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I can talk with Play.Lamer. Do you want him as an opponent if you don't know him, see WCG Table :). And you can find him in PGTour too.
2005, 12, 01 14:28
Yea, he forgot to register to ggl so perhaps he is free :o
2005, 12, 01 14:30
hm.. Trek didnt respond :(
2005, 12, 01 15:18
i think it would be cool if this event could be really serious with shoutcasting and stuff too. anyone knows someone whos up for it?
2005, 12, 01 17:04
Well the answer from Play.Lamer was a little offending to me but...

"I am sorry, but i can't help you. I don't want to play stupid maps."

Anyway i talk with eSu.Techniks on phone, and he accept this showmatch. He was a little in hurry, and i will talk with him later tonight to get things straight.

Can anyone post a data of this showmatch, rules, etc, etc... And the maps that he should pick are from the bwmn map pack? And he must pick 5 maps right?
2005, 12, 01 17:38
That is funny.. Play.Lamer is only semipro, and i dont understand how he can afford to avoid publicity if he wanna get somewhere...
2005, 12, 01 17:50
And the shoutcasting is an aswome idea! If someone could work on this, it will be very good, really.
2005, 12, 01 17:55
1) Trek did not respond yet, he did not send negative reply neither. So be not too fast to replace him.
2) Please no terran gamer for this first showmatch, as mireille is terran already.
3) The rules are the one I wrote on the first page. Players pick 3 maps, then each player can disable one from his opponent choices. And only BWMN mappack.

2005, 12, 01 19:04
i wouldnt count with Trek, since he didnt reply yet.. i said to him that he shall PM me at TL (i also gave him direct link to it) if he is interested... well, i dont have a PM yet ^^

besides... i made an initiative at to ask if they can help us, any1 knows what happened there ?
2005, 12, 02 11:22
no idea.. but i havnt dared to ask anyone since paul wanted to see if trek answered fisr..
2005, 12, 02 11:58
ok, forget trek.

Well, feel free to find someone of your own then, but please no terran gamer, because Mireille is one and TvT is not too popular.
2005, 12, 02 12:16
eSu.Techniks is a zerg player, and he want to hear the date of this event, so to be 100% sure that he will be online.
2005, 12, 02 13:10
I wrote a PM to any ivy-player connected to my clan and asked him the favor of checking if someone of his clan would like to support us in the showmatches. non-binding of course :)

maybe we can do more than 1 showmatch, would be great!
2005, 12, 02 13:47
I think lgi's suggestion seems ok?
2005, 12, 02 14:35
yeah, why not. There is no set date, the players should try to find a date suited for both.

LGI, can you manage this? Mappack as written above, map rotation like this:

1) Map1
2) Map2
3) Map3
4) Map4
5) Map1
6) Map2
7) Map3
8) Map4
9) Map1
So every of the four maps would be played at least once.
2005, 12, 02 14:42
How about shoutcasting? ask that micro luhurza on he seems into such things and might know how it works?
2005, 12, 02 14:47
As soon as i hear both players 3 maps that they had pick. And i have to know wich map they deny.
2005, 12, 02 15:41
If we find more, players for more showmatches, we better make a "BWMN Lige" or something... who knows :)
2005, 12, 02 15:53
So he pick:

Xeno twisted
Origo hills - His comment - the funnyest map, i have to try this!
Ode to the sun

He remove:


The time he is online is 9th december 11:00 GMT - 15:00 GMT.
2005, 12, 02 17:17
I sent pm to micro-lzuruha if he was interested in shoutcasting this event.
2005, 12, 02 18:23
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