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Hm I actually prefer the players picking the maps. Advantage is, they may get more motivation to maybe keep on playing or promoting the maps after the event if they chose them themselves. I don't think we should strive for being in the spotlight that much. But if everyone else wants it the way you suggested, I would of course accept this.
2005, 11, 27 23:39
think you're right panschk, bwmn mappack.

and i dislike the authors feature thing. we want to promoe great maps and for that, great maps should be played, not "just" the best maps from someone.
2005, 11, 27 23:47
how noble of you :D
2005, 11, 28 00:49
nice :)

some days ago i spoke with trek to make a showmatch... he was on the dreamhack and very tired but he said "okay"

i thought of sth like 2 good randomplayers make some games on several maps they like... actually i dont know Trek and what an "okay" means ^^
but im sure, if we just ask some good players... there will be some who would like to do that

well, im going to contact him again next days and ask him for a showmatch soon
2005, 11, 28 01:33
2005, 11, 28 03:19
I already PMed Mireille last night, no reply yet.

2005, 11, 28 10:11
ok, mireille gave positve reply. now we need opponent for him. Have you asked FA, travin? Or do we contact trek instead?
2005, 11, 28 15:55
Do you think it would be a good move to ask gamingeye sc to be partners in a thing like this? They have contact with the swe elite and makes showmatches like this from time to time. They are a page loosing popularity so an event like this might get them interested so they get their name out.
2005, 11, 28 17:24
it is still broodwar or vanilla sc? Well of course some cooperation is always good, but I hope the news will not be exclusive to them, is and important platform.
2005, 11, 28 17:30
bw ;P

thought it could be good to reach out to all our communities around here
2005, 11, 28 18:54
travin, please update us on the FA-issue. mireille is ready to go, just needs opponent :]
2005, 11, 29 11:35
From: Mireille
Date: 11/29 13:11

Caribbean Dreams
I love the uphill map but i guess i cant pick it in this event?
If i can't play uphill i choice Kingdom of Aragua instead.

I have picked the most fun maps now. I did not pick maps cause of imbalance or such things. I picked 2 2player maps and 1 4player map.
I think the 2 player maps was better. The 4 player maps was all wierd and always TO open in the middle or to messy :).

Goodluck finding me an opponent =)

So we are just waiting for an opponent now :)
2005, 11, 29 16:14
FA does not have time for this because of GGL.

So we need replacement. XuuL, how are your contacts with Trek? Can you ask him?

FA recommended clawson to me, how do I find him ? :O
2005, 11, 30 18:05

clawson or arcneon is his names
2005, 11, 30 19:36
clawson=arcneon :O

hm he plays GGL too, so probably the same problem as with FA. Let's just find someone who does not play GGL and is still good then ;]

So trek would be cool, I PM him as it will be too slow otherwise. (or is he also playing under other name that I don't know T_T)?
2005, 11, 30 20:52
oh and I just saw he was caught hacking some day. Does it matter? :P

2005, 11, 30 20:56
Ok I send him PM. Let's see

btw I would love some starparty or Listoric or anyone else battlereports with images and stuff on this:]
2005, 11, 30 21:06
I could do for one game i thinkm if there is gonna be a true serious one.
2005, 11, 30 23:48
im educationg to be a journalist you know :)
2005, 11, 30 23:49
Love this initiative.

Paul, my modest fellar, you haven't even mentioned how Mireille wanted to play 2 (of 3) of your maps, but had to go with one of them and his 4th choice!

This must help you with that map maker inferiority complex of yours! ^^
2005, 12, 01 01:28
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