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°MOTW 7.2007°

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 01 (Year, month, day)

Legend speaks of a catastrophic event brought on by the misery and angst riddled in this world. This occurrence was long ago believed to be fiction, but alas, the truth has been reviled! The very Gods themselves have descended upon us, angry with the likes of man, bringing with them a hoard of retched creatures to exterminate all beings and begin life anew. It seems that the world will never again enjoy any degree of peace... a peace that the naivety of mankind took so much advantage of. A new age is among us! My Brothers, we must stand together and fight for our right to live! We must retrieve what was once ours and reclaim our dignity!

For the common good of the people, for the sanctity of our existence, we must make a choice! We must decide on a Map of such quality, that the Gods themselves will falter. It must be a map to shake the very core of the Universe and alter the course of our inevitable fate!

So I, Arden(WoF), ask of you now... as my peers and my brothers...

Are you man enough to make the choice?

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)White PlanetRaDiXMelee Picture0
(4)JukeboxLostTamponMelee Picture2
(4)AquaRidgeNastyMarineMelee Picture7
(2)ConcentricLancetMelee Picture0
(2)Oth0tMelee Picture0
(4)RetributionNastyMarineMelee Picture1
(2)Sand KissProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture1
(4)Home of the swarmpanschk[FP] & flothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Roundabout 1.2SuperiorwolfMelee Obs Picture4
The competition is closed!

I wasn't sure when to make the deadline. I can change it if you'd like.
loool omg this description OWNS!
WORD UP @ Description
jukebox is hot, along with losttampon.
Grr I want my 1st motw title 8D
jukebox is teh sex
"So I, Arden(WoF), ask of you now... as my peers and my brothers...Are you man enough to make the choice?"

You mean that women cannot participate in this contest? How will you screen the participants to make sure women will not participate? Will you go by those of us who have the manliest or most agressive aliases such as "NastyMarine" or "Lancet"? Does that mean that "LostTampon" cannot particpiate?

: ^ )
lol :P
I dare any female mapper to enter her map into this competition... No takers? Hm... how unexpected =P.

But no sir, I am not sexist. I am speaking in cliche metaphorical generalitites.
i r teh female. Zia FTL
ehhh, i didnt get that, im naive

generalititties... funny word :D
Generalities* lmao... I like the typo better.
zia was some retarded loser that posed as a girl for a long time and people actually believed it, then a picture of "her" got out lolol
funny stuff
...<3 the description xD
Who added Acid Rain >.<

We should only be allowed to submit our own maps.. =P
god triskalion's image killed my eyes. It's worse than Spitfire's screenshots ( hard to beat ) :P

who added (4)Retribution and (4)AquaRidge?
who added triskalion? that map is not fnished (but since it is here, just click on it and send me some feedback :D) good maps this time.
Acid rain is beautiful, but those damn bridge chokes... retribution and aqua ridge are very good. but jukebox seems to be the best (but it looks horrible) "O" looks like a zerg graveyard.
i don't like trtribution ramps, terran will abuse against protoss.
mu vote goes for:
1:Aqua Ridge
At the moment I think my favourites are: (in no particular order) Retribution, Sandkiss, Triskalion.
i added Naja and HOTS
Triskalion seems to be finished!!!!!!!!:D
i'll vote for my own map ^^
and if is not allowed to vote for your own maps, i'll chose Aqua Ridge.

will it be only 1 map? i read there was going to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place because you are out of time.
Naja was already a motw, it has been announced a half year ago, so i removed it
lol sorry, i must have missed that
then HOTS is still in for it!
there are some good maps this time.for me is nastys map aqua ridge the best under them.yes it is some sort of azalea but with some new elements(the bridges)and whitout the imbas of azalea.compared to azalea the map is much better executed,reacher on details.the entire concept is harmonious and the balance is ensured.what you want more?
I want to see some other map makers taking some initiative! I respect Nasty, he's an excellent map maker, but I would like to see somebody else take the spotlight. Maybe a newer map maker.

Upon close inspection, it seems that AquaRidge and Jukebox are of the highest quality (with some following closely). But for all practical purposes, I think AquaRidge is the safer map to go with. Both are excellent.
...and I suggest we impose a strict rule preventing three MOTWs in a row to be awarded to the same map maker. Two is enough consecutively.
I prefer Retribution to Aquaridge, but nasty is too lazy to improve retribution =/
yea get rid of 2 expos in the middle, and i'd go retribution over aquaridge

i already stated a ton of problems with aquaridge in the thing, as well as other people and not one has been fixed. dont see why it should be motw.
Roundabout is maybe not bad,for a first map,but for a motw - you must kidding!Everyone who's trying to help this community should never ignore the truth,and in this case the map with the better quality.And under all this maps is Nasty's map AquaRidge the best one - it's clear as daylight - . But next time Nasty,please dont come so close to a only too well known concept.
conaanaa, orcfromhell, yattack(ex) are either fake votes (from one person) or friend of the author. Not going to use the votes until these member(s) provide some criticism and conversation about maps here and in the site in general.
chineseboi as well.
I'm fake...? Uh... sure.
I voted that map because it reminded me of rov which is my favorite map - and it looks quite balanced anyways
yattack(ex) i hope u dont take offense to what i said. most mappers feel this way as well when it comes to new faces. We just dont 'know you' yet and dont know if your evaluating the maps how we do.
Yeah, you're right, I didn't really 'evaluate' the map though I kinda just voted it because it looked like Rov so sorry if it was a wasted vote :/
Given that the week has already begun, and Nasty's map leads by three votes, I say we declare it and start a new one.
another motw, fanboyed into office. nothing new about this map, has problems, and is still voted by the masses
go drink some more haterade :P
you blind? I voted for your other map.
Hmm. I think that the best map is Jukebox but Aquaridge is also very nice - the thing about Retribution is 16 minerals in the main? That just sort of freaks me out. Congratulations for winning NastyMarine and I voted for myself because I wanted to see if it would work lol. Don't worry I won't do it next time! Trust me ^^
I also think AquaRidge was not the best choice here, but w/e.
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Antares voted (4)Jukebox
Arden(WoF) voted (4)AquaRidge
chineseboi voted (4)Jukebox
conaanaa voted (4)Roundabout 1.2
DG)SpoilR voted (4)AquaRidge
Grief_Stricken voted (4)AquaRidge
Lancet voted (2)Sand Kiss
lnept voted (4)Retribution
orcfromhell voted (4)Roundabout 1.2
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)AquaRidge
RaNDoMiZe voted (4)AquaRidge
Superiorwolf voted (4)Roundabout 1.2
th0t voted (4)AquaRidge
tktkvroom voted (4)AquaRidge
yattack(ex) voted (4)Roundabout 1.2
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