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deadline to enter maps: 2005, 12, 29 (Year, month, day)
Yes i know its a short deadline, so get to work.

I offered to hold the competition here since we will be the ones evaluating the maps - and - we have better scripts for holding a map competition. So add the ones you already made, and you who havent - make one fast. If you make a good map, there are really good chances that it will be used :)

Deadline = 29th!

Then i will present the results in the map developer forum! gogo create!

/edit by LGI

I just want to add the rules from to be all clear, for someone that haven't read it yet.

"Map-making contest
Design a balanced Christmas-themed map (non-UMS), and submit it by Christmas. The top maps will be used in our grand final tournament, and the winners will be able to join the fun at the Crew e-party.

The judging will be done by members of our Map Developer forum."

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)JinglebellsStarpartyMelee Picture0
(2)my decembernonameMelee Obs Picture0
(3)PermafrosttrccMelee Picture0
(2)Warrior of IceSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)Meltdown_ManflothefreakMelee Picture0
(2)AsguardRSCup.SpitfireMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

if I felt like mapping at the moment, and if the competition wouldn't be so strong already, I probably would make one too^^
4 maps will be chosen. that makes good chances for any map submitted. As it is now there is a 100% win ratio for all the maps...
balance is even more important as the theme, if I remember right. true? or do I imagine something right now^^
well maybe I'll try then^^
it's not the first time that mapping has caught me from one day to the other :<
I would if I could think of a theme. ><
flothefreak, you might not gram the MotW award often, but you surly own at Competition maps, so get to work! :D
And i remove (4)Snitch ! 0.90, becouse there is nothing X-mass in it... No offend...
oh ok ok, i add my old map "Cold dogs"
which has perfectly to do with christmas
Ok i can rename this map to "Cristmas Dogs". Then you will calm down ? Or you consider, what a desert map (2)Jinglebells in which center handbells are somehow drawn, has the greater attitude to Christmas ?
well, I think I can say without backing up that bells have more in common wiht christmas as dogs do.
Be easier. They are christmas dogs. You do not trust ? Ask them !
Stop being an ass mosq. You are annoying everyone here. Change your attitude for god sake...

Panschk i suggest you to make rules liek and if you break them, such as mosq now, we can ban these people.
Or ban it right now if its possible.
I shall speak that I think, and you not in the right to silence to me -.-
huh, doesn't make sense to me o_= shall speak that i think? actually you are writing stuffs, not speaking ;)
there is no freedom of speech or press granted anywhere on this site. and when there is most time harmony and peace before you come, and only annoying posts and stupid bla-bla afterwards, I would have no problem in abusing this missing freedom to make you shut up and never come back.
if you wanna stay on this site, don't be a fucker, don't talk stupid "only ME knows what is a good map and my taste is limited to my own maps"-things, and just behave in a normal, social way. GG. if not: NO RE
yes, mosk, youre not actually proving any points at all with your posts. YOu just seem dumb. Noone here thinks that you know what you speak of because you can never back up the shittalk, you just whine about stuff not even remotelly close to the topic. get a grip and act normally or just fuck off, the choise is yours.
Btw i don't think rules are needed. Just a smart action by panschk is needed. Like ban his IP... I don't think --v|mOsQ is going to fix his behave. You can't force a 12 year old brain to act normaly.
Your Name
"I shall speak that I think, and you not in the right to silence to me -.-"

Tht's all guys ^^ Merry Christmas ^^
"there is no freedom of speech or press granted anywhere on this site"

that's all. guy.

"I shall speak that I think, and you not in the right to silence to me -.-"

What now ? +1 copy-paste ? child ^^
yap, as long as you don't get it, I guess I have to:
(btw, if the c&p thing is childish, it has been you who started it T_T)

"there is no freedom of speech or press granted anywhere on this site"

so you SHALL NOT speak what you think, and we actually HAVE the right "to silence" you.
go on, if you now c&p again, I give you the retardness-award in gold.
kk try bitch
This guy uses a modem, you can't ban him. Such problems were on another web-site (, where he behaves in that way.
His account was deleted, and then he created another ones, he is unstoppable. I see only two ways of solving this problem.
a) Delete his maps, comments etc, if possible.
b) Kill the asswhore.
"this guy" uses LAN and static IP, they can ban me. So stfu Spitfire.

Gay ? Hah child ^^
1) Link in all your maps (gozzu oficial bwm-mapmaker Spitfie bugaga)
2) LGI
"Such problems were on another web-site (, where he behaves in that way.
His account was deleted, and then he created another ones, he is unstoppable. I see only two ways of solving this problem"

Nobody deleted my account. Btw, on this site i'm admin. Suck pls, litle donkey Spitfire ^_^
Yeah even with your bad manners in PGTour i suggest you to come here, and comment maps together, but you don't stop with the useless comments, you don't even notice that the people here are nice, if you act normaly...

There is only one mistake here, and this mistake is in YOU! If you don't fix it, then a women will, but this won't be soon enought i guess...
Don't cry girl :D
Yes, you should stop being jealous and try to actually listen a bit and mabye you can start improving your skills too.

This is a thread for the christmas competition - not for you, you whiny bitch.
is there yet any sense in that competition?
well currently, being the dictator, i will decide for myself unless someone will be really active in the forum on tomorrow.

The current pool would be something like:
* (2)The Kids Creation

Really experimental, and i think it will be fun.

* (2)Asguard

Standard Spitfire map - nothing special in the christmas theme, but nothing wrong in the gameplay either.

* (2)Meltdown_Man

Its good with a island map too - i just hope it wont be mixed togheter with LGI's map. If it will, i would chose tKC over this though.

As for the fourth there is a bit of diversity...

* (3)Permafrost

Interesting execution - another experimental layout... perhaps too experimental though

* (2)My_december

i dont like th every narow
chokes around the main _at all_ - sorry.

* (2)Jinglebells

Would be unethical to push my own map. besides that its -just- very basic. perhaps needed to balance it out, perhaps not.


Personally id like tKC, PF, Asg & MdM/JB - but as i said, perhaps permafrost is TOO experimental and players will mabye just leave the game because they think "the n00b mapmaker forgot the gas" ...
my favorite would be permafrost. I think for a "christmas map" that is not going to be played in any serious competetion it is worth a try. Just the comments from ppl at could help in balancing it imo.
Personaly i think permafrost, needs a big update. I have some things in mind, that will balance the center a lot. But i can't see trcc, here in a while... And i even remember that he said something like that "I don't care if the map is not christmass theme, if the map have a good concept, and only needs to be balance and lost the tree, then i will delete the tree, and make a balance center". Ofcourse this are not his words, but they mean something like this...
i made up my mind. The competition is over
SHIT! I watched Family Guy too long! DAMN YOU WINAMP TV THINGIES!...This sucks.
Should we make a newspot or something? Somehow everything is in such silence..., here... Is there a secret to be kept?
there is a post on
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