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MOTW 4.2007

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 02, 10 (Year, month, day)
Ok, in order to get back on track let's start MOTW 4 now. You have over a week to enter maps, so if MOTW 3's rush keeps you from submitting, submit here :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Shining Metal StarScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(4)Dyson SphereLostTamponMelee Picture0
(4)SenbonzakuraSalazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture9
(2)Homesick_AlienSauruSMelee Obs Picture1
(2)Elevated HateNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(2)Space in HellRaDiX edited by NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
(3)DroidCyanidesMelee Obs Picture1
(4)OsirisLostTamponMelee Picture6
(4)MinervanOiaMelee Picture0
(4)MagentaCucdasMelee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

This is exciting :D
(fewer good maps plz)
:D add one of yours
I don't allow (2)Bennenbroek to be MOTW as long as the extended terrain issue in the bottom right corner is not fixed. It's not only a visual problem, but there also is a physical mistake, units can walk off a cliff where they are not supposed to.
terran will rape zerg on that one...
@flo: reps or it doesn't happen
@spines: duh he'd fix something like that before it became motw, if people voted it.
Well, I usually am the only one to spot such stuff before a map goes MOTW... And I wouldn't vote it with such an easily fixable issue still present. If I was still voting. You should vote for a map that should become MOTW, not a map that should become MOTW if this and that is fixed.
yeah I think it's odd that he submitted it the day he uploaded it, stuff like that would be fixed normally.
i thought zvt would be easy on broenbooker or whatever it is
yeah I think it's odd that he submitted it the day he uploaded it"
I'm pretty sure (4)Senbonzakura was uploaded for motw on day it was uploaded but w/e
theres nothing to fix on that map. its a concept map.
Why was the map I put up there removed? I thought we voted for these democratically.
If you mean Deathlink's map, DeA asked for his map to be removed, said it wasn't ready for motw. I honoured his statement, I bet he's fixing it up for a later motw, feel free to ask him about it yourself :)
wow, what a big turnout
5maps. Incredible! Man I wonder what map I will lose to this time and why XD
ScoutWBF: Which map?
-Dyson Sphere

They're interesting and provide good gameplay. They try to incorporate new ideas and fresh designs while keeping gameplay intact. They do not try to incorporate 6 expansions in the center where it's impossible.
Well SMS is a remake of a map I made 1 or 1,5 years ago. The design was fresh back then and the middle is rarely used.
I like Senbonzakura, but it definitely has some issues that I would want fixed. imo with those issues it's not motw worthy. Please read my comments in the map's thread as to what those issues are. Not to mention that although the map is good and unique, many maps are good and unique that don't get motw.
Wow! How sexy is (2)Elevated Hate by NastyMarine? ^^
see my comments on it in motw2's thread -.-
or to answer your question, not very
Added Space In Hell again, let's see what happens.. Now it has 1 rep ^^
lol wow those maps got uploaded quickly
well the deadline came =/
so what do you guys like here?
Everybody that votes Dyson Sphere hates Terran. When zerg has his first lurkers under the swarm, then you are pretty much dead cause you could try to move around the one bridge but if you do, the zerg will attack you main base and you are dead. The only way to get rid of the lurkers are vessels but who gets vessels in the time the Zerg gets lurkers?
yea i dont like dyson sphere at all
Can somebody tell how people play Osiris?

This is a great layout specially middle, but is it interresting to play? If T are that hard to contain cuz of the cliffs, why not add like 1 or 2 d webs on the cliffs or swarms RAWR
tourny on saturday, plz indicate which maps you like best from this list; chances are we'll have some (2)moty candidate action going on too :)
For me:

-Shining Metal Star
-Senobonzakura (Hope I get Zerg oppenents cause I wanna test something)
-Nothing else.
I hope SS wont abuse this theme again...Nevertheless his map is the best in this list.I also like,Droid.Than why I have vote for SS-map?Because on Droid is a little to much(in my opinion)unused space.
Anyone here know korean? Please go tell Salazar to edit the map, I don't want to post it motw with its issues =/
what is the issue again?
"Purple's nat perfectly defends the main ramp it looks like, same kinda thing with blue, the others definitely need to 3hatch" idk if they need to 3hatch after having played it, but that nat still defends it better.
"Couple things to worry about Salazar, workers sent to nat go behind the minerals which is gay.
NE main has bad miner ai pathing, there are a couple blocks where Nasty's scvs would go farther south than they needed to instead of going straight to the cc, our games put us in all 4 sls in the 2 games, and only NE had bad mining"
what on earth? no one needs to 3 hatch lol. only problem is purples is a lot harder to run by ramp but that would be only fixable with inverted and i was glad this map didnt have inverts
I'm talking about the mining things and worker pathing that's the issue. You can't work around those kind of pos imbas =/
even with the issues its the best map on there. ive never experienced a single map that didnt have at least one miner pathing issue. its just a programming problem
sattarchasm has good mining everywhere for simple mineral formations =/
im sure you can find at least one place where the worker doesnt take the optimum route
I would vote for salazar's map, but i wont vote for a map that has bad mining pathing.. so stupid.

