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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 10, 21 (Year, month, day)
I don't want to go into a guerrilla war with Nightmarjoo on this site, but IMO just skipping one MOTW because the activity is lower than it was some weeks ago (and still higher than it had been in some weeks before Nightmarjoo even came here, but he probably does not know that..) is a really bad idea.
Please enter maps you want in the competition for MOTW 42 to the other thread, You get sunday AND monday to do so, then we make the vote really quick an present MOTW 42 on Wednesday evening.
I leave Nightmarjoo's text, but it is not up to date anymore-_-

Ok here is the Map of the Week competition for two weeks, because the last motw was posted late, so this one will count for both, we might even elect two maps since it's for two weeks, but idk, I'm just Nightmarjoo doing the news for bwm since everyone else is afk -_-

This is due the twenty first, a saturday evidently. Who the hell decided to make MOTW due on saturday? If it was up to me it'd be on monday, or maybe sunday, but w/e... Oh wait, that gives you a day or two to vote, that makes sense... hey it's 2 am here =/

Saturday the 21st!

Here's hoping bwm afkers will become less afk because idk how to make the maps voteable on for motw, idk if it does it automatically or what. Since this will likely be two maps for two weeks we might do the old system of voting kinda thing, just type in your maps, week one: gosu map 1, week two: gosu map 2!

Oh and I am making this for two weeks because otherwise you would all have to submit maps tonight and tomorow and then vote the next day or two, and I hate rushing in sc, so that will apply here too. No rushing guys! Take your time -_- You have til the 21st to submit maps for both weeks' MOTWs. Bwahahahahaha I own bwm politics now!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)go away3.2nonameMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Royal OilboongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Solstice IIIDiminateMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Chaos TheoryLostTamponMelee Obs Picture6
(2)Construction 1.2MillenniumArmyMelee Picture1
(2)Blue PlanetSynDroMeMelee Obs Picture1
(4)MinervanOiaMelee Picture5
(2)Curtain CallHoly)Sin(Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Nightlight 1.3boongeeMelee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

lol the symbol in front of the motw date is supposed to be alt 965 but ie doesn't seem to like that character, go figure~
I will start with a gosu old map by a gosu old mapper, go away3.2 by noname.
votes start the day of the deadline is over. so make the deadline at a friday. so ppl have 2 days to vote
I just did it the day every other one was due =/
ok I removed DF and advent because I checked, and they are both still protected.
Quality or protected? Pffff. Ok. If you want can remove all my maps for this site...
I honestly wouldn't mind if that happened
DF now is not a bad map. If it became motw I would not be upset. However, it cannot become MOTW until it is unprotected, we have said that many times. You have a password on the map on this site I assume. No one can change the map and replace your version with theirs.

I believe that it is ok for mappers to edit others' maps and upload them here, so long as they of course describe what they changed, why, and obviously credit the map as being an edit.

"Quality or protected" What the hell does that mean? If you look at it, by dividing quality and protected with an 'or', which means they are not the same thing, which means a protected map is not a quality map, but w/e.

Grig it's simple, if you want motw attention, upload an unprotected version. There's nothing more to it.

I'd rather we didn't remove your maps from the site, protected or not. The site is a database for maps, so someone looking for a map should be able to find it here.
Grig is just being a dumbass. It isn't hard to unprotect a map and as he said, people can't change your map on the site because you have the password. Why are people such retards when it comes to protecting maps.

Anyways, that map by noname is really good.
The only thing I dont like about go away is the middle expos with gas. Looks cramped if zerg or protoss wants to cannon or sunken.
unprotecting GriG's maps really is not hard. ProEdit is an outdated protector anyways ;)
I think we should go back to the topic :P Right now there's not a lot of submissions

But if it stays this way, I would vote for noname's map.

