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MOTM 05.08

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 05, 14 (Year, month, day)
Your mom is the map of the month... dirty tank d map that is!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Chichen ItzaProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture2
(2)The MawneobowmanMelee Picture3
(2)For toMorroWRaDiXMelee Picture3
(2)Moonlight Punch RomanTwoSMelee Picture21
(4)The Seven TombsProTosS4EveRMelee Picture0
(4)ka5sTwoSMelee Picture0
(4)Flicker 1.1ssepirassMelee Picture5
(2)SheilaStarparty & Grief_StrickenMelee Obs Picture5
(2)SignptarMelee Obs Picture34
(2)The FutureTwoSMelee Obs Picture16
(2)ChemistryCracklingMelee Picture23
The competition is closed!

shall i stop spamming here?
answer nest comp!
rofl how many competitions into the future did you do this to ><
check compid=140 morrow
sorry u can remove reverse gaia i mixed the map id with toradix
Land of Immortals
The Future
- probably will get most votes
This'll be a hard competition, lot of good maps thanks to TSL and all of the korean mappers' recent activity.
shall i make a comment why Land of Immortals is not playable? ~_~
i like 20fingers, moonlight punch roman, ka5s and the future.
i think the future may win, but i remembered herb's (2)Winding Road got a lot of attention at a motm but he didn't won ONLY because he was korean.
the result: herb left

i'll NEED to make a map this month! welcome to bwm.n TwoS-!! you'll see my testbug map soon :)
twos- isn't new, he's single-, who's been here a fair while, albeit inactive.
Yes Crackling, please do ._. When I looked into the map a bit, I thought the map looked decent.
I don't particularly like Sheila. It's ok I guess, but positionally imbalanced and not particularly interesting conceptually.
The symmetry is bad imo, though I understand how hard it is to do that (look how crappy my (2)Iuppiter came out =/). Not everyone can be Antares/p4ver though.
why you put my maps again in this? i thought i make it several times clear that motm doesn't means anything to me.i don't need any certification at all for my maps - i know very well what they are worth.either i need to wallow myself in smugness,nor expect that any kind of satisfaction from other peoples.

motm could be a place where new mappers should be encouraged for their efforts.but sadly it is only a place where some use it for their montly ego-trips,to feed somehow their low self-esteem.based only on lies and fake votes - self votes motm can't pretend to be more than a muppet you really believe that under such circumstances a motm is a good map...?

however i don't need to be part of this(motm) not today and not tommorrow.i made it also several times clear that i don't make maps for contests.have you ever seen me uploading maps in contests - voting - tryin' to defend my maps in any way?

whenever i have the feeling that some idea is worth to be implemented in a map - i will do it.and only to show it the community i upload it here.btw,the opinion of old granny or proffersor oak is absolute irrelevant for me.can you respect this ?

if yes - than delete these 2 map from the motm and never ever put any of my maps in this competition again.i don't wanna speak for starparty - if he want to have sheila in this i don't mind.but he need to put it himself.ok?
and crackling if you have the feeling there are flaws in one of my maps,in this case land of immortals - you can do it in the proper map thread,ok?

only to imply troubles in a map is not enough.try to articulate your concerns in a undestandable,well-grounded statement;and not that way like nmjoo articulate ususaly his hate...
grief_stricken, our own moltke_warding :p
i think its funnier the more ppl in the competitions, even if some ppl doesnt have a chanse
"grief_stricken, our own moltke_warding :p"

Without the intellectualism. Nor capital letters. Nor correct spelling or grammar.

Also, Moltke made sense (and left you speechless). Grief just leaves you with the sensation that he can't accept criticism (but he is entitled to give it).
I deleted land of Immortals at the request of its author.
yakkul - you haven't earned the right to talk in this way to starparty or me - not yet!!looks like your grammar is good but you failed misserable when it comes to understand a statement.i thought my statement was so obvious that no other amendments are necessary: what part you didn't understand at all?

perhaps you need more background information to understand my position.i am active on this site for nearly 2 all these time i never put any of my maps in any of the site competitions nor i vote in i come i voted 1-2 time in the very beginning and those in charge didn't accept the results and change/ignore them - they call it admin decision.nowadays they use plenty of fake votes in order to maintain the same result.that's why,since the time i begun to make maps,i never cared too much about the site competitions.clear enough so far?