My vote goes to (4)Osiris
You know you can fix peon pathing by showing them where to go once o.O It's really not that hard.
I don't see what's so good about salazar's map. the execution is great, but there's nothing about it that makes me want to play it
That's the thing, it's a nice map, but there are many nice maps and most are not motw. I don't see why it should be motw.
you both should better tell us,before you blame the best map from the list,why other map deserve more to become motw.
You already played a tournament with senbonzakura? I wanna test if 8rax bunker rush is instant kill against FE Zerg! NOW!

If it is instant kill, please hand over the MotW title to me cause 8rax bunker rush is not even possible on air maps.

I want to thank my mom,dad and my brother and sister. They always stood behind me. I'm so happy to get this Map of the Week title... It's the best!

Thank Yooooooou!T_T
instead of saying why senbon is so standard and dumb and not the best, explain how any of the others is more entertaining
Osiris just is more entertaining, in every way possible
"You already played a tournament with senbonzakura?" no
Senbonzakura seems to be the winner.
no support for the claim boongee though, you just repeated what you said.

senbonzakura wins i guess, unless some one wants to give a real argument as to why osiris is so entertaining.

i personally think its like LTs worst map

What the fuck? Don't make maps MotW before I tried every single rush possible on that map.

It could be worse than Blood a rushy way. >_>
Oh by the way, Counter vote!
Oh and the reason: Osiris has a High to low ramp and not low to high.
sometimes it is very entertaining to read the comments.evrybody pretends to have a opinion.poor logic.check this out:

scoutwbf "for me: -shining metal star
-nothing else" >>voted Osiris

trcc "can somebody tell how people play osiris?this is a great layout specially middle,but it is interessting to play?" >>voted Osiris

thank you(for that)and good night
Voted Senbonzakura... I'm pretty new to all this experimental stuff, and I'm more of a traditionalist. Not that Senbonzakura is standard... it does have a subtle hint of freshness that I personally enjoy.
Grief there is no logic behind my vote. I would vote always vote my map cause my maps are > all for me.

The vote was only counter vote so senbonzakura does not get MotW too fast, so I can rush Joo in 1v1 ^^
lol this is hilarious. another person votes, then some one changes there vote to osiris to even it out. motw just becomes more of a joke every week
joo will just make mass hatches on you WATCH OUT MOTHER FUCKER!!! AHHHHH
inept...patience, patience. If I were one of these 2 in a tie I'd rather have my map win with a competition instead of everyone just voting for my map.
its not even a competition, its just votes against just for the hell of it. i havent seen one good point still why osiris is even considered here
why should Senbonzakura win? just a 4 corner map with lots of open land in the middle & no good flankage
its - a - concept - map

maybe you didnt hear me the first time.
osiris is just ok lets put some gaia bases....then ill put a nat here...might as well put your mineral only in the corner harassable by highground....big random highground on both sides...then straight middle...then maybe ill make a little ditch and your next expo here....yea...
no concept
I won't accept Senbonzakura as the MotW until I played at least 1 game!

fuckin msg me on europe!

People always complain because there are no test games and how am I supposed to test maps if nobody plays against me?
someone tell me the concept of Senbonzakura plz
damn Osiris is getting raped oO
Scout I promise I'll play you and anyone else who needs games on these maps as soon as I get my internet back ><
These 2 maps really need to be tested soon, I'll even try to test them if I get a chance today
can someone make an end to this contest,or you are waiting for a miracle?both maps have enough reps,that allows anyone to judge them.damn,it's a map and not a car.

honestly,it's hard to believe that someone would change his post the map with the most votes and free the way for the next motw contest

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Antares voted (4)Senbonzakura
Arden(WoF) voted (4)Senbonzakura
boongee voted (4)Osiris
DeSade voted (4)Osiris
DG)SpoilR voted (4)Senbonzakura
Grief_Stricken voted (4)Senbonzakura
GriG voted (4)Magenta
Lancet voted (4)Osiris
LaO-Artanis voted (3)Droid
lnept voted (4)Senbonzakura
LostTampon voted (4)Senbonzakura
NastyMarine voted (4)Senbonzakura
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Senbonzakura
saurus voted (2)Homesick_Alien
ScoutWBF voted (4)Osiris
tktkvroom voted (4)Osiris
trcc voted (4)Osiris
winpark voted (4)Senbonzakura
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