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deadline to enter maps: 2005, 11, 01 (Year, month, day)
The "contest" script is actually well suited as a thread to discuss maps that should be removed from the DB, that's why I start this "ceontest"-_-;

I set the deadline to november 1., but maybe this should be a permanent feature to help keep the DB "clean".

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(8)Abandoned WorldCygnusIVMelee Picture0
(2)Pro-TossStarpartyMelee Picture0
(4)Jungle KillQuendaeMelee Picture0
(2)Serpent Dreambio.danteMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Crescent Moon+Sir.LupinMelee Picture0
(4)Endless WaveTravinMelee Picture0
(4)SanctuaryCRooollllllLMelee Picture0
(2)CrossroadsTroku[tC]Melee Obs Picture0
(3)LedSalad_1.0STIMEY D OKGM FISHMelee Picture0
(2)BL Wingchants v1.0Peatza[Ag]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Weird SciencePeatza[Ag]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)S๓ora Kingdom v1Peatza[Ag]Melee Obs Picture0
(4)SaphireusListoricMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

dunno who wrote this, but I totally agree. I wanted to make a forum thread concerning this anyway.

There I had also mentioned the idea of putting obvious unfinished maps in "user-final" back to "user-beta". Though I don't know if deleting would be better, because most of those maps are no longer updated/cared by the author.

I think we can do this ID-wise...I'm gonna check 1-100 at first for proposals.
im purging
what exactly should be deleted?
because, as example, potato hills looks absolutely playable to me. what is to delete?
some maps are quite imbalanced, but I think they have some right to remain on a site like this...
at least when they're neat designed regarding details.

And "experimentals" shouldn' be removed either.
Also panschk said that he has no problem with "bad" maps being on this site, so that usres can upload every of their maps if they wish to.

The ones which should be deleted are the ones from the imbalanced contest and maybe some others, that's true.

Actually we should care about the recommended maps first. Also we might think over the system as well as we should think about the categories maybe. Would be great if panschk could spend more time to update/change this site the next weeks. There are so many good ideas in the feedback forum, which aren't implented, even if they could be done easily (like changing ITALIC to BOLD and vice a versa :/) gogogo
Well, the system is good for that, true, maybe we get an extra sheet on the right side for that, cuz it's not a competition actually.

Also we could add the date of the sugguested maps, and if they aren't updated for i.e. one week, we delete them. Everyone can look into this category and look if a map of their own might be deleted.
i looked through the entire db and these are the ones seen on first glance.
there are some maps i don't see as that bad.

Whispering Valley, Dividing Dunes and Black Sea are partly basic and good at that, or not that bad to delete them. Black Sea actually has an interesting concept, ScoutWBF should work on it heavily, but the concept itself isn't that bad.
yes, but it is a duplicate. the "V2" is already up there.
same with whispering valley
dividing dunes however has a major flaw with a mini entrance on upper pos and i dont see any1 correcting it.

valley and black sea should just be deleted though, no ned to post them here really.
yeah, but there are two almost identic versions of black sea, that's quite confusing.

Imo the "best" imbalanced maps can stay in in "experimental", maybe there will be some experienced guy who wants to play with his younger brother who is much worse in SC, than such maps have their purpose (If they are playable of course) Starparty should get rid of imbalance features on his toss map and re-release it, it's a pretty cool layout. Imo potato hills can stay, it's not great, but playable, the normal database should not only be for elite map, we should work on the "recommended" as Listoric already said to promote the best maps.
pro-toss is not near of sp quality imo :P
potato hill is some kind of border case. hard to decide whether to keep it or not.

green winter is designed as a normal map, but I'd say we keep it, although it has imbalances, because some may think it's interesting.

Protossional Nightmare: I'd like to have it as serious anti-toss-map

I agree with the proposed rest, but added 82, 85 and (discussion needed) 90.
added a few new.
maybe I am a bit hard, but I can't really imagine gaming would be fun on those
sorry, but i dont agree on a single one of those. You've added both classics and and maps played in big leagues altoghether with the best works of peatza who should be inspiration to us all.
I did not let count inspiration. I've seen that he has had really out-of-the-box-ideas, but I don't think they are suitable to be on a platform like this. In a section "to be honored" maybe, but those maps are (unfortunately) not playable in practice imo.

I actually don't know much about older leagues, because I played public only for years, and this relatively seldom. I started playing BW with motivation about like BWCL season 18. So I dunno of maps long before this time.

So that were the maps I chose for not being "good". Looking now through them I have to admit I kinda _wanted_ to find anything to delete them. I would remove a few now if I could.
Really, I have enough webspace to host 'em all. I don't want to delete all maps that are imbalanced or not someone's best work. It's more about deleting maps like some of the imbamap-contest participants. As I said, we need to work on ways to promote the good maps, that does not mean we delete the less good ones.
write recommended instead of "rec. maps". rec is "record" in my world :)
I deleted some of the worst imbamap-contest maps. It's easy, when they are deleted as maps, they are not displayed in contests anymore neither ;]
yea i noticed :)
Starparty, i know you respect a lot peatza and know him a lot, but can you tell me which on the 3 maps above are good :/ Soora kingdom is not even that an art map ( compared to you, travin or summersky )
+ the long bridge totally suck :[

The space map is not conventional, 2 entrance, no center, small passages :|

The other one is has way too much mineral blocking + confusing design with 40 ramps and siegeable mains :/

I mean i understand you can defend his maps, but I'd say they aren't really good. I know there are worse map in the database so maybe not delete em. ( No offense to Peatza )

It's really more the unplayable ones I'm looking for, not the ones that you don't like for one reason or another.
well there are mixed of both in this list
Actually i don't feel comfortable deleting all these maps. just delete the ones which totally suck (imbamaps).

The recommended list is the one which is looked through if oyu search good maps, and then, maybe something like "best of bwmn" could be the next list, with the best of the recommended.

All others should stay, even if some think they don't fit the database. As long as they don't interveine anything, it's also fine to me.
yeah, if you consider the rec-maps-selection, we can keep most part of those maps
emperor of desert
abandoned world
lovers quarrel
dividing dunes
The grand groan
jungle kill
crescent moon
endless wave
led salad

after looking a second time, I only focused on imbalanced maps. I didn't go for the imba-contest ones obviously (they are in experimental, so a few can stay imo).
Those listed above are my suggestions for _deleting_. I dunno what to do about peatza, his maps are really great and innovativ, but unfortunately unplayable...I think we should keep them for they can give new ideas or lead to them if someone happens to click on it :)
maps like crescend moon are in the DB as former "pro" maps, so in case someone search for them there are in it. Grand groan was even a former BWCL map, deleting it would be a joke imo.

Really, I don't want to delete any of them :X
Listoric did a good post I can agree with.
well delete this competition emediately then, cause we have way too different views on the matter to have afeature like this :P

ofc delete your competition spawns though.
well, if they are pro/bwcl maps, I don't know that if they are from the former/older seasons.
I just checked if they were user-final, and thus added them to my list

I supposed crescent moon to be a pro map because of the author, but I consider it very imbalanced to T, so I added it, too (I was not sure about the pro-map-status)

But then someone who knows about promaps from the very beginning of bw, and other leagues, should look through the DB and put maps like coulee, hawkeye, cold revenge etcetc to "pro" section
users looking for them maybe tend to search in "pro-maps" only for them...
those maps were used in 1 single tournament and thus are not considered pro maps. promaps are those used in korean superleagues. But then there are some maps that shouldnt be pro maps instead.
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