besides - like i said it in my first (long)comment i think motm should be a platform where newer mappers should be encouraged/rewarded for their efforts.i think my maps don't need such kind of support or approval.i no need in the meanwhile to prove anyone anything.nor i need to argue or to fight to prove what for anyone with some knowledge in sc/mapping is clearly visible.what kind of argue it would be if i would try to debate with someone who believe python > sheila ? it's no reason for me to try to convince anyone about such obvious would be only wasted time,time that i can use for better things.

and no,i can accept critics very well if you have the feeling to say something about my maps - be my guest! but the truth is they barely can find flaws in my maps;if they find a tankhole they comment it 100 times only to give me the feeling what a big issue it was.

and like i said in the same long comment,if starparty wants sheila in this competition,i don't mind.but personally i don't care in any way what 5/6 people believe about my maps...

um if it helps... here's a newbie's point of view :P

this competition is, in my view, for highlighting the best maps submitted or perfected during this month for the ease of viewing, promotion, and use for people who look at the site but dont participate. It isnt for personal glory, though thats nice, but for others to know what the best maps are. i think this is why panschk (im assuming he designed the site, it IS named after him) allows ANYBODY to upload ANY map. so that all possible maps can be considered for best, from everybody's opinion.
modified by illisid
"yakkul - you haven't earned the right to talk in this way to starparty or me - not yet!!"

The what? Oh, right... erm... let me upgrade my account to one that has the rights to talk to you and starparty :O

"looks like your grammar is good"

Oh, that was just a comment about Moltke Warding image on TL, his post were just too elaborated and well written. So it's got nothing on how you write.

And i don't have anything else to say about the rest of your post. I simply commented on the way you usually express yourself.
Grief, please list fake voters used for corrupt admin decisions.
The voting can be tampered with (like you and presumably others demonstrated in the KOTH-2 "joke") and currently there are no safeguards to guarantee the fairness of this important process. Every unfamiliar poster that shows up to vote will be the object of suspicion.

I have said that this issue requires our VERY urgent attention but few agree with me (including panschk).
Yeah and it's so difficult to see who voted and mentally discount "fake" voters, if only there was like, a list of who voted what map at the bottom of each competition! T_T
Come on,there have been many arguments over possible fake votes, it is not that easy if the person faking the votes is smart.
just make a new really bad map with new account say "hi am new how u like my map" then u vote for ur own map ^^
Oops sorry Lancet, I forgot that most bwm members are mentally retarded, you're right.
sort of,nmjoo - and brainwashed cannont really afford a serious discussion about,and you know it - your boldness surprise me over and over again.'cause before you can start with it you must answer all the people arround for what good was to create all your fake-id's?and I KNOW - and not just surmise,that you have even more fake-id's than those revealed in the koth2!.is this for someone in charge an adequate behaviour?what are their purpose?let us understand your thoughts!and you are not the only one that use such a crap!this motm is nothing than a nightmarjoo-testbug masquerade.

but there are even more worse things that happens on this site.I CAN PROVE IT that there are persons which have more than one admin accounts - of course only to panschk if he want it.but so far i see he doesn't care too much about it - so why should i?that's why you can do whatever you want with motm - but keep my stuff out of this.
shut up grief! :S
Tecnal accoun is just a joke account!
9marjoo's special force (prof oak, chauncer, pacman and electric spider) were used ONE day in ONE joke, those votes were not counted, we ignored those votes for choosing a winner.

then he wanted to make the joke again at the koth, but nobody remembered the old old joke, so they didn't remember those were 9marjo's jake accounts.

it was suppose to make funny, and the ONLY person who is generating all these troubles IS YOU, Grief_Stricken.

okay, we removed your maps from the motm, what else do you want? come on! relax! we are not winning money or doing something serious, we are supose to have fun here.

