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NastyMarine Competition

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 07, 14 (Year, month, day)
In the 'Map Discussion' forums at, there was a discussion about an interest in changing some standard needs in the maps today (such needs as a standard choke at mains etc.). Some were wondering how would smaller maps play in competitive games or how wider chokes would effect gameplay etc. Though it is argueable that it causes imbalance early in some match-ups, I feel that we can try to use these ideas and see how well we can figure out how to make them playable.

There arent strict requirements in this competition other than it must have a semi-off the wall idea in it, such as a wide choke or a smaller than normal map, or small main, etc..

In other words, something that is usually considered imba. :)

64x64 really isnt the greatest choice for this competition but it will be accepted. Maps with the dimensions 128x192 are fine but over that size will not be accepted.

only 2 maps accepted for each mapper



NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Speed-DiallneptMelee Picture0
(4)TsimbaGRC-DeathLinkMelee Picture0
(4)Mhor-GyarAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Palace of Mists v1.2NoPantsRepublicMelee Obs Picture0
(2)ParabolaGRC-DeathLinkMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

PoV ftw!
ill submit one i already made, and im gonna make the most crazy imbalanced map just for this competition lol
something to go by/inspiration:

Physician aka Entropy:
"There are ways to inovate with new features and still allow a good degree balance, it is just harder to do it, thats all. Often if you add something that creates favor for one race, you must add another feature that creates favor for the other too etc.. can get tricky in the end.

e.g "wide chokes in PvZ will be hell for P" < for "standard" maps maybe, i.e copies of the same format we see over and over, but it really all depends on:
-depends on size of map
-depends on how far the natural is and how open it lies
-depends on distance between both toss and zerg choke, i.e early rush is cost effective or not..
-depends on if the map has islands or not..

One can easily make a map that has wide chokes, and toss will always own in. The trick is to work at it to create balance and not to be blinded by dogma like "wide chokes in PvZ will be hell for P" Such as statement will not be always be true and valid in every scenario, good map makers know this.

It is in the game play and testing that you find out which advantage becomes critical, but this only happens after many replays of good players on the actually map. Almost no map maker ever gets lucky enough to create a master piece without ever editing their map. Good maps are battle tested, re-edited.. i.e forged!"
Not only smaller, why not larger maps too?

Is this true?
"the larger the map the more important macro becomes?"

If it has more resources it probably does, just like smaller maps micro is a little more important. Of course good gaming is about doing both right etc.. But what if it does not have more resources then what does it do?
Favors faster mobility like Zerg? Favors better scouting? Favors drops?
macro sucks, even the current maps are too macro-focused. that is boring gameplay. large maps also mean large distances to travel if you want to deny an expo.
yea we dont need macro maps... we need micro maps!

Yep, even the Korean map makers are working to create a more micro oriented game.
yea that new map Blitz is wierd

unfortunately on all micro maps, ZvT is amazingly hard due to the lack of a million expos for them to expand to
Nostalgia ftw!
though i dont mind older maps, i must insist that I really would like to see newer maps added into the contest.
I think I might actually make a map for this =D
Yeah me too.
awesome thats the spirit!!!
Lol, I might as well too.
well i have got a map that may suits the requirements, i will upload it :)
Can it be an island map?
Arden i thought u hate island maps? lol
I usually do, but I haven't made one in a while, and I think I can make it work.
i added mhor-gyar, it is so experimental isnt it?
I wouldn't say its experimental at all actually. But thats just imo
Yeah, I wouldn't say it's experimental. But still a great map.
I guess mine encourages different gameplay.
ehh im not sure it does. Though early games may be played differently, i dont think the layout effects the game too wildly like i am looking for.
I've added "Parabola" for the contest after a few hours of re-editing. Dunno if its what you're looking for but I added it anyway.
Would an experimanetal fastest map be allowed in?
i dont think a money map will be accepted, i wouldnt do so
I think I may extend the deadline.. none of these maps are exactly what im looking for, though there are some nice ideas here.
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