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deadline to enter maps: 2007, 01, 30 (Year, month, day)
Submit a experimental map that you feel is the best from this year! Debate, caste votes, and find out by the end of the year which map is EMOTY 07!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Angband 3600 ft. 1.2NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture6
(4)JerichoLostTamponMelee Picture5
(2)BlodgrapeStarpartyMelee Picture18
(4)DisruptiveFactor2.0flothefreakMelee Obs Picture8
(4)NamniarPsycHoTemplArMelee Picture1
(2)Eden1.3DeSadeMelee Picture4
(2)Twisted Passion 1.2NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture6
(4)Mirage IIflothefreakMelee Obs Picture29
(2)Oracular VisionsLancetMelee Picture0
(4)ThunderboltArtanis, PIMPED by flothefreakMelee Obs Picture9
(2)Sound Barrier1.2Flothefreak RaDiX NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture12
(2)Arches of CharLancetMelee Picture1
(2)CaissaLancetMelee Picture0
(2)Waiting to Panic1.4PsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture8
(2)Chaos DarknessPsychoTemplar (Chef@USWest)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)GeeLur XSauruSMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Sweet, thank you very much for including this often ignored category.
Jericho for sure
(4)Avatar is december 2006 ;) . I think we are talking about 2007 map, right?

Btw, is there anyone who saved my map (2)Pyrexia ? I want to edit it, but i don't have it :(
modified by LGI
Avatar is listed as the first MOTW of 2007.
Page 6.

"An unargued position, a revolutionary map, one which claimed the first MOTW in this year, Experimental Map of the Year goes to Avatar!
LostTampon probably made more noise with this map than the other two maps combined; he unleashed upon the bwm mapping world the concept of spells in maps, in the already nice and different map which features a gasless nat and another nat with gas which is walled in by neutrals he uses permamently placed disruption webs! It's pretty hard to fully imagine all the strategic possibilities of having spells in maps, this map gave mappers here a nice jolt into the future of mapping."

The map is made december 2006.
Woops, OK you are right, it was EMOTY last year, sorry for that.

modified by Lancet
so, lets start voiting? :O
Deadline to enter maps 12-31-2007. Just think, you can take a time out from your new year's celebrations, log on to here and be the first to vote when the voting starts!

: ^ )
no way you can beat the power of my pics!!!11
What is so "experimental" about Shakras or Thunderbolt?
modified by Lancet
if thunderbolt isnt experimental you should kill yourself.
Now really Crackling, what do you consider so experimental about it, the neutrals?
"Now really Crackling, what do you consider so experimental about it, the neutrals?"

I'll take it for granted this isn't sarcasm.

1: Mains do not have gas

2: Mains have many patches, but with fewer mineral value

3: Naturals have very few minerals, but double gas

4: Second natural is blocked off by a DT (and also has very few minerals, compared to the gas

5: Centre expo's are extremely valuable, as compared to more standard maps.

6: The neutral island expo's are pretty neat too.

7: If you still don't get it, watch the game I uploaded with me against MuShu. It seemed like it was instantly transformed into a low money desperation game, just because of the layout. It was actually really fun, and back and forth.

Although I agree with Shakras. There's nothing special about it (other than looking like an incredibly good, though relatively standard map). It used to have random neutral buildings, and DarkSwarms sprinkled on it, but they really dragged the map down in my opinion.
Sorry, I stand corrected, I did not notice there was a templar block on the third expo. All the other stuff has been done one way or the other but I will grant you the mix is "experimental" enough.

Shakras on the other hand should not be here (and it is already on the (4)MOTY competition).
dont know who added Shakras, it should be removed..
I think my Waiting to Panic deserves a second chance. If you look at the replays vs prOxi.Beater you can see that the issues with sunk rush vs Terran were largely fixed in latest version, and that they did in fact produce some pretty cool games.

Also, I added my Chaos Darkness, because it was pretty damn good too IMO.
not rly
so far, iron flush EZ
What's so experimental and innovative about Iron Flush? Just a not as good Peaks (I don't think it's even that now, that the small unit path has been removed). It's not a terrible map, but I wouldn't call it experimental at all.

