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MOTW 2006.52

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 12, 20 (Year, month, day)
I start motw52 while 51 is still running, so that we dont have to rush this one.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)RazngeirV1.1Chef@USWest (PsychoTEMPlar)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Above To BelowlneptMelee Picture0
(2)ArgonneNightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
(4)TaklamakanSalazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture6
(2)New Chaos FactorflothefreakMelee Obs Picture4
(3)Tengu PremissisTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Space in HellRaDiX edited by NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

what's with lnept's super t map being here oO
yea its def the most T>all map in the world
id be happy to prove otherwise
although i cant make the disclaimer that its not because of skill differenece..
lnept I'll play you in it for testing; I'd rather play you on wednesday, I'm not gonna get good sleep tonight, but wednesday is my first day off from school for winter break, tueday night I should get my sleep, and I will be much more of a challenge than you've ever seen me at if I get some sleep :)
i cant even play on weekdays

i can play friday
friday is good
how about I pwn both of you ^_^
I own all stfu O_O
lol bring it
might wanna come to the tournies then. the only other good person that showed up so far are losttampon and grc-deathlink so lets see if you guys are any good
aight you got me on that one inept, I'm way out of practice so I'd probably even lose my ezest mu pvz =/ forshame
wtf we pick from this list?
  • Argonne
  • Taklamakan
    eh that's it, I'm not a fan of Spirallianz, saruman is so simple it's a joke, Tengu might win last motw, and I don't like lnept's map.
    Spirallianz by LGI
    taklamakan, very nice execution and its gameplay is not so bad
    i love more than one, so i am not going to vote for this week :)
    eh aren't we picking maps to play in a tourny? Or are we skipping that due to the holidays.
    Read my latest newspost.
    before I vote I think Taklamakan needs testing to see if those bridges are wide enough, anyone already looked for that?
    Sure it needs test, i can play NOW!
    going for eye cause I hate maps without a ramp.
    taklamakan looks the best, but it has very tight paths, a strange center and i guess it just doesn't play that good.

    kinda like a better looking but worse version of Sha Ka Re,or what Starpartys twilight map was called :P
    ah, and Saromons center is the coolest center i've seen for a long time, sadly the rest of the map looks totally boring to play on.
    most maps are not so trend goes to new chaos but this creep should be deleted.If you do it you have my vote
    eh scout that map is really, really basic...
    Grief_Stricken, i guess you don't know the past of New Chaos Factor :)
    GOGo vote chaos factor!
    lol flow ;)
    I really dont get the point of the zerg stuff in new chaos factor
    unfortunately, the huge long original mapthread was deleted when i removed the previous version off the page for balancing reasons. long story short, the creep basically helps Z in ZvT which would be a bitch otherwise
    -_- flo you realize voting for your own map doesn't countright =/
    Sure it counts. But like i say, this chamber still doesn't help. M&M still can pass trough this with out any problem.
    (4)Taklamakan come on, i want to see at least three TvP 20 minutes (at least) games on (4)Taklamakan, couse i want to vote for it if it plays well TvP.
    LGI, you can go for a chokehatch below the ramp while only getting gas. this hatch is safer than normal natural expanding.
    but flo I want my 2nd gas sooner and without risk -_- This is different than maps which require a 3hatch to defend both nat and main, you can't defend both at one place.

    Defending both places spreads you real thin =/ The map is a much more micro oriented map, macro is like discouraged. No wants to play a game with a main and mineral only -.-
    I don't know if Nightmarjoo already said this in his post, like you know my english is not really well. But the MAIN point is as he said something like this that in other maps you need three hatchs to save your main + exp, but here three hatch won't do BECAUSE THERE IS NO REAL NAT CHOKE. It's just open you need sunks on both of your hatchs that are at the low ground. Even if i go for min only (which doesn't help me a lot in ZvT, couse no gaz) again i need sunks on both spots. Which vs terran is impossible. You know how much is 5 sunks and you always must have 5-6-7 sunks in the begining vs terram.
    i still have no idea what you guys are talking about. just 2nd hatch at the gas only, then 3rd hatch at the mineral only . going all the way around to get your mineral only is a huge commitment and if you dont have lurkers/mutas by the time hes knocking on it, you deserve to die
    Well i am going on a vaction and i will be back here at 2nd of january, so i pick Spirallianz, couse i still think that (4)Taklamakan might have problems whit TvsP couse of those small bridges... Anyway when i see some reps and i see that everything is fine, this map gets my vote :)
    Um I can't make a decision here. Taklamakan is t>p too significantly for me to post it as motw. Spirallianz I need tvp testing before I post it as motw. New Chaos Factor is just no.

