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Spells-on-Map Contest

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 03, 09 (Year, month, day)
Due to the recent discovery of the ability to use D-Webs and Dark Swarms in melee maps, I'm having a competition to see who can make the best map using this concept. It'd be nice to see a solid map using this concept to put bwmn on the map (no pun intended :p)

- 2, 3, 4 player map
- 192x192 Maximum Size
- Must include Dark Swarm and/or Disruption Web
- Retain balance, while still making the map fun/creative
- Deadline is Valentine's Day (one month from now)
- Good Luck~

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)UraganGriGMelee Picture0
(4)NamniarPsycHoTemplArMelee Picture6
(2)CaissaLancetMelee Picture0
(4)Dyson SphereLostTamponMelee Picture1
(4)Shushan Day 1.1NightmarjooMelee Picture0
(4)AvatarLostTamponMelee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

anyone willing to take my map when its finished and plop some disruption webs/swarms for me :p
inept why dont you download the stuff? or your religion forbids such an action? :D
can someone write an article on how to make these spell-maps? like with all tools needed etc
also: d-web and dark swarm stacked... is it possible?
I don't think so boongee. I will participate in this.
You really should cerful whit thsoe Dark Swarms. At early games 1 lurk in it, could hurt a lot.
Btw 192x192 is really gay at the mini map...
i tried using scmdraft...had no idea what i was doing. i couldnt even make start locations or minerals
192x192 max, you can use smaller
yeah I don't see any unit-sprites

I see sprites-units though :o

gogog tutorial !!!!
i would write one, someone tell me how to write an article?
well, you need admin rights to post it. PM me if you want admin account.
Ofc, he wants :P
wohoo, im making the shittest map ever for this contest!
@ Inept: Starting locations are at units-neutral-starting location. You switch the players at the top in the toolbar, or by double clicking a starting location and changing its properties.

Minerals are somewhere in that list as well. Remember to place them for P12(Neutral).

Player settings are in Scenario-Map Description.
hm, well i place a short article (with Scmdraft 2.0) here for those who cant wait ;P

Basics things to know about these spells:

There are different types of sprites that can be used with scmdraft: Doodads, Effects, Unit Sprites, and some more...;
The bad thing is, that Effects (Sprites->Effects) do not work (the game crashes, i tried out some different effects like psi storm, maelstrom and even spider mines)
So the only option to use sprites are Unit Sprites (Sprites->Unit Sprites), llike the ones used for neutral buildings.
The only spells that are (afaik) usable are:
- Dark Swarm (Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Zerg->Dark Swarm) and
- Disruption Field (Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Protoss->Disruption Field)

Unluckily, there are some (i hope :P) minor issues with the spells:
- Spells do not stack (you cant overlap 2 or more spells); if you try to stack them they will be moved to a near random place ingame.
- The entire spell has to be placed on walkable terrain, else they cant be set ingame (so the spell is not allowed to "touch" e.g. a cliff)
- Air units appear to be covered by the spell

Here a step-by-step guide how to place the spells with Scmdraft 2.0:

- You dont need to do this here, but its better so you dont mess up with the placement of the spells:
Go to: Options->Grid->Normal (or just press Alt+g)
- Then select player 12(Neutral)
- Select Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Zerg->Dark Swarm or
Sprites->Unit Sprites->Neutral->Protoss->Disruption Field
- Place it on your map :)

Ps: Before you submit your map, test it plz (because if you mess up with the sprite placement, there will be ofc an error)

another things with dwebs:

- Air units can shoot
- Spells do work
- Mines wont pop out; but they can explode in a dweb when dragged in it by another unit
"- Mines wont pop out; but they can explode in a dweb when dragged in it by another unit"

This is great! A guy just ask me what if he put mines under the d-web. Now i know, thx :) . And thx god that this is the answer...
rofl that grig map had a dweb in it ><
yea so did his other map "the big top" too bad he didnt implement it in a noticeable way
OMG, ROLF! This really made my day. The old GriG was one step ahead, and we didn't notice it, because he use it only for decoration :D
I hope he won't say "yo avatar is my work, some1 stole me like ROV !! " :P
if he knew how to insert a WORKING d-web, he would have made a map with thousands of it -.-
rov really was his map though. it just wasnt the ROV you know and love. ragnarok took it and fixed it up and made it look a lot cooler, and play smoother. kinda like SP pimping a map
where do you get the idea from that GriG made the basework for RoV?
So far I know where my vote's going :D
LMAO urgan has like 1 dweb
yea read some more comments and the you can think why has grig uploaded it ;)
This is really frustrating, I'm trying to put D-Webs on my map, but when I test to see if they work, none appear. I'm using SCMDraft2 going under sprites, unit sprites, neutral, protoss, d web. I even have some in the middle of no where just to make sure they aren't touching anything (although I have some riskily close to see if they'd work).

Can anyone help me?
player 12 ftw
My submission added.
hm, imo uragan is not really a spell map, the middle dweb is only for decoration and seems to be (i didnt try it out) only a sprite (meaning that it doesnt act like a normal dweb)
I am learning to use scmdraft and I have a problem. I follow LostTampon's instructions to place dwebs:

sprites > unit sprites > neutral > protoss > disruption field

and they work fine but then I can't get them to show in the picture I make of the map. The only way I have found so far to make them appear in the picture is to overlay on top of them another dweb obtained in the following way:

units > neutral > protoss > disruption field

In other words I go first to the unit, not the sprite layer. These dwebs do not show up in the map when you play it but they do appear in the map picture. The downside is that I cannot erase them once I make them if I save the map.