So "not rly" right back at you :P
not rly
(4)Jericho for sure
kinda unplayable ;d
not rly
A lot of maps here aren't experimental, imo... You guys twisted this competition too much... Sorry but i will stay out of this one.
modified by Testbug

That was not offensive testbug, what's with you? I was just pointing out that it is blatantly obvious that the vast majority of the maps here ARE experimental.
modified by Lancet
what the heck is experimental from Blodgrape?? the path issue? i think the new things imple,mented in Mirageii and Thunderbolt that "change gameplay" are good, they both would have my vote if i were not in love with Lost Tampon.

but i'm not sure about Thunderbolt's balance...
but it0s awesome 2v2
"what the heck is experimental from Blodgrape?"

1. Two entrances to the main base.

2. Almost every expansion on the map has a cliff, and all but 2 of those can be reached via a ramp blocked by a neutral building.

3. Creep on the natural's cliff.

4. Comstat in backdoor nat, also only accessible by small units, also zero building room.

5. 'Fast' expansions in the centre.

The gameplay on this map is highly dynamic, and all bases share a theme of extreme vulnerability (ie the experimental part of this map) which makes gameplay extremely different.
I removed Oracular Visions Lancet. What's experimental about it? Unique =! experimental.

Quit putting removed maps back into competitions, who the hell are you Lancet? You're a noob mapper who can't play sc to save his life who happens to have admin rights because you wanted to make your own competitions.
modified by Nightmarjoo
I am an admin Nightmarjoo, just like you. I (and you for that matter) have admin rights because panschk decided that we should. He thought for whatever reason what I had to offer this web-site merrited making me an admin. Until he decides otherwise you should learn to respect your fellow admins and the desicions they make even if you don't like them.

Oracular has split paths leading out from the main, a nat located across from the main that does not "defend it" but that is nevertheless viable because of the narrow paths and widened bridges to fit dwebs in them. I uploaded the map because it has a unique design and is experimental enough to qualify for this competition. Also have you noticed the "map type" says: "experimental".

When flo re-added Frosty to MOTM-12 after you deleted it I disagreed with him and agreed with you, but he persisted and said it was an admin decision. That was good enough for me (and you) to leave Frosty there. Please stop railroading us with your imperial better-than-though attitude.

Oracular stays and this is an admin decision which I believe to be reasonable. It only competed in one MOTM and now it is in the EMOTY. If you don't like it contact panschk. If HE tells me the map has to go then I will remove it.
modified by Lancet
I respect flo, I don't respect you oO
So, I'm sposed to bow to what you want and decide as an admin though you ignore what I say? Even though, you're the noob admin who hasn't even been at the site all that long? Hm!

Your map is not experimental. A nat that doesn't defend the main is nothing special lol. Widened bridges aren't special, and a couple dwebs is a used and accepted concept. Mass dwebs like in your caissa or my twisted passion are experimental: they're experiments because you have no idea if they'll work with the map and the concept. When Avatar was made, its concept was experimental and revolutionary. It was a solid map with a weird expo layout and used dwebs for the first time in a melee map, that's what made it experimental. Single dwebs are not experimental anymore. They're even in used pro-maps, and I don't mean DMZ. That's like saying, all maps with inverted ramps or wide ramps are experimental, or neutral buildings are experimental. No, they're not, anymore.

Lancet, you demanding your map stay is not an admin decision, it's a personal decision you're abusing administrative power to settle. As an admin, I am cleaning this competition of content not appropriate for the competition. Oracular Visions is a non-standard but solid map, with DIFFERENT features, but nothing which you can't see how it'll work from the picture. It is a unique map, but not an experimental map. It doesn't deserve to remain in this competition not because of quality or "worth", but because it is inappropriate for the competition.
Calling this an administrative move on your part is clear abuse of power you haven't earned in my eyes.
I became an admin so I could create articles. I became helpful to the site by posting motw news, and was an active and helpful member. I earned my admin power. You have admin power, but have nothing with it but censor/edit posts. You made a competition, so what. That doesn't earn you the full admin powers in my eyes; and in my eyes is important as I've been an active admin on this site for longer than you've even been at the site. Respect those with more experience, Lancet, and don't abuse your power for something so petty as your own map in a competition it won't win.

