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MOTM 03.2009

deadline to enter maps: 2008, 04, 30 (Year, month, day)
Before I forget

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Enarey 1.3 MorroWMelee Obs Picture44
(4)EverflowFreaklingMelee Obs Picture47
(4)IndignationneobowmanMelee Picture8
(4)Adrenaline RushtrccMelee Picture24
(2)Expedition 42nowhereMan-Melee Obs Picture8
(2)YaxchilanProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture7
(4)The_Masc_1.1sTY_leZerG-eXMelee Picture6
(4)Sattarchasm 1.4StarpartyMelee Picture9
The competition is closed!

go to hell!
i love pregnancy
Now that Testbug's gone I actually have a chance at this. I'm 60% done my map. I'll submit it in time this time.
don't forget me boy ;o
and there is morrow's map
Three maps submitted so far. I don't think I have a good chance of getting into the top three so far.
and there is nowhereman-īs map :o
ithink nowheremans mapshould win!~!its solovelyu
i think this motm will be better than its predecesors, the level is a little higher than before :)
Yo guys I just posted my map , I don't think I will win tho because i think "Everflow" will take it :) but i had never entered a MP competition sow there just 4 fun.
I have a question tho would it be possible 2 enter more than 1 map of yours at the same time? Just out of curiosity :)
yes you can
Hi guys, Cold Snap has been changed a lot since last MOTM contest, please reconsider! :)

Well, conceptually it's pretty simple/standard, and could be executed better
added Sattarchasm 1.2
why? it was a very used map one time. Sattarchasm is more than MOTY. It doesn't belong here
it's an oldschool map, and it dont have to be unburried
Yeah. I really like what he did with it, but I'm not sure it's different enough to consider again.
wether it should be in a competition like this or not i dont really have an opinion on. However i see no problem in dusting off the old maps that actually got somewhere.
make Neo Arena
Now that it's march break, I'll be able to work on Indignation 2 24/7. PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY!
I hope so. It's really sad to see all your great map ideas fade into nothingness, because you do not update them.

I am still waiting for Beast III by the way.
Actually, I handed the Beast project over to Testbug. Thanks for the encouragement btw.
Should I make a new competition, "Pimp Starparty Maps" ?
Pretty funny idea all-over imo.
Thou shalt rather post (2)MOTY 2008, (4)MOTY 2008, MOTM 01.2009 & MOTM 02.2009 ;P
Everflow has amazing ideas on it between the swirl of extended terrain and the eggs. Definitely loved it as soon as I saw it. It isn't the most revolutionary map other than those two elements, but I think it's pretty solid.

Enarey's main concept is pretty interesting, and I definitely like that players have to think differently to compensate for it. Standard wall-ins and such need to be re-though a bit, and I like that. Other than that it looks a little too much like Athena II, but whatever.

Now finally Sattarchasm. It's a nice, classic map that I think got more than due credit when it was primarily made and used. But no other map up there is more deserving of my 3rd choice vote.

Liked almost all the maps submitted, awesome work guys.

Gave Morrow better ramp edges for Enarey. Hope he uses them. :3
modified by Excalibur
Since voting for my own map would be as superfluos as it would be lame - whoever manages an update of his map till end of March has good chances to get my vote:

MorroW: If you work on terrain, especially ramp edges a bit and, of course, change the crysalises from being sprites to being units/unit sprites as, I presume, they are meant to be Enarey is my favourite at the moment.

Neobowman: I think I wrote it all in the map threat.

P4ever: Symmetry definitely needs work as well as the boring middle (see map threat)

trrc: I would widen the ramps to the middle to create a more open choke. Besides that a lot of thinks could look a lot better, especially the unbuildable high dirt/ruins. It just does not work as well as it does in the jungle tileset because of a lack of useful tiles.
modified by Freakling
3571 should be here

look it up if you think im wrong
Next month frontliner
lol i really dont know why nobody likes my map, there are so many new! ideas in it and its good playable, too

i had to vote for it!^^
It's really weird, has a lot of imo unnecessary experimental features which over-complicate the map. Also its execution could be better. And, x/y symmetrical (2)maps aren't really that hard to make, even I can make one, and in about 5 minutes.
since when did the complexity of the map matter in this competition? If i build a map tile by tile from scratch, do i win? :P
The complexity of the map has to do with how much players have to adapt to it. I'm saying the map is ridiculously complicated making playing the map annoying.

If you built a map tile by tile, I would award you atleast motm place 3 just for effort regardless of the vote.
i refered to your "5 minute" comment. You should mind what you write nm. You give essays in responses everytime someone throws out a bad flame, but occasionally you blurt out a comment like that. It takes away some of the credability. Dont take me wrong, you know what i mean.
You weren't specific, I had to extrapolate on my own as to what you meant, and apparently failed.