Does anyone know how erase them or even better, how to make dwebs appear in the map picture by another method?

how do you make your pictures of the map? if you use scm2jpg the sprites wont appear on the map; so you have to use the SCMDraft integrated function "File->Save Image..."; works out perfectly
Thanks for your reply LostTampon. I downloaded recently the most up to date version of ScmDraft and I do use file > save Image but my dwebs appear only as tiny inverted triangles. The images are saved as bitmap files, the program does not give me an option to change this.
hm, i use scmdraft 2.0 (Beta 0.7.0, afaik its not the latest version);
but it seems so that you arent the only one who has problems with making pictures of maps with dwebs... (referring to the map "namniar" by psychotemplar also in this contest)
if it still wont work then upload the map and i will make a picture for you
Well, I was able to do it with the scmdraft thing, but it annoyed me that I had to resize it, and make it look all pixelated for this website. As such I just used REXPlorer and figured people would understand they look normal in game.
Watch me somehow lose this competition -.-
One thought about dwebs. Although I do admit that many will find my map "Caissa" overwhelming, I think that dwebs work best when they are in groups. I believe that just having single isolated dwebs in open spaces (chokes are a totally different matter) does not contribute anything to the defense/offense equation.

added dyson sphere to the contest
I thought spells only displayed when placed in the editor? You guys figured out a way to make them actually keep their attributes too?
lol yes, go look at (4)Avatar's thread and the article on spells in maps.
Wow, I think Lancet is the only one who used spells for not-boring purposes. You guys have no imagination...

I don't know which map I will vote for. I'm not sure Caissa is balanced at the moment and won't vote for it. Dyson is ok, but the use of spells doesn't really make the map that much more interesting imo. Flo's map is nice, but the dwebs probably won't be used that much imo. Namniar is just boring... Dwebs likely won't matter in almost all games.

You only like Lancet's because it most closely resembles your map. I've played on my map, and hiding units such as peons in the d web to save them has actually been a fairly successful strategy, not to mention they're easily defendable half islands, so why wouldn't they be used? Infact, I'll upload a few of the reps right now, I've never thought they really showed the map, but whatever.

You've been harping on me all week, what's your problem?
psychotemplar, i really like your map, but i still think that t>>p on this map because of the center expos
All maps in this contest, except mine, do not have enough dwebs in the middle where most of the action normally takes place (although granted mine was perhaps an overkill). As a result of this any relevance of dwebs is mostly peripheral to the action.

Uragan is pretty but single dweb in the center is irrelevant. Dyson sphere is a great map but, apart from the novelty of the swarms at some ramps (it also has dwebs on the sides), I still felt it did not exploit their full potential. In the end for me it was between Namniar and Disruptive Factor. My vote went to the latter because I liked the concept of the dwebs next to the neutral buildings right next to the main (although it had some isolated dwebs in the center). See my coments on the disruptive factor thread (and flothefreak please fix the NE dwebs issue). I also liked the theme in Disruptive Factor (map theme is important for me) whereas we were never told what a Namniar is or why Namniar. However, to PsychoTEMPlar's credit, he did post many good replays in his map (after I cast my vote), which I have downloaded and seen.

As to a sieged terran army being invincible in Caissa, I already discussed some of those issues on the Caissa thread.
"You've been harping on me all week, what's your problem?" lol well I would say the same of you. I'm done if you are :) But about the maps, I mostly agree with what lancet is saying. btw lancet you know you can change your vote at any time right? Just vote for a different map =/ About Caissa, bare in mind that an unsieged terran army isn't that strong unless his macro is far superior to the protoss'; if p attacks the t army while he's unsieged he'll have to do a quick siege, and could accidentally have half his army under dweb. A terran camping in siege can be avoided since the middle is so wide; not to mention p could go carrier or arb/expo a lot and beat that =/
i will try to add some dwebs this weekend, no time right now :/
okay, added now the dwebs :P
hmmm... no more maps in the past weeks :/
I added mine! :D
lol I added Avatar too^^
nah not again avatar ;P
Say, when is this contest going to be over? It seems that Nammniar is going to win hands down!
why namniar? i thougt balance would be top has serious imbalances regarding terran
hmmm yeah, PT, can you alter the middle layout mayb a bit plz? :D
flothefreak, Nammniar has 6 votes, disruptive factor 2 and Dyson Sphere 1.

Nightmarjoo, is this contest serious or has it turned into some sort of a joke?
if it is HIS competition, HE is the only judge. this aint another out-of-the-row-motw
But even he has to abide by rules for the greater good of this site. Nightmarjoo, if you don't like ANY of the maps entered in this contest then just declare it void and begin a new one.
By the way, delete Avatar from here. Not only has it already won a contest but it was entered after the deadline (and not by the mapmaker) and that is unfair to other maps.
yep, plz delete avatar :)
er I didn't make this =/

honestly I don't think there's enough maps to follow through with this, and excluding Avatar and a couple reps on the others here and there, these maps have had very little, if any, testing.

I think Disruptive is terrible -.-
Then AX the whole thing and let's start again, but stop dragging your feet. There have been many more maps with spells made since then.
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