(4)Citadel Of Adun2.0TravinMelee Picture0
(4)The Lost HaloStarparty & MisoMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

nominating yenku cause his struggle to keep on perfecting his map. it looks great
Kingdom of Aruga is such a cool map. I've played it a lot (In the BWMN-2on2 version that never made the final mappack but I already created) :D It's very cool 2on2, and it's also a very good 1n1 map. I love it.
I hope you remove minerals @ center in Hellgate, beacause otherwise it looks cool.
So i nominated it.
...hellgate is not on that level. Seriously, if mitosis or hellgate make it, I close this site :D (well ok, not all that serious^_^;)
Don't forget we represent mapmaking. The motw are going to be played by a lot of players in the MOTW tournament. So giving just everyone his motw and honoring effort is not the way to go imo. All maps should be well playable AND balanced 1on1 maps.
Wow, Kindom of Aragua looks great. The DB is so big, i haven't noticed this map yet, and it is somehow awesome. Basic but fresh. I especially like the middle with the bridges and expos.

I vote for Kindom of Aragua
man what's wrong, why isn't it displayed on the right side anymore. That's not logical in any way :(
check dates, if there is some "deletion" date that were typed in incorrectly
I vote for Kingdom of Aragua because it is soo sexy.
If I had to vote on who would win, I would have to give it to Citidel of Adun.

I've played both Citidel and Aragua and I have to say, Citidel feels more natural.

That's not to say that Aragua is bad or anything, but _in comparison_ it feels a bit choppy.
i go solar dissarray. most developed map of these.
im giving you untill lunch to convince me otherwise or beat me to it in writing a newspost. Otherwise i will crown solar dissaray as MotW by tonight or early tomorrow.
I like Solar Disarray, but i think that kingdom of aragua is just better. It combines basic style with fresh ideas, a great look and nice balance. A very good 4 player map. And i have to say, that if you compare Aragua to other 4 player maps, its way better than Solar Diarray compared to other 2 player maps. It's more outstanding, it's look is neater.

I really won't like to see an other map as motw than Aragua or even Citadel of adun, but the others are in comparison to weak.
Ah, and Starparty, when you write the newspost about the MOTW, write a note with everything important for the 2on2 league beneath it as well. It looks crappy if the MOTW post is just second after 2 hours just because of a note.
btw, everyone except you SP voted for another map, most for Aragua. Yet, yenkus efffort is honorable: "So giving just everyone his motw and honoring effort is not the way to go imo."

So make it Aragua.
well since noone is really making an effort here right now... I have no internet at home, damn i doesnt even have a computer atm and the newspost should have been finnished yesterday by night.

seriously. Come on.
I'll write it
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