The thing with flo is different, because for one he's an equal and I respect him. He's been at this site longer than I have, and possibly an admin since before I got to the site. I've no reason to quarrel with him over a map thing, and the decision to remove Frosty Fortress was not based on something like inappropriate content, or cleaning things up: it was more a personal decision that it shouldn't be in a competition it already lost several times. Flo is of the opinion that that's no reason for it to be removed, and though I'm sure this is a biased decision and a possible stretch of administrative power, there is no rule on maps which got 2nd or 3rd place, more like a tradition, nothing solid.

This is only a big deal btw because I can't stand you for acting so superior, like you're my equal or something rofl. Learn your place Lancet. Let me see bwm say that map is experimental, and it can stay. Since no one else has said anything about it, I can assume they don't care. If bwm mappers care, that's very different than one noob obsessing over his own map. Don't be so biased when being an admin, Lancet.
Also, when you open a competition to add a map, remember to close it again so people can vote, instead of keeping it open for more trash to get submitted and keeping members from voting. Don't be so messy and unprofessional, Lancet.
The date is in format YYYY, MM, DD. If you put 2008 1 5, it sees 2008, 10, 50. It's disgusting that you assert yourself so with such ignorance of the site and such a lack of experience rofl.
panschk gave us the same level of power and placed us on equal standing as to what we can do. What new admins need to do is gain experience in using the site features. But unfortunatelly there is no "user manual" or "instructions" anywhere. As to things like the date format it is up to admins that have been around longer to inform those that have not (without ridiculing them). You are doing something unethical with what you know, you are using it as power to undermine others.

Your removal of maps should occur AFTER you have talked to people. The fact that you do it on your own speaks volumes about you and your disregard for others. This should be a dialog not a monologue. It is you who is doing the ULTIMATE abuse of administrative powers by deleting maps without even trying to contact the authors or your fellow admins. Oh, and I have dedicated a subtantial amount of effort and time to this web-site, your berating of my efforts is insulting.

As to Oracular, nats that don't defend the main are not new (although they are bad for zerg) but here I sought to compensate for that with the dual narrow paths leading to the main/nat entrance and the nat in front of the main. Widened bridges are not new, single dwebs are not new, but single dwebs on widened bridges ARE new (you cant place then on regular bridges). Note also that something does not cease to be experimental because it was done once or even a few times, Avatar IS still experimental because so few people have "copied" that concept. And yes BTW, dwebs and swarms, although not "new" are still experimental because so few maps have them, LOL!

But you know what Nightmarjoo I don't want to waste more of my time (and other's) dealing with your periodic little kid tantrumns, go ahead and have the last word I am not replying, I have vastly more important things to do here.
Oracular Visions isnt expetimental, its just a bad map o_o
fuck you lancet :D
why not remove Oracular Visions????
you know it can't win vs Thunderbolt, Mirageii or Sound Barrier. i just vote Jericho because of it's author.

you are not the same as Nightmarjoo, panschk has no time right now, so bwmn is nightmarjoo's ;)

as an admins, nightmarjoo was just removing the maps that don't feet in this comp. and yes, you are abussing your admin powers!
Really tesbug? bwmn is nightmarjoo's? What about you? You don't count? Will you still smile when your maps get deleted or modified without your consent? Have you forgotten that only I was on your side when you complained? Have you forgotten those PMs you sent to me? Please be coherent.

Whether it wins or not it's up to the voters. It was deleted without even consulting me and that is a breach of the most basic notions courtesy and respect that people own to each other. Me placing it back is not an abuse of administrative powers.

Crackling, that's your opinion; anyway please fix your map Mana.

This stupid controversy is getting old and I am fed up with it.
modified by Lancet
Why would I consult you about removing your map? Of course you're going to say no, you're a whiny kid who wants everything his way. I already said I'd consider keeping it if others mentioned they felt it belonged, your opinion is far too biased (and not backed with any reliability) to consider.

bwm is obviously not mine. Panschk has even said it's not his, it belongs to the mappers as a collectived here. No Lancet, this doesn't support your side at all because so far the collective has said your map doesn't belong here with 2 people saying it doesn't belong and only one biased opinion saying it should stay.