WHAT DO YOU WANT???? i don't understand you, but you need serious help. i remmber something like this happened with LGI, there isn't anythin "corruptive" here!

look at the king of the hill and Testbug Star League competitions, they'll all make their best effor to make a good map, but staroarty and me will chose the winners with our finger.

i can make Lancet win over LostTampon IF I WANT ;)
but if we just make nightmarjoo win, win and win (like in the mspaint picture) we won't cry because a good mapper lost to a corruptive admin.

bad corruptive admin mapper winning over a good non-admin mapper is funny! that's how a joke is supoe to be!

just get a job man, maybe you have too much free time. we are happy at
i'll edit my commment if you find if offensive, i don't want any problem with you, i tried to be nice and funny.
feel free to tell me what would you want me to edit.
no please,keep it like it is - always a pleasure! why are you so in rage if everything is fine? i guess we know both why...don't we?
be assured i haven's spoken about tecnal;it would be a lot too fatuous for me - why you offend my intellect,hmm ? are we playin' games?

and just for the record,nmjoo create these fake-id's months before koth2.long before starparty even thought about the first you hardly can imply these fake-id are for being funny in the koth - or?btw,i haven't mention koth in any of my statements so far...

is good to read that you are happy...but when i looked again to your comment i became doubts

btw,i like the picture that you have posted in your contest - that one with the religious should represent the last judgement,right? look to this picture for awhile and try to ask yourself the question - for what reasons these crowds don't belong in heaven?
why must u write everything so complex and "beautiful"?

and why r u even writing here if u dont wanna be a part of this anyway?

and why the hell u talk about motm2? its MOTM 5

and please answer me simple, im only 15 years old and im mentally retarded...
r u ok,son? it seems like u r a little confused.where u can read something about motm2?

well,actually my intention was to write only one statement(my first),but when some people begun to question my reasons it was an act of courtesy to respond them.simple enough for u?
kinda, thanks father
You misunderstand, grief. Those fake accounts were made during motm 8 2007 for that thing for the joke, then recycled in koth2. In both cases the votes were discounted and had no baring on the results.

There are no admins with multiple admin accounts oO

Grief please list my fake accounts and show where they caused a result to be different, you mention them often but never actually say what they are, why?

Testbug's point is just that this is a site for mapping, the competitions are fun and encourage competition, but it's not supposed to be so serious that it overrides the 'fun' aspect of the site. Testbug is just saying, lighten up Grief.
i'll win this competition :)
Wait for my newest map, still testing it, but it'll rape all of your maps xD
Grief_Stricken i'll answer all your questions :)
i'm not ungry, i was just like "get a job ;)" because i tried to be funny.

9marjoo's fake accounts where made the year 2007 for only ONE motm, and we had fun that day, obviously those votes were not uder to see the results.

now, with the koth 9marjoo tried to repeat the joke, but no1 remembered the old joke so they were ungry because of the fake votes, the joke didn't result this time.

but king of the hill doesn't use votes! starparty choose the winner with his finger ;)
now, i don't understand the thing about the heaven.
i tried to make the gayest banner i could do, so i used hearts, stars, angel wings, pink color, etc!
read the subtitle on the banner, that was supose to be a joke, i don't understand what isn't supose to remain at heaven :(

but remember that i like you maybe more than you like yourself, i don't want problems with you, read all my comments again but now imagin i'm joking and being funny, that's how every body read my comment ;)

i'm the new tktkvroom :P
bad mapper winning a competition over a good mapper is funny, that's how works!
that means even i can win :D
"I'm the new tktkvroom" no, you don't sound like you're 5, and you make good maps.
who added my map?
probably me
or...does he only WANT you to think it was him?
mysterious! i smell conspiracy.
its too late now
Testbug those fake votes were not the only fake votes in the last KOTH. Starparty chooses the winner ONLY if the community by voting can't. By messing up the voting process with the fake votes the voting became tainted and Starparty now has to step in to decide. But the argument was that KOTH was a joke to begin with (news to me) so it didn't matter, it was not "important" so joking around a little with fake votes was no big deal.

For me that was not a joke, the competition was sabotaged. It was a reckless act of disrespect for everyone here.

But nobody gives a shit, it was a "joke", ha, ha, ha like a lot of other stuff here.