I don't really like Entheogenic because it's very big and lots of routes that players will probably never use

And boongee map is good but still look a lot like the already motw map he made a couple weeks ago
vaaaah i added obliterater accidentally. sry for that...
my intention was adding solstice III
ADMIN: pls delete paradise. dunno who submitted it, but no paradises go into MOTW contest before i finish my latest. won't have it
obliterator and paradise are gone
so much space for flanking in solstice it's unfair. T will be surrounded, and p in pvz. Are they expected to turltle in the double nat?
I added advent because grig unprotected it, finally.
Please try to stick to one map a week. If speeding up the decision process is needed, then do so, the times where we have a consensus MOTW are over anyway..
oh and nightmarjoo: please dont be mad at me, but I feel that we can still get back on schedule, it is not like we chose our motw very carefully anyway nowadays. Too much competition instead of team play :(
I appreciate your hustle and I think it is a good idea to start the competition early like you did, too.
advent ethno goaway

hmhmhm tough one...
Advent is cool but if you look in the star edit program, u will realize how small are the mains, and such thing as 1500 gas in main + 1000 in the nat. I also found out that the right natural has a small leak that can let pass zerglings ( under the ramp leading to the main base ) I put a GMS there in case i was wrong

If u look in the description it says Grig made this map in 2001 wow but why his maps so different now O.o
I'm not trying to bash his map, but i also think the main is siegeable very easily and the gas maybe too ;|
reds gas perhaps from the back-cliff. i dont know what to do about it. i have the same issue in one of my maps that i am working on.
I update map Advent and fix all bugs.
tktk if people post problems in your maps' threads why would you put them here for motw. Stop sending every single map here hoping you'll get lucky, it's unprofessuional not to mention pointless.
trcc, "will probably never use"

Play some games on it :) , if you have time ofcource.

I tryed to make the expands on spots where will make the players go and expand. Most of my games on this map are going from the first gas nat to the second gas at the corner of the map, because it's most hidden, but once players get used to the map they will also check there and players will probably go for the closer gas expand.

Anyway my point is that the other routes will be used, because everybody will need more gas. Thats why the most gas on the map is in the top part of the map.
LGI I played entheogenic, it was not fun zvt, even though I played very poorly anyway. No gas at the main expo, and you can hardly defend your inner main from mnm from your mineral only, and defending the nat won't defend your main.
is it LGI map or grig map????

I know both of you are bulgarians :P ?

"I tryed to make the expands on spots where will make the players go and expand."

yes TvZ is ridiculously easy on it. block with a barracks and take your nat. while making mass drops :D then you take the bot mid island
About (2)Entheogenic one day you will understand. To this day i don't want to comment any more.
I am deleting this map from the DB, while i find a better place.

P.S. You might be mappers but you surly don't think while you are gaming this game.

And btw, pleace everyone who have this map on their HDD, also delete it.
i can be a whiney bitch too waaaaah my maps are perfect if you say otherwise ill moan some more waaaaah
Obviously none of these guys are micro gamers LGI. Just take it somewhere that they have more micro skill and less macro. Half of these guys didn't even have starcraft when it was mostly micro maps.
yea, its only coincidence that ive played over 1000+ games on blizzard maps, and 1000+ on blood bath. Holy)sin( please, keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

LGI, stop getting drunk/stoned plz --
@lnept, i've read 1000 times on this site that you are "the gosu one" here, but your theorycrafting doesn't match whit your "bla-bla i am the best". Anyway even if you are that gosu, one person is not enough to understand some things.

And to be honest i've seen many good players who don't use their brains in game, and don't try to use the map... They just play they lame systems over and over every game and win, but thats why most of those guys don't like new maps, because they suck on them if their system doesn't work.
LGI I meant no offense at all, I'm really not quite sure why you are freaking out. I simply stated my thoughts when playing the map. Call me noob or w/e, but I didn't see you at the tourny to prove how to play the map. You don't need to be bm. My thoughts on the map are influenced by playing, not just by theory crafting. I have played several games on the map. You aren't helping the mapping or gaming comunity by removing the map from the site. Please give your thoughts on the map and help us 'inferiors'. This site has mostly been a site (from my experiences) of a friendly atmosphere where people help eachother out through words and ideas (and gmcs), and although flaming has always existed here it was never a defining aspect of bwm. I really don't appreciate being yelled at by you when I have never made any attempt to brooch any conflict with you.
Who says that my comment was contact whit you? I am not offensed. I feel bad from a very long time about the "judging" level around here, but i can't do nothing about this, except saying the words in my head right and straight to BWMN, couse sometimes i really feel bad about the lost potention of this site.