Lancet, try harder to position Testbug against me. No one is deleting anyone's map (outside of the ones sent to the trash thread and given a time period for the author to respond, etc), and anyone can edit anyone else's map so long as they credit the author: that's been the majority of bwm members' ideal/policy for years, fuck off Lancet.
who removed Iron Flush? bitches.
WTF? You are warped and sick twisting everything I say. There is no point in arguing further with you. You are not interested in the truth but in your own bizare fantasies, go to hell.

Crackling, Nightmarjoo probably removed it but he won't remember if you ask him, his disregard for others is so high he doesn't even remember the maps he deletes.
Nice argument Lancet.

I'm sure I removed Iron Flush. It's not experimental at all. Oracular visions is more experimental than Iron Flush =/
modified by Nightmarjoo
At anyrate I'm done arguing with a moron, too tired since I'm back in school to continue. I won't remove Oracular Visions, I don't think it's experimental, but it's close enough -_-
iron flush features a new kind of backdoor epxnasion, not tested and EXPERIMENTAL >.<
it also has a crapload of different paths, making this maps gameplay very different from other maps. It also has those neutrals splitting the map in interesting parts... >.<

if an experimental map is just with a crapload of bugs, or just unplayable than you are a dick moron :o

Sound Barrier isnt experimental, its kinda parallel lines/neo arkanoid/desert fox style.
You don't think Sound Barrier is experimental?
I thought that experimental maps were maps that without the "experimental feature" would be otherwise standard/obviously playable, but that the introduction of a specific feature or concept made the gameplay questionable as to whether or not gameplay would be stable, player-friendly, etc.
I'd say Sound Barrier is experimental because the concept of not being able to scout as early along with some potential shitty pathing could really warp the gameplay.
I would then say Iron Flush is not experimental, because bad pathing, an untraditional expo layout, long distances in a (2)map, untraditional pathing style, mains which don't have easy to use room for depots and don't consider building -> unit -> ramp pathing, along with an awkward backdoor which fucks pathing, some neutrals for more bad pathing; those are all unique features which make the map UNIQUE, but all of them can be found in standard maps, and the "unique combination of them" also is not terrible new or exciting, there is nothing questionable about the gameplay, as it's all old stuff. The map doesn't force you to play a different way. It's a unique but normal map. It's not experimental.

Arkanoid, Thunderbolt all force you to play different ways, and have features which are so radically different from that of standard maps that the gameplay itself is unique, not just the map itself, and that's why they are experimental.
modified by Nightmarjoo
winner: (4)Mirage II
It seems that in experimental map competitions most people vote for the map that appears to them to be the least experimental overall.
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Ag-Toss voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Ag-Toss voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 2. choice
Ag-Toss voted (2)Arches of Char as 3. choice
Alter.Ego voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Eden1.3 as 2. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Angband 3600 ft. 1.2 as 3. choice
Crackling voted (2)Blodgrape as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)Twisted Passion 1.2 as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Thunderbolt as 3. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (2)Blodgrape as 1. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (4)DisruptiveFactor2.0 as 2. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (4)Namniar as 3. choice
FateD voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
FateD voted (2)Twisted Passion 1.2 as 2. choice
FateD voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 3. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (2)Blodgrape as 2. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (2)Eden1.3 as 3. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (4)Jericho as 1. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)Blodgrape as 3. choice
Lancet voted (2)Angband 3600 ft. 1.2 as 1. choice
Lancet voted (4)Mirage II as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (4)DisruptiveFactor2.0 as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Blodgrape as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Mirage II as 3. choice
ludamad voted (4)Thunderbolt as 1. choice
ludamad voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
ludamad voted (2)Blodgrape as 3. choice
Starparty voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 1. choice
Starparty voted (2)Waiting to Panic1.4 as 2. choice
Testbug voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Testbug voted (4)Thunderbolt as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 3. choice
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