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So we got some popularity, maybe it's time to organize some show matches, replays of those events are generally quite popular. Also, a real battle report (with pictures) would be even cooler, because you can comment on map specific strategies and stuff on this.

So who could be considered for this? I don't think it has to be like fisheye vs blackman to make some noise. I would love something like Frozenarbiter vs mireille. Is FA on that level?

Also we need to discuss the maps too ofc...

2005, 11, 27 12:51
nice, i can write a report when i got time
2005, 11, 27 15:54
"Is FA on that level?"

Lol, FA is above that level XD
2005, 11, 27 18:13
Seems you don't know mireille. He is awesome terran player :] But I know FA is good too, never seen him compete on semi-pro level so I wasn't sure.
2005, 11, 27 22:07
FA practised with testie before blizzcon and with midian before wcg

and somewhere in b in pgt atm afaik
2005, 11, 27 22:15
You think he would do something like that? BO9 showmatch on user maps, replays on or something? maybe we should set a map(pack) first and then ask the players though.
2005, 11, 27 22:19
hmmm or we do it this way: Each player choses 3 maps out of the BWMN mappack or/and the MotW, then each player can eliminate one of his opponents choices, so it would be 4 maps in the end, reasonable for a BO9 imo. It sounds kinda complicated, but this way they actually play maps they _like_ to play.
2005, 11, 27 22:22
Fa is..? z t p?
2005, 11, 27 22:35
Maybe we should have a list of players we want for that, we PM guys, if the decline, we just take the next one on the list.
As I stated above, my first two picks would be mireille and FA, I would actually also consider travin as he is a good player himself (travin vs FA would be boring though, they play each other too often anyway). Well my brother has contact with some pretty good players, and is good himself, but I don't know if he would have time and motivation to play or even contact the guys he is in contact with (mondragon being one of them :O)
2005, 11, 27 22:38
I think he is toss or even random. In the replays I saw he switched race all the time :O
2005, 11, 27 22:39
hes a toss user
2005, 11, 27 22:42
Another player I would consider is iv.ghost, who just managed to qualify for GIGA liga top 12 (where he has no chance vs players like schnibl0r, goody etc yet though.)

2005, 11, 27 22:43
so, what about map chosing system? Do you like the proposal I did, or how would you do it.

I don't think taking like all motw or all BWMN maps would be a good idea, just too many maps, players will play worse if they had no chance to play all maps before.
2005, 11, 27 22:45
make a competition for that too then perhaps? :P
2005, 11, 27 23:02
I'd say let them decide out of the BMWN and MOTWs as you said. Some are already the same. So it's a good amnlint of proven good maps. Think that really would be best. yeah.

great idea with the showmatch and bo9 on 4 chosen maps by themself, really good.
2005, 11, 27 23:07
Hm I think that would be too much extra for just a showmatch. It is not a league or something.
I love my idea, let them pick the maps from the BWMN mappack, we do it like this for like 3-4 showmatches, and then we have a new bwmn mappack and they pick from this.
2005, 11, 27 23:07
2005, 11, 27 23:08
or we can use that feature to highlight certain authors? Like only using Travs map for the first show match and so on. perhaps start of with panschks method to make sure there is interest, and then move on with the author method. Then we could do col personal banners and stuff
2005, 11, 27 23:10
i was referring to the contest idea by SP.

I think BWMN mappack only would be enough, think of the players who don't want to spend too much time on picking the maps probably. MotW gets promoted by motwtour, but the BWMN mappack is not really used yet, and offers a nice mix of maps. And as I said, newcomers like LGI will get their chance later when BWMN mappack volume 2 comes out^_^;
2005, 11, 27 23:10
So let's write it down:

Map picking from _only BWMN mappack (not motw unless they are in the pack ^_^^;)_
4 out of 17, everyone picks 3, then opponent disables one.
I PM mireille on, travin asks FA, and then we'll see?

2005, 11, 27 23:15
sure. But what do you think of author highlight for future events like these?
2005, 11, 27 23:26
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