Anyway i really want to keep exatcly this map for a better place. I've already do a lot of reaserch on this map whit many kinds of people who play BW and i think that i finally made what i was trying to make in a very long time. Something that, imo can change the PGT stastic in the zerg area. But it's a long story i may even write an article about my toughs how to balance zerg, but i really don't feel that i will do this here.

After all this gaming whit zerg since 1998 and all the mapping here i really think that i reach something.

I still don't understand why you would remove your map from this site. You really aren't that talkative, and have not fully explained your reasoning with the map, and how it should effect balance if the players play it correctly.
And do write an article, I am interested to see what you're talking about.
nobody needs to be a gosu to know that tvz is easy on that map LGI. unless zergs suddenly became geniuses and are on par 1 gas vs 1 gas know they wont muta because not enough gas. so its pretty much lurker/ling or fast drops all you gotta worry about.
yea widen those paths along the outer edges and i woudl be nice. as it is, i think terran has an easy time of pushing to the middle for there 3 bases.(TvP)
Inept... I said "half" of the guys here. I know there are a few people who know what a micro map is but HALF of these guys, as I said earlier, joined up when macro was the big thing. How about reading before you turn into an asshole.
"Obviously none of these guys are micro gamers LGI. Just take it somewhere that they have more micro skill and less macro."

ok i guess "none" means 'half" in your language. so be it, sorry for my stupidity !
lnept and scout would be a perfect 2on2 team!
HAAHAAAHAAH oops was it loud :S
"Most of the players on this site want a good macro map because they werent around when all maps were micro maps."

This was my first message before you decided to start calling me an arrogant idiot. I said MOST, not HALF, but I surely didn't say ALL until you started pissing me off. It seems like you are really proud of your micro ability. You must be hardcore starcraft pro huh? Never leave the computer? I'm going to go play basketball with my friends now, sorry if you don't know what 'friends' are.
that was about the stupidest post ive ever read. bragging about playing basketball with friends on the internet. I think even flothefreak would agree here.
Well you decided to be stupid by arguing with me pointlessly so why can't I be stupid? This argument is outdated and boring.
I beg to differ.
Purple seaweed
Salad fingers?
I like Chaos Theory a lot too.
Hey guys, it's friday. It's almost voting time, hurry to add comments and feedback.
I don't get why there has to be so much drama on this site. Grow up, kidz~

Anyway, I'm going to have to go with Chaos Theory on this one. It's a well-executed map, has a classic feel, and should play well. The only maps I think that are even close are Advent and Royal Oil.

I don't think Oil deserves a win because it doesn't have proven balance at all. I haven't even played a game on it yet. Advent is a good map but it bothers me with all the expos on the sides and a huge void in the middle. There's not much else wrong with it, but I think Chaos Theory is just better.

There, Nightmarjoo, I posted some reasoning. How's that?
I just realized week 42 was skipped? Or something... My choice will still be with Go Away. 2nd will be Construction unless an inspiring new map is posted.
Actually, Chaos Theorey will be my #2.
my top 3 are in no order