"Five minutes" was perhaps somewhat of an exageration, it probably took more on the lines of 15 to 30 minutes, but my statement remains that making x/y symmetrical (2)maps with scmdraft's symmetry tool is incredibly easy. The point there is that complicated, experimental, bold, and conceptually daring maps can be appreciated despite being so complicated or contraversial, having perhaps poor balance or gameplay, simply because an obvious large amount of effort and detail was involved in its creation.

In postulating a reason as to why perhaps, hypothetically, not a large amount of people voted for his map, I explained what I saw in the map, in that it was lacking in execution, was overly complicated in its conception, and that in my opinion I couldn't see that a large amount of effort or detail went into the map, suggesting why atleast to me the map was unimpressive.

How's that for an essay?
what ever, i just wondered, because i spend many thoughts and time in it (im a experienced starcraft player as well) and had some nice matches on it, too
everybody liked the map i played with

but dont mind, i never thought to win this, but a few more votes could have been nice

btw: it was planned to be a 4 player map, but i didnt get the proportions right so i changed it in a 2 player map

perhaps i hoped for a better response, but i wasnt really expecting it.
Whatever you do nowhereman, don't get discouraged, keep making maps as long as it's fun for you. I'm an asshole, but if you keep making maps I will try to help you as much as possible. I can't do much for one map like this though, imo you should try to work on more normal concepts first to work on your execution. Everyone's early maps aren't great. Testbug's first map I saw was a 3player remake of Gaia lol.
Also, I wouldn't worry about the votes too much. The vote sometimes has nothing to do with how good or bad a map is.
this is just my opinion but i think my map is best atm, tho its really close

everflow needs update to come back in same level again since i raised the bar now. i posted how u should do ;) :D
modified by MorroW

Very well, King Morrow. Your word is righteous and true!
enaray has to be motm this month
Well it didn't win the vote.
where is professor oak and his team?
In the situation as it is right now I freely admit that Enarey 1.3 is the better map, definately the more interesting one gameplaywise.
It is not evident for me why Everflow has an extended lead ahead, compared to last time I looked, although some people already changed their votes.

Anyway, please concede two weeks to me to get another update. I don't know how much time I can spare around Easter, but I also think Nightmarjoo needs some time until he posts the results.

Let us wait for the update and decide then.
Two weeks? =/
I don't recall a map of the month actually being delivered on time, so I don't think its a big deal rofl. :P
It's happened before!
dildo=autovote O_O no girls here though =(
OK, sorry... I still need this weekend to finish work on Everflow 2.04. I did not ponder on the fact that all the changes I was plannign to do (and meanwhile did) would also require me to almost completly redecorate the map.
Just wanted you to know, that I am still intensly working on it.
modified by freakling
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Crimson)S(hadow voted (4)Indignation as 1. choice
Crimson)S(hadow voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 2. choice
Crimson)S(hadow voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 3. choice
dhodu0331 voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
dhodu0331 voted (4)Everflow as 2. choice
dhodu0331 voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 3. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Everflow as 2. choice
Excalibur voted (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 as 3. choice
freakling voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
freakling voted (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 as 2. choice
freakling voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 3. choice
frontliner voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 1. choice
frontliner voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 2. choice
frontliner voted (2)Yaxchilan as 3. choice
JungleTerrain voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
JungleTerrain voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 2. choice
JungleTerrain voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 3. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Yaxchilan as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 2. choice
LasTCursE voted (4)Everflow as 3. choice
MorroW voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
MorroW voted (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 as 2. choice
MorroW voted (2)Yaxchilan as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 1. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Everflow as 2. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Expedition 42 as 2. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 as 3. choice
nowhereman voted (2)Expedition 42 as 1. choice
nowhereman voted (4)Everflow as 2. choice
nowhereman voted (4)Indignation as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Everflow as 3. choice
Shade)R voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
Shade)R voted (4)The_Masc_1.1 as 2. choice
Shade)R voted (4)Indignation as 3. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (4)The_Masc_1.1 as 2. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (4)Indignation as 3. choice
sWaGu voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
sWaGu voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 2. choice
sWaGu voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Enarey 1.3 as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Everflow as 2. choice
Testbug voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 3. choice
trcc voted (4)Everflow as 1. choice
trcc voted (4)Adrenaline Rush as 2. choice
trcc voted (4)Sattarchasm 1.4 as 3. choice
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