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Fast & Slow

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 10, 09 (Year, month, day)
Deadline: Three weeks from today (10/09/07 M/D/Y)

The only stipulation is that the map must utilize the following concept:

Some bases must have 'slow' amounts of minerals that you would typically on most maps, 7-10 patches of 1500 minerals in main base, 6-8 patches of 1500 in natural, etc.

Other bases (and this is very important) must have multiple patches of low mineral containing patches, such as 15 patches of 500 minerals, or any appropriate sounding combination. You can make the places with these 'fast' mineral patches the mains, the nats, expansions, whatever you want. Just make sure you include 'slow' bases in the map too.

Everything else is up to you. Any map size, any tile set, any number of players (keep in mind that if you do something like a 2 player 256/256, it probably won't win, it's just that no one is stopping you from deciding to be retarded). Hell, if you want, you can even make a map specifically designed for 2v2 (of course 1v1s are perfectly acceptable too).

That said, good luck and have fun,

PsychoTemplar (as always, if you would like to test your map with you, just AIM me @ SlickSalsa)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Yelhessa2.0PsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture3
(2)Serenity 2.01Alter.EgoMelee Picture0
(2)BlodgrapeStarpartyMelee Picture18
(2)TsatinePsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture3
(2)Crawling 1.01Alter.EgoMelee Picture1
(4)The Lair of UlrezajLancetMelee Picture4
(2)ExxonlneptMelee Picture7
The competition is closed!

no thanks :)
I may try this out.
I'm in!
Err.....PsychoTemplar, you entered your own map in this competition?
Uhhh, why the fuck not? Doesn't mean I'm going to vote for myself, it just helps to give an example of what could be done. I would understand your criticism if I were the judge, but maps a voted on at BWMN =/ Quit playing forum police and make a map ;)
I started a map for this.
gues i might make a map
Yeah, I have an idea & will try to make one.
Good luck to the three of you ^^ I look forward to seeing them.
I just got another idea, dunno if I'll make it in time thou :)
Crawling into the competition, I will probably be able to finish the deco before the deadline.
You know Psycho, I was so busy making a map for your competition and other stuff that I did not think a lot about the basic premise of it. If this is a stupid question please educate me but: how are 12 minerals worth 750 each "slower" than 6 minerals worth 1500 each? I mean, if the worker mining rate remains constant and you have say 18 workers mining the 6 or the 12 mineral clumps, won't they mine the same per unit time? Thanks.
Only one peon can mine a patch at a time. By having more patches, you effectively increase efficiency (less peons waiting to mine/more peons actually mining at any point in time). It's the same logic behind expanding o.o If you have double the patches of a normal base, it's effectively like having the efficiency of two expansions.
OK, will make some changes to my map.
modified by Lancet
Wellp, that's the deadline. Let the voting begin.
Please refrain from voting on your own maps ;)
Nothing against Inept but I don't understand how the map Exxon fulfils the requirements of this competition. My understanding is that a "fast" base should have MORE mineral clumps than normal bases but of LESS value than normal bases (say instead of 6 patches of 1500, 12 patches of 750). Exxon has several bases of LESS mineral clumps than the main (5) with LESS value (700).

I will look at the maps closer this weekend to vote.
modified by Lancet
It's just a sketch he says.. prolly once it's finished it's gonna be in the competition :)
Alter.Ego, you did not vote a first choice?
Obvious first choice should've been blodgrape, but IMO the map should be in the experimental competition.

So, yeah, I didn't vote a first choice :)
Well, if it wins here it will not be able to win there.
whatt?? go and download Blodgrape! path is retard!
you vote for it because of the picture?? come on sp, go and test your maps, just move the backdoors to the sides and the main raps to the center.

exxon is good for me, you can protect from a 6pooool by building a pylon in the choke!
Oh, deadline hit :( Sorry I haven't had time to work on my map =/
you can add your map with your super powers. just ask cheff
Yes I know Blogrape has pathing issues (that was discussed in the map thread) but you can deal with them in the opening and then destroy the generator towards midgame, otherwise the map plays fine, watch the replays. I voted for it because gameplay and concept are exciting.

Exxon may be a good map with the innovative concept that it seems not to have a single doodad on it. But, IMO, it does not fulfil the requirements of this competition. However, that is not my call.

Yes Nightmarjoo, upload your map, go, go!
modified by Lancet
It should be noted that Exxon does not meet the requirements of this competition. I didn't think anyone would vote for it, because this much is pretty obvious ;P

MuShuPork and I are the only people to ever actually play on Blodgrape. I voted for it because (ignoring all bias I could obtain for considering my own maps) I believe it is the best here. While the other maps have interesting features, they also had flaws that really stood out to me, which makes an experimental map which may or may not be horribly flawed the safest choice.
exxon has a lot of gas/minerals that are reduced to 700, part of the concept o.o
EDIT: Oh, hum, I see how you got confused now. You thought I meant fast as in quickly depleted. I meant as in that one quickly gains many minerals from it. Okay, fair enough. It was my unclear wording, so I'll let your map compete.
modified by PsychoTemplar
cant decide my number 2 pick...they all seem pretty much the same to me lol
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Alter.Ego voted (2)Yelhessa2.0 as 2. choice
Alter.Ego voted (4)The Lair of Ulrezaj as 3. choice
Lancet voted (2)Blodgrape as 1. choice
Lancet voted (2)Tsatine as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Crawling 1.01 as 3. choice
lnept voted (2)Blodgrape as 1. choice
lnept voted (2)Exxon as 3. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (2)Blodgrape as 1. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (4)The Lair of Ulrezaj as 2. choice
PsychoTemplar voted (2)Exxon as 3. choice
Testbug voted (2)Exxon as 1. choice
Testbug voted (2)Blodgrape as 2. choice
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