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OK, since the admins are dragging their feet showing no respect for the choices of the majority I am going to name myself unofficially a temporal admin and post the winners.

MOTM 7.07

1) Iron Flush
2) Eres
3) Coastal Batery 1.3

MOTM 8.07

1) Endless Fields
2) Coastal Batery 1.3
3) Morris Plains

In this way we recognize the hours of effort that you have put into making your maps instead of going out with girls. We want to thank you for the honor that you bestow upon our website of chosing us to post your maps and participate in our community. We recognize that without you this website would be nothing and we promise that in the future we will be more diligent in posting the MOTM winners.

Thanks you very much to all of you and be asured that we respect your votes and we will not let you down again.

Your (very) temporary admin:

2007, 09, 15 16:14
2007, 09, 15 16:20

2007, 09, 15 17:04
love <3
2007, 09, 15 18:11
pfff fuck you lancet, dont act as you were someone special or important here... you're not even an oldschool member.
2007, 09, 15 18:12
it's a heart, flo... <3
2007, 09, 15 18:25
no it just means lancet is behaving as of an age < 3
2007, 09, 15 18:27
No, i think he's right. No1 wanna post a newspost, so he made this thread. It's a good effort, so don't flame him flo.

@ Lancet:
thx ^^

2007, 09, 15 18:32
if it would be trcc, nasty or such old member that have been here like forever, it wouldnt be a problem. but he is lancet -.-
2007, 09, 15 18:40
But the old members don't get there ass off and write a newspost. You could write one to flo. It's no offense but you don't make anything and then you flame some1 who wanna do something. :/ Thats not good at all, nightmarjoo or someone else should make a newspost, even if he don't like the maps. The community has voted the maps.
2007, 09, 15 18:47
Kill the messenger, right? The problem is that I am not "important enough" or "old school". The problem is not that it is September and MOTM 7.07 has not been awarded? I suggest we stick to discussing the issues.

However, please tell me if I am missing something. Is there a problem I don't know? Did some admin lose a relative? Have your lives gotten too dificult and you have no time to devote to this website? If so let me know and I will apologize. Barring this, why the delay?

Note: I don't have a grudge against anyone, I vote for Flo's maps when I like them even if we have our disagreements in other things.
2007, 09, 15 19:41
i judge maps objectively as well (beside mosq's maps^^), so if i like one of your map it's perfectly okay for me. but you are just going SO on my nerves all the time with ridiculos statements and an arrogance to your importance which is imbearable. like, judging some theorycraft when not knowing about how workers slide -.- ...
2007, 09, 15 19:54
lancet is right. Us admins should have done the newsposts. I been away at work so I haven't been able to do anything lately. sorry guys.
2007, 09, 15 21:31
but then again i don't see any reason why any other of the admins haven't been doing the newsposts - and then we have joel that creates like 2 other comps and doesn't even do his own.
2007, 09, 15 21:35
I call them like I see them and I give my reasons for it. Yes I still don't know what a "worker slide" is and you have not explained this to me yet. But then again, if I knew it you would no longer be able to fault me for not knowing it, right?

But I digress, let's stick to the issue at hand. Perhaps the following statement that is part of the heading for the MOTM 9.07 competition can shed some light on this debate:

"Ok, make some good maps please, so we don't have three failed motm competitions"

My interpretation of this sentence is that the maps we have posted for the MOTM 7.07 and 8.08 competitions have not been "good enough". I mean, what is the point in voting? Listen just ax the whole voting system and say we the admins from now on are going to chose the MOTM from say the maps posted on that particular month and if we consider they are not good enough there wont be a MOTM, period. Direct, clean and honest.

Sorry if I get on some people's nerves but when I spends hours and hours making my maps and posting them for my love for this game it is very depressing to be let down like this.
2007, 09, 15 23:07
Well, I don't know all your other posts (especially in comp threads), Lancet, so I don't know if flo has a good reason to be pissed off, but certainly I'd say that you are pretty right on this matter. The way you made your point clear was creative yet cocky, but imo one should ba able to see this from the funny side.
2007, 09, 16 00:38
I did not follow every beef on this site so close, is there any problem with making lancet admin so he can just post it officially? Wouldnt that be easier ? :P
2007, 09, 17 14:22
It's the Panschk-way of solving problems :p
2007, 09, 17 17:37
i also wanna be admin :)
2007, 09, 17 20:31

Btw... I could make the news post"s". If it's too much work for the current admins i could make the newspost. Also for the upcomming MOTM.
2007, 09, 17 20:41
Gogo, all BWMN members admins :DDDDD

( I don't want to be an admin Xd )
2007, 09, 17 20:50
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