    If someone will make Taklamakan less t favouring in tvp I will gladly post it as motw (Salazar cmon man).
    Or Spirallianz is motw if there is 1. a lack of complaints against it 2. proof that pvt is fine
    well, lets try them out tomorrow or sunday
    Fuck balance! Nobody cares about balance and nobody knows that the balance sucks. Just make it MotW.
    stfu scout, I'd censor that comment if I could.
    Ok in Sunday - tournament. And just for the record i want to point that Spirallianz is a more standart map and it's more easyer to theory crafting about TvP. Also i don't really need the MotW for this map, there is nothing new, it's just a standart map. So w/e BWMN needs now standart/experimental map - do it MotW, don't look at the votes... For example i would do Avatar a MotW right now. I already point why in the map topic...

    Oh, but a MotW 52 = LAST MAP IN 2006!

    hmm ok tourny tomorow; what maps? Avatar for sure, I want Taklamakan too... what else?
    For a second time first you write staff like this and then you check news ffs...
    you hadn't posted it when I said this -_-
    Yes, i was.
    So guys, ignoring the vote entirely myself, LGI, and others have been discussing motw, and we've more or less decided on making (4)Avatar motw. What are your guys' opinions on this?

    I've played the map several times and I really like it; the dwebs are interesting and alter gameplay more so than you can realize.
    I think that the D.Webs remove some strategies enirely. For expample a Vulture rush against Protoss.

    Also I think that Avatar is imbalanced in the TvZ Match up. Seriously how many sunkens will the zerg need to defend his gas natural? 7-8? If he has sunkens at the choke, Terran just kills the builds and tries to break through there. If the Zerg wants to defend the natural he has to build Sunkens again, which cost a lot.

    The D.Webs just take away too many possibilities and I don't like the layout. If the D.Webs would be removed it would be playable but still imbalanced I guess.
    I will just copy myself from the map topic:

    "Here is what i suggest.

    DO NOT hide this map from the world, lets make it MotW, MotY w/e. Even if we still don't know balance or whatever the main goal is to write in to the newspost in bwm.n and

    "HERE IS THE NEW DESCOVERY, THE FUTURE OF PRO GAMING LEAGUES" etc, etc, etc and staff like this. We must show those tactical elements to the world before mapdori. This way BWMN will aslo be boosted and more people might start come :) . I HOPE!

    In the same time some of the mappers here might do a team work if they want, but their goal must be to use those tactical elements in to more standart and balance map to be sure that the next maps will better."
    avatar is f'ing awesome. Should def. be motw at least once;)

    We can settle for another map this week though. nothing wrong with either of the 3 in contention right now imo.

    Would anyone commit suicide if I make Taklamakan MOTW? It probably plays as annoying as chow chow, but looks pretty solid besides that, and it has most votes. Plus the presentation is professional.
    Well it's 08.01.2007 so we can post two MotW's the last one of 2006 and the first one of 2007. BUT, WOW, OK MAKE (4)Taklamakan, WHICH YOU HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED FFS!

    Let's see what LostTampon, DeA[Light], inept, Nightmarjoo will say about this after at least they showed up yesterday on the tourney date at play it.

    Sry, but if i have to pick on gameplay between (4)Taklamakan and (4)Spirallianz, i would defently pick (4)Spirallianz. Not only that there is 26 reps uploaded more than 100 replays that i haven't uploaded and possible more then 100 replays that i don't have, because people play it all the time and at least you can see that it's enough standart for thery crafting which in thery crafting beats (4)Taklamakan x2 times!

    Thx, panshck for not even mantion it >:E
    yea well me and tampon were playing PvT, then my power went out. I dont think its that hard @ PvT because it takes so long to maneuver a terran army, so a protoss can mass expo and get away with it easier. Also pushing up one side just leaves the entire other side to flank on

    on the taklamaka map
    panschk that's fine to make taklaman motw, just I wasn't going to until it had more testing.

    Revolution map for first week of new year :)
    Don't forget to put in the newspost that the map is from mapdori ;)

    lol well bare in mind a good number of our mappers here are closet mapdori mappers and we wouldn't want to offend them :)
    there is a little nazi in all of us. he may be bigger in some people, though.
    Well i just love to use that word. Hmm, now that i think of i only use this word in BWMN :)
    lol scout is a bwmn, a broodwarmapsNAZI!^^
    who wants 2 base carriered?

    the one and only internet page extention, in stores NOW!
    I kill carriers with tanks im that gosu.
    take 12 marines and throw the tank against the carrier
    Why are there votes already o.o
    Couse, nightmarjoo is a hacker!
    "I start motw52 while 51 is still running, so that we dont have to rush this one."
    Thankfully we're not rushing it.
    lol :)
    You can start MotW 1,2,3 2007 :)
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    DG)SpoilR voted (2)New Chaos Factor
    flothefreak voted (2)New Chaos Factor
    Grief_Stricken voted (4)Taklamakan
    LostTampon voted (4)Taklamakan
    NastyMarine voted (4)Taklamakan
    panschk[FP] voted (2)New Chaos Factor
    RaDiX voted (2)New Chaos Factor
    SalazarSlytherin voted (4)Taklamakan
    ScoutWBF voted (4)Taklamakan
    winpark voted (4)Taklamakan
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