Chaos Theory
Curtain Call
go away(if it doesnt win last week)

i dont think any of the experimental maps have had enough testing to be considered yet. All 3 of these maps are just simple and playable.
@boongee it could have been more indepth :P
Big surprise boongee thinks his map is motw capable. Royal Oil looks ok, but if you put it up to standards with these other maps I think it would fall to 4-5 place. Without any games on it it is really hard to say it should be map of the week.
goaway without competition, since GriG fucked up advent again. goaway is an older map, sure, but it has an ingenious style and structure. it may be tight, but it aint that big distances between naturals so you can disturb your enemy in earlygame (goonrush in PvT etc). what i like in particular is the layout of the routes leading across the map. it is different from most maps.

goaway is located right in the middle between micro and macro, and that's a plus for me. only a blockade on the islands would be nice. besides, THIS map deserves MOTW for a long time now - and it looks so sexy :)
goaway or chaos theory, I'm undecided. I'll try playing them and see which I like better.
of course I think my maps are MOTW capable. shouldn't everyone think their own maps are good? they made them, after all...

I understand that not everyone feels the same about my maps, of course.
Someone remove advent? It might get motw 2 weeks in a row if people don't actually play it.
ok I took out a couple of these. Honestly I wanted to remove most of them, but I assumed the noobs of the site would bitch if I did so.
you are not the one calling others "noob". judging from your comments about balance and even gameplay, you're REALLY not the one.
chaos theory. go_away is just too tight. Its way too easy for a Terran to secure expos. And its not like its one or two expos; its the whole map. A Terran Push on that map would be way to easy.

I vote chaos theory because it is more balanced than go_away. Its not exactly the best in execution, but the map should play solid, and i think we all can agree with that.
well, on chaos theory at 1 you need 3 hatch-build to FE, but at 8 2 is enough.. so i think you need to reorganize it a little
yea, LostTampon needs to move the bridge over slightly. and try to adjust the ramp to be closer to mineral line
flo I'm confused as to the meaning of your statement, could you reiterate it?
Chaos Theory is the best played map, I didn't really like the feel of go away when I played it. Not really great games but it just felt easier to play Chaos theory. The worst thing about Go Away was the corner expansions. In order to get there my units had to go almost single file to get across the bridge and it made my expansion really hard to defend in a timely manner. I had to wait for them to get across and regather so I could actually attack with force instead of getting slaughtered 1 by 1. By this time my expansion was already destroyed.
sorry guys, I can't blank posts here. You'll just have to tolerate the spam =/
nightlight hasnt been MOTW yet?

fucking great map...
i dont know which map to vote, i like to push more than one.. but thats not possible :(
Chaos Theory 6 Minerva 5
No Minerva looks like it is receiving fake votes... Bubbles and Nite were recently made... I think Chaos Theory 6 Minerva 3.
I think nOia made them because if you check it is his map that is getting the votes and right after nOia pushed his own map, 2 more new accounts added on. I think Minerva actually only has 2 good votes.
I was so mean to give my own map a vote, after i saw noia giving his own map a vote...
Nah, Chaos Theory is clearly the MOTW this week. Doesn't matter how much map pushing there is. I think the only map that could beat it out is Nightlight, but since it is an old map I think it isn't getting many votes.
I#d be okay with chaos theory. it aint perfect, but it has style and it's LostTampon really stands out with this one.
Sorry, but Nightlight in this days can be 100 times better. Atm they are many things that can be advanced for a better flow. So don't even think about giving this oldy a MotW, until it's updated. I can even pimp this map myself.
bubbles and ther are old mappers, whom i know..
im should I post motw? It's wednesday =/
Nightlight has small awkward mains -.-
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5pool voted (2)Blue Planet
Bubbles voted (4)Minerva
flothefreak voted (2)Construction 1.2
Holy)Sin( voted (2)Chaos Theory
LGI voted (2)Chaos Theory
lnept voted (2)Nightlight 1.3
LostTampon voted (2)Chaos Theory
NastyMarine voted (2)Chaos Theory
Nite voted (4)Minerva
nOia voted (4)Minerva
RaDiX voted (2)Chaos Theory
ScoutWBF voted (4)Minerva
ther voted (4)Minerva
winpark voted (2)Chaos Theory
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