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deadline to enter maps: 2008, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)
Post maps you wish should be deleted here in order to free up room for future maps.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Fireballjoust85Melee Picture0
(4)Luna The DesertRaDiXMelee Picture0
(2)Found TempleRaelcunMelee Obs Picture0
(2)LikeUseMapSettingunknownMelee Picture0
(2)Trainjul13nMelee Picture0
(4)Top_Vs_Bottom[gL]HeMe3iCMelee Picture0
(4)BCPGALMENBMOTflothefreakMelee Picture0
(2)War of the RosesanotakMelee Picture0
(2)Total RecallanotakMelee Picture0
(2)Blunt TraumaanotakMelee Picture0
(0)Badlands BuildingsCommander ChuckMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Reason for my suggestions: Missing files, and the picture/present map file indicate the maps were not gosu.
Author should post, before we delete them, i dont want to accidently delete a decent map that someone else uploaded to be an ass.
The first 7 ones have no melee or obs file available, so there's no point in keeping them. They are not there.
(4)Scourge Dale has nothing special, is a rather poorly executed map, a 5-minutes-job. I don't mind deleting it. But lets keep this stuff for some weeks now, and if then nobody votes to keep it, we can safely assume nobody's going to complain ;)
I try to erase myself these 11 maps like the others that i have here but sadly I forgot to use a password when I uploaded them.Please do it and don't ask why.Some of you know better.I hope they have enough courage to replay anyone who ask.
are those all old versions?
so this is the contest about the worst map on bwmn?
Just want to say, that you better should not submit any of my maps.

not worst maps
maps to be deleted
dont worry Scout, we will leave them here for the monument of suckage
(0)Catwalk Ramp is now included in (0)Space Ramp, so we can delete it.
Those 2 maps of mine can also be deleted, I am not going to finish them.
hmm that tavaret one looks really nice. isnt there anyone who wants to finish it?
some of dapixx maps arent really bad works, some just need tweaking
dapixx wants to have his maps deleted, i am pretty inactive now so i dont know why, but they are really worthy. :(
if you are curious why,you better read his last comment under MotY.
thx for the suggestion, and to dapixx: let your own maps deleted from this site is not the way to solve the problem or so. but your decision of course. :S
Added (7)Waterloo by SummerSky. He's dropped it, there is almost nothing done at all.
Added WFC CRAFT - absolutely has to go
NOES!!! Can't you see those ingeniously placed choke points on the ring??? :p
Flashpoint seems deleteworthy also, though it has some kind of appeal... It looks very blizzardish except that the creator overdid it a little with minerals. Reduce the amount of those, and you can hide it among the blizzard maps :D
Hehe, ScoutWBF, I submitted one of "your" maps :p I think from the mapthread it is clear why I did ;)
I find it ironic that a map called "target practice" was the first one i deleted.
Went on deleting spree~ :D

Dont worry i didnt go overboard.
What map did you delete?!
Huh? No when did we decide to actually delete stuff? This was just for suggestions, for the time being...
Uh and Scout, I had submitted "WRYYY", a rough draw of the basic shapes of a desert map you only uploaded for someone to download it.
Seems to be gone now...
should probably put all of joels maps in here ;)
the one who submited galaxy prime should know he's on the right path to a mental institution.maybe you are already inside,who knows?.you are for sure a fall for the science.both,antroplogy and psychology would have a huge concern on you.a antropologist would recognize in you some sort of missed primate.depends on your skull volume,some sort of homo erectus,i supose.a psychologist would never let you clssify you as a moronic is surely insufficient.either way,you are a show piece.

and don't try to sell me this move as a joke.who can laugh about this is clearly not far away from you.

i supose it's the same one person who rated this map so badly.have you a name mister?
It is neither rightful that Galaxy Prime is listed here nor does this give you, Grief, the right to insult anyone.
excuse me,please.this isn't a insult at all,it's a honest estimation.this time to say"bad manners",is not enough

btw this map don't deserve such a mean handling
Yes it is an insult, and letting others pull you down to their level is something you should avoid.
it wasnt really peaceful and friendly comment no matter how strongly you claim that..

the map shouldnt be deleted
no,no.a insult is a arbitrary affront by using,in most cases dirty words.i don't used any dirty words,what's actualy proper for an insult,nor is my reaction groundless.have u maybe a rational explanation for this?

on this site some things are really strange.crap maps are rewarded and masterpieces land on the junkyard.after galaxy prime was erased from the MotY competition i don't found many disgusted opinions this case i become the feeling that it's a duty to defend the coward that submited this map on this place.

Saying that someone is "on the path to a mental institution" is considered an insult. Go try it out, tell it to some police officer. The amount of money you will have to pay will tell you how much of an isult it is.
Deleting Blizzard maps is ok whit me, but deleting League and pro maps - well don't... Well maybe the oldest and unused version :)
...Galaxy Prime Luna and LT removed from list, what genius added them...
All three of those are far from being trash maps. I suggest no more jokingly added maps, because decaf has gone trigger happy with deleting maps.

