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Im there now, theyre being nice and playing :)
2005, 12, 09 13:07
Good, i hope everything pass ok, i was at work, now they must be still play hm? 9 games... Tell us Starparty what is the score?
2005, 12, 09 14:48
it's 5-3 for mireille
2005, 12, 09 14:50
First of all - GGs, Mireille today.
Second - I would really like to see (or even play) some showmatches on the following maps: Comet, Grapes of Wrath, Sattarchasm. They seem to be really balanced and very good for playing;)
gj !
2005, 12, 09 19:00
thanks for playing to both:)

About maps etc for next showmatch: We'll make another thread then, I would actually prefer playing 1-2 more showmatches on the BWMN mappack 1, we start doing some on newer maps as soon as mappack 2 is released (my opinion)
2005, 12, 09 19:15
Btw, i just talk with Technikcs, when i saw his post, about Grapes of Wrath, and he mean, Grapes of Wrath 2.00 :)))
2005, 12, 09 22:41
Please be a bit more adaptive Paul! =)

I mean, when he offers his cooperation like that, I'd say arrange a match more on the conditions he suggests.
2005, 12, 10 17:11
Btw, is the rep pack avaiable for download somewhere? I can only find 4 games by Mireille in the database.
2005, 12, 10 17:14
I think it would be better if we promote the current mappack with some more showmatches first, before going on to other maps, not to mention other mappacks. If we just do mappack by mappack and showmatch by showmatch on too many maps, it won't be something like "big steps", but only unnoticed little products of this site, which doesn't help promote it.

So I agree with panschk.
2005, 12, 10 17:35
Alright, but let Tech know that his interest is much appreciated! ^^

Found the rep pack. Perhabs new uploads like that should be noted on a banner at the front page? Like new maps and reps are.
2005, 12, 10 17:42
Your Name
well, the mappack of the showmatch isn't yet published officially. It will be done together with the battle reports ;)
2005, 12, 10 17:49
Well, mayby because i talk with him very often, and play some games on my maps, and mayby because of that he want my maps too. I mean it's not mayby it is :) . He already told me that he like Azax Syndorome and Grapes of Wrath 2.0 very much.
2005, 12, 10 18:03
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