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Help is appreciated. I really don't get your point. YOU asked be to PM him, what I'm doing now, and I'll write the same thing I write here: Please discuss in forum, otherwise coordination will be hard.
2005, 12, 03 12:28
i just got the feeling that you didnt care :( sorry
2005, 12, 03 12:30
And to get the shoutcast thing straight:

1) For me personal, it is not a top priority, I prefer written battle reports to audio as coverage.
2) Of course if anyone wants to do it, it's cool
3) I don't want anyone to do much work for a shoutcast that is listened to by 2 people. That's frustrating for the caster. So be honest from the beginning and ask yourself if it makes sense on this time of the day and for such a "small" event (This is not WCG or something) If you think there is still a group of people who would listen to it, then do it, if you think noone will care, invest your time in more usefull stuff. I really don't know how many people would listen.
4) Nothing is set in stone yet, so if you have any ideas, improvements or critique, post it here and we can maybe change something.
2005, 12, 03 12:42
well im still into making a good cool battlereport of a good game with pictures etc.

however about the shoutcast, i think lzuhura knows better about it than i do..
2005, 12, 03 13:22
He PMed me and said the date will make it impossible for him to cast. As he is on an other continent, coordination would be very hard.
I think we can live without it, maybe we can do a shoutcast for another showmatch.
2005, 12, 03 21:41
gogo battle report
2005, 12, 03 23:03
Yes, i spoke with him during motw tour last night
2005, 12, 04 13:33
Just to make it clear: Friday at 12:00 CET channel BWMN on europe ok?
2005, 12, 06 11:40
12 CET??? thats schooltime!
2005, 12, 07 00:58
I know. Players said it was ok, so w/e. And most of us are a out of school anyway..
2005, 12, 07 10:08
I will sit in german lesson then. Could someone be my up-to-date news-ticker and mail me via SMS (in realtime) everything that happens in the game?

2005, 12, 07 17:32
Lol, just watch the replay.. I'll be at versity too, only ppl needed are the players.
2005, 12, 07 18:06
Tell Mireille to save repley, because Techniks won't! I know him ;)
2005, 12, 07 18:24
Write me your cell phone number and I'll see what I can do, flo. I might and might not be there to see the show.
2005, 12, 08 01:48
One more thing. There are two very different version of caribbean dreams. Make sure that both players know which one is played!!!
2005, 12, 08 01:51
lol hefty, thx :D
but it was a joke^^
wouldn't like to have someone paying for me
2005, 12, 08 08:56
i might actually be there since i think im free on friday. Can start skype conversation if you want :)
2005, 12, 08 09:44
The maps in the pack will be played. So there should be no problems with versions at all.
2005, 12, 08 10:15
I will save all replays don't worry =)
2005, 12, 08 15:16

LGI, can you remind technics again tonight? I´want to make sure none of the players forgets it. Maprotation:

1. Caribbean Dreams
2. Origo hills
3. Kingdom of Aragua
4. Ode to the sun
5. Caribbean Dreams
6. Origo hills
7. Kingdom of Aragua
8. Ode to the sun
9. Caribbean Dreams
2005, 12, 08 21:23
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