: ^ (
no Lancet, Starparty choses the winner with his figer because the vote system doesn't works for a competition with only 2 maps. it would be infair if some people picks the 2nd and others the 3rd
Won't vote Sign until it has a less shitty main.

Don't like the nat in The Future.

Chemistry has too many votes already.

I'd like to vote Sign, Moonlight Punch Roman (awesome name too), Chemistry. PTAR FIX YOUR FUCKING MAIN FORMATION
sign is a truly motm, but this list is full of korean maps like "the future" and "Moonlight Punch Roman" and alsp the TSL maps like radix's and Crackckling's.

sign is a very good map, maybe the best map ptar has ever made (this would be his 2nd motm) but chemistry's inovation and korean maps won't let you in :(
ONLY NIGHTMARJOO DIDN'T VOTE CHEMISTRY (but he sayd he DO likes it, but has got enought votes allready)

other posibilities are TheFuture, Sign and (2)MoonlightPunchRoman (but i dislike TheFurute's nats)
awwwwwww you guys like my maps :>:>
ok I played chemistry and I don't like it, it's a boring turtle map which plays crappy. Even after he updates it to fix the middle I still won't like it enough for motm, I think.
Sign is seriously annoying / fucked up. Ptar really needs to work on it if he wants it to win motm oO
Lol, all of the gamers that played sign, and there were alot, never complained something about the mains xD
They told me about glitches, fucked up movement, wrong doodads and so one, but they all said the mains are fine 8[
I realy gonna try to do something with the mains, atleast i'll change the mineral formations, but don't accept too much.
The main formations are absolutely terrible, just awkward to build around. I didn't like the choke size either. I tried to wall with a rax, then hop an scv over which was building it to block the middle path from scouting probe, but I could never get it to fucking go over. So I just basically sat there failing for a whole minute or two -.-

I can't support it, vote for it, or give you replays with something silly like main formation messed up, something so easily fixed, with no reason for its awkwardness. The mains themselves imo are ok, just the formations that are fucked.
Wtf... Are you talking about the main mineral "formations". Or the mains itself? ^^ I already changed the mineral formation, but i didn't upload the new version. Gonna try to edit the choke. If these are the only fucked up things, i'll update the map when I'm home again.
Well once you fix those I'll be able to play-test the map and get back to you lol. imo the mains themselves are fine, see my comments in the thread oO
ok what's happening here?
Crackling you think chemistry is better than punch roman, future and signe?
if yes, then invisible this post.
no u
lo who is jul13n? okay triple draw :D
dunno, but i like his votes :)
If you discount ptar and crackling's self-votes, moonlight punch roman is in the lead.
I don't like chemistry or sign because both authors aren't working on the maps, despite both saying they would. Moonlight Punch Roman is weird though =/
Ok, voted Sign. I dislike Chemistry more than I dislike Sign. Chemistry is fine as a pretty 2nd place, but I don't think it's a good 1st place candidate, having played the map a couple times.

Sign is awkward, but ptar is improving it, though slowly.
I updated the map xD
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Crackling voted (2)Chemistry as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)The Future as 2. choice
Crackling voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 3. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Sign as 1. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Chemistry as 2. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Sheila as 3. choice
jul13n voted (2)Sign as 1. choice
jul13n voted (2)The Future as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Flicker 1.1 as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Sign as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Sheila as 3. choice
MorroW voted (2)The Future as 1. choice
MorroW voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 2. choice
neobowman voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 1. choice
neobowman voted (2)For toMorroW as 2. choice
neobowman voted (2)The Future as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Sign as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)The Maw as 2. choice
Nyx voted (2)Chemistry as 1. choice
Nyx voted (2)Sign as 2. choice
Nyx voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 3. choice
ptar voted (2)Sign as 1. choice
ptar voted (2)Sheila as 2. choice
ptar voted (2)Chichen Itza as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)The Future as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Sign as 3. choice
Testbug voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 1. choice
Testbug voted (2)The Future as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Sign as 3. choice
Yakkul voted (2)Chemistry as 1. choice
Yakkul voted (2)Sign as 2. choice
Yakkul voted (2)Chichen Itza as 3. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (2)Chemistry as 1. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (2)Sign as 2. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (2)Moonlight Punch Roman as 3. choice
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