Decaf, please slow the fuck down; indicate here which maps you plan on deleting before actually removing them...
TBP should not be in this list either. It was uploaded recently, the creator might still be working on it.
We try to sort out stuff that is certainly not going to be improved anymore, nothing else.

I also wouldn't add Scotia or Cheesecake here - unless Inept did it himself - since they are not entirely trash (I wouldn't play them, though :p ). Crap is stuff like Waterloo that isn't even halfway done.
We can start another deletion round sometime where we set the requirencies higher, but we should stick to the real trash for now.
agreed =/
i added them actualy, shame to my name
Well, Inept, I indeed think that those maps need some work to become good. So if nobody has a problem with it, I have nothing against deleting them :p
But again, we do not have to delete 90% of the database.
I've never had so many maps in a competition before! :P
AT least some of those are pretty much hopeless (like that rendezvous... hate french). Some can be improved though.
I forget the pass of those two, so do your job admins.
I added 8micro tribes.that's no map,sooner a stupid frolic.
I wouldn't delete micro tribes. It's no map for regular or competitive play, but it is worked out and can probably offer quite some fun. It certainly is not the type of map I'd play, though.
Ok, if nobody says something against it, I will soon (a few days maybe?) delete:
(0)Catwalk Ramp
but waterloo has more potential and quality than micro tribes.
"quality" is equivalent to "standard" in your terms, isn't it? Micro Tribes is something like 8-Player bb. According to KingOf8PlayerMaps it has been played a lot and verified to play well. If you say he's wrong then give me some more reasons than "no map", and actually I won't give my ok to delete it unless you give me at least 10-20 reps that CLEARLY SHOW that the map is unplayable. No noobs at work.

Waterloo on the other hand was never finished, and is unlikely to be finished. You can't talk about quality at that point at all. Potential? EVERY map has the same potential.
If you wanna delete unnecessary material,delete all the replays under 1.14.Nobody need them anymore.
(3)X marks the spot
(3)Chaos Squadron
(2)Quiet Morning
(2)Open fields
(2)Highway Connection2
(2)Road to victory
(2)Forest Eye
(4)Wizzy Noise
(4)Graham Wood

I removed
y aren't any of joels maps in here :D
We delete those as soon as we see them, they are not allowed to even be entered here :p
lol ;D
LGI's maps removed again; LGI I'm not deleting your maps as I don't regard them as trash -_-
(4)Graham Wood is one of my first maps here, and as you can see it's badly made and it's not worth it to take any space in BWMN.

(4)Wizzy Noise is my first MotW, but i don't like how it's made. I like the concept, but the design is bad and also it's tight in center. The map is re-made and it's on my HDD, so this version is old, bad, unused and noone will care about it so you can also delete it.
deleting a MotW sounds... odd.
I'd be happy to replace our version with your improved one.
spines, he already deleted a couple motws when he removed his maps.
that many tk maps yes?
rofl wtf
lmao someone delete them for me they make me feel bad
added sceth's maps cuz um well just look at them you'd wanna trash them to
I love how forgotten all the competions are, & the fact that nothign has been trashed yet & how is deleting a map a competion?
delete my gay winter diamond plz
thx i appreciate it
im new here, so i want to know if u can delete reps...?
As far as I know you can't, although panschk probably can.
Well, I can...
I deleted a few maps.
added luna the desert
tk if you want your old maps deleted then delete them yourself -.-
i cleaned the list. i only took out the maps which were obviously not playable at all, or imbalanced beyong any argumentation.

i DID wonder what some people hold for trash. this is not about deleting every single map that isnt perfect, but about what is old, clearly unplayable and will not be edited anyways.
Luna The desert is good, don't delete. and Neo Blaze is an old pro map.
Added Blood's Islands. No map dl, no pic. Pending an edit by the author, or it should be deleted.

// 10/12/07 D/M/Y
Btw, what are the rules to delete a map? A fast vote by 3 admins or?

Here is my vote (Pssst i am an admin, really! You can check this by seeing that my maps are all deleted ;) )
modified by LGI
There is no rule to this. By one person suggesting a map to be deleted and usually another person deleting it, we already have two opinions. Other than that, it is all the decision of any single admin.
Admin rights are not given out at random, so we assume that only the worst of bwmns maps are deleted. There have been several "cleanings" of the list already, and as you can see there still are many really bad maps. The deleted ones usually were even worse.

Nontheless I would recommend that you go through this list every once and a while and if there is a map in this list that should not be deleted, note itt here and tell an admin so that it can be removed from the list.
Neo Blaze is a classic, it will stay.
BehindtheAbbey is an okay map, so regarding this list, it doesnt fit the criteria.

removed those two from the list
same goes for tawaret.

i cleaned some maps off the list (=delete), among them a few that were basically okay, but had serious flaws spoiling the gameplay inevitably (like, hell close nats) and which were made by authors who dont show up here anymore so they wouldnt edit those maps.

some of the remaining maps are obviously bad, but i left them because they have elements one could use in other maps or might get some inspiration from them...dunno what to do with those.
modified by flothefreak
selected 3 of my own maps
they all suck ass feel free to delete them
wow now you know this comp has gone up shits creek when the second most recent comment is from flothefreak